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12 Nov 2019
02:08:33@liuzhi:matrix.orgniuniu | Bit Cat changed their profile picture.
02:09:49@liuzhi:matrix.orgniuniu | Bit Cat changed their display name from Niu Niu | Bit Cat to niuniu | Bit Cat.
03:16:32@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangshow me the money! cosmos1x32j809e302jakpt9dtfsmn6vnzgdgh93scwyc
03:16:44@stakingfundbot:matrix.orgStaking Fund Bothaoyang: sent 10^7 muon.
05:33:20@zaga:matrix.orgzagashow me the money! cosmos1fw0eus4eafym9yfwys08qe4pczy6u7rregj4ap
05:33:24@stakingfundbot:matrix.orgStaking Fund Botzaga: sent 10^7 muon.
05:37:04@zaga:matrix.orgzagashow me the money! cosmos1fw0eus4eafym9yfwys08qe4pczy6u7rregj4ap
05:37:06@stakingfundbot:matrix.orgStaking Fund Botzaga: sent 10^7 muon. Cooldown for 12 minutes if you want another magic.
06:31:43@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangshow me the money! cosmos1d969earj2gr5pdqhzdz8jnwq93dmapwe7ny6jr
06:31:51@stakingfundbot:matrix.orgStaking Fund Bothaoyang: sent 10^7 muon.
09:24:05@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangshow me the money! cosmos1nztykvqgq2g5vpslwqjq086uqed9cmfsevs2ng
09:24:16@stakingfundbot:matrix.orgStaking Fund Bothaoyang: sent 10^7 muon.
13:05:59@eclipse:chat.weho.stEclipse changed their profile picture.
20:23:35@riccardomontagnin:matrix.orgRiccardo Montagnin changed their display name from Riccardo Montagnin | Commercio.network to Riccardo Montagnin.
21:24:03@jim380:matrix.orgJay | Cypher Core changed their display name from 1 iris=10^18 iris-atto to Jay | Cypher Core.
21:56:59@astroboyrgukt:matrix.orgMurthy | Vitwit removed their display name astroboyrgukt.
22:16:02@astroboyrgukt:matrix.orgMurthy | Vitwit set their display name to Murthy | Vitwit.
13 Nov 2019
07:46:27@hanshans25:matrix.orghanshans25 joined the room.
07:47:25@hanshans25:matrix.orghanshans25show me the money! cosmos1cjacav5wzsayft5yvjus50l3zjps0ckr7l8e66
07:47:31@stakingfundbot:matrix.orgStaking Fund Bothanshans25: sent 10^7 muon.
07:59:45@mkxzy:matrix.orgmkxzy joined the room.
08:01:57@nodeasy:matrix.orgnodeasy joined the room.
08:06:07@mkxzy:matrix.orgmkxzyshow me the money! cosmos1l2h6j5uqmyrq5ngvmwp778wlwwty80c9qwjhr8
08:06:10@stakingfundbot:matrix.orgStaking Fund Botmkxzy: sent 10^7 muon.
08:12:23@crabbean:matrix.orgcrabbean joined the room.
09:22:15@s_s:matrix.orgs_s joined the room.
17:48:14@cellino21:matrix.orgcellino21 joined the room.
17:48:58@cellino21:matrix.orgcellino21Hi all guys, I'm would like to run a validator node for Cosmos. What I need to start? (OF COURSE I'M NOOB AS FUCK)
In reply to @cellino21:matrix.org
Hi all guys, I'm would like to run a validator node for Cosmos. What I need to start? (OF COURSE I'M NOOB AS FUCK)
Read. Then read. Then read some more.
14 Nov 2019
01:37:27@gavinn:matrix.orgGavin | figment.networkAnyone have a node that I can connect to 13006 with?

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