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26 Mar 2020
22:15:06@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | meleaGame of Zones update 👆
29 Mar 2020
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30 Mar 2020
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31 Mar 2020
09:59:13@sriney-staked:matrix.orgsriney-stakedRedacted or Malformed Event
10:00:28@sriney-staked:matrix.orgsriney-stakedRedacted or Malformed Event
10:00:43@sriney-staked:matrix.orgsriney-stakedshow me the money! cosmos1yw57p4fz2dnxh4u3lkjgp2z5vjz42wnpm2de92
1 Apr 2020
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2 Apr 2020
02:31:21@nuevax:matrix.orgnuevax I made a Zabbix integration for monitoring gaiad. Feedback is welcomed. https://github.com/stakezone/nodemonitorgaiad
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3 Apr 2020
07:30:13@mathewjohn432:matrix.orgSantiago Hi, is there an testnet version for api.cosmos.network? An api to query testnet addresses and transactions? Thanks
07:37:54@toufeeq_swn:matrix.orgpasha joined the room.
07:39:38@toufeeq_swn:matrix.orgpashaHi all, I am new to Cosmos. I am trying to run cosmos full node, can somebody please tell where to get the persistent peer & seed nodes?
In reply to @mathewjohn432:matrix.org
Hi, is there an testnet version for api.cosmos.network? An api to query testnet addresses and transactions? Thanks
https://rpc.highfrequencystaking.com/ and https://lcd.highfrequencystaking.com/swagger-ui/ are rpc and lcd respectively for gaia-13007 testnet
07:44:06@mathewjohn432:matrix.orgSantiago ryanhendricks: Thanks
07:57:52@mathewjohn432:matrix.orgSantiagoRedacted or Malformed Event
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4 Apr 2020
11:44:12@melea:matrix.orgVĂ­ctor | melea


“Install Cosmos run and sync Hub 3. [All in one Script]” by Víctor | melea https://link.medium.com/c4SAjdorp5

11:44:47@melea:matrix.orgVĂ­ctor | meleaChoose your install scrip and run, include seeds and peers
11:45:47@melea:matrix.orgVĂ­ctor | meleaAfter run the scrip the cosmos node install and sync, without you need to more. Also create systemd service too
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5 Apr 2020
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