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20 Feb 2019
20:12:14@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.comthe link from the pic
20:12:16@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.comnp
20:12:28@pbostrom:matrix.orgpbostrom/Mythos thanks meleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.com
20:12:53@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin meleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.com: fixed
20:13:45@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.com🌈
21:51:29@chris.remus:matrix.orgChris Remus / Chainflow.ioHow was the 12k genesis file generated, from the 11k genesis file?
21:51:57@chris.remus:matrix.orgChris Remus / Chainflow.ioIf so, is there a 12k faucet?
21:59:58@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.com Chris Remus / Chainflow.io: same account for GoS
22:00:18@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.com --recover
22:00:45@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.com10kstakes or 10000000000muons
22:01:01@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.cominside, then create the validator ......
22:04:19@alternate:matrix.orgalternateIf your validator is tombstoned - can the valoper sign a new validator or is the valoper effectively dead and must be abandoned in favor of a whole new cosmos address and valoper?
22:54:42@7alisman:matrix.org7alisman | Firmamintas of right now, my understanding is its effectively dead....at least until we have key rotation
22:55:13@7alisman:matrix.org7alisman | Firmamintbut that could be a ways away...
23:39:27@jim380:matrix.orgJay | Cypher Core

will any of you guys be so kind to send me some stakes on gaia-12001?


23:39:32@jim380:matrix.orgJay | Cypher Coreplease and thank you.
23:46:50@foofoofooi:matrix.orgfoofoofooi joined the room.
23:47:28@alternate:matrix.orgalternateRedacted or Malformed Event
23:48:32@alternate:matrix.orgalternate Jay | Cypher Core: muon is the staking token on 12k
23:48:55@alternate:matrix.orgalternateThe account you posted above has lots of muon
23:49:29@foofoofooi:matrix.orgfoofoofooi set a profile picture.
23:50:53@jim380:matrix.orgJay | Cypher Corewhat would I pay fees in when creating a validator?
23:58:07@alternate:matrix.orgalternateLeave that field off - I don't think I had any fees when I created the validator
21 Feb 2019
00:20:50@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.com

@mattharrop:matrix.org: this is the devices you are ussing?


00:21:47@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.comFor sing blocks
00:57:00@jim380:matrix.orgJay | Cypher CoreIt kept asking to add --fees
01:41:14@mattharrop:matrix.orgMatt Harrop / figment.networkmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.com: yes
01:41:40@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.comthanks
01:45:28@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.com

Jay | Cypher Core: > It kept asking to add --fees

for create validator only need --gas auto not need add --fees

01:45:49@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐖 | meleatrust.comi create the validator in that way.

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