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21 Oct 2023
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27 Oct 2023
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29 Oct 2023
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@fleshbanshee:matrix.orgFleshBansheeThe second amendment exists so you can kill people. Mostly crooked traitors though.12:15:16
@fleshbanshee:matrix.orgFleshBansheeThanks for coming to my ted talk12:15:29
@thevillellamcmeansfoundation:matrix.orgthegx.ca/forumThose Israelis that were killed) kidnapped didn't have or use enough of their 2nd amendment...12:36:03
@fleshbanshee:matrix.orgFleshBanshee thegx.ca/forum: I mean sure, but netenyahu is still a war monger POS 12:38:42
In reply to @fleshbanshee:matrix.org
thegx.ca/forum: I mean sure, but netenyahu is still a war monger POS
Totally agree with you there haha...
@fleshbanshee:matrix.orgFleshBanshee thegx.ca/forum: American government loves kissing jewish ass bro 12:42:17
@fleshbanshee:matrix.orgFleshBansheeMakes you wonder lmao12:42:29
@thevillellamcmeansfoundation:matrix.orgthegx.ca/forumNew World Order haha...12:45:01
@fleshbanshee:matrix.orgFleshBanshee thegx.ca/forum: yeah probs some kind of secret gay orgy luciferian order 12:45:54
@fleshbanshee:matrix.orgFleshBansheeOf sorts12:46:02
30 Oct 2023
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2 Nov 2023
5 Nov 2023
@fleshbanshee:matrix.orgFleshBansheeThis app is so slow.01:41:08
@fleshbanshee:matrix.orgFleshBansheeI suppose it is kind of nice01:41:20
@fleshbanshee:matrix.orgFleshBansheeQuiet and peaceful like01:41:34
In reply to @fleshbanshee:matrix.org
This app is so slow.
Yeah definitely not as good as Signal but a good back up perfect app for now...
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15 Nov 2023
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22 Nov 2023
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23 Nov 2023
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29 Nov 2023
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