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9 Dec 2018
23:35:39@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comty for helping
23:35:40@jim380:matrix.orgJay | Cypher CoreBear with me. Wifi at my house is down unfortunately
23:35:55@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.como0
23:36:41@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comRedacted or Malformed Event
23:39:07@jim380:matrix.orgJay | Cypher CoreYou help. We give back.
23:40:33@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comwell i can see i need help more people because i need more help here.
23:41:19@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comor like is Sunday, all the validator are sleeping well. maybe tomorrow i find some support
23:41:34@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comfor today i am done and out
23:41:50@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com take care Jay | Cypher Core thanks fo rtry to help.
23:41:53@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comappreciated.
23:55:23@liangping:matrix.orgliangpingajc / figment.network: will you launch figment for genki?
10 Dec 2018
00:36:07@mattharrop:matrix.orgMatt Harrop / figment.network If genki persists, we'll get a Hubble monitor on it. Not today.
00:36:45@certus_zl:matrix.orgLeo | certus.oneIt's stable
00:39:14@mattharrop:matrix.orgMatt Harrop / figment.networkWill aim to get Hubble pointed tomorrow
00:41:33@eon_1:matrix.orgeon_1Can someone tell what I missed over the weekend
01:48:21@proceau:matrix.orgPROceau | Castlenode Matt Harrop / figment.network good news
02:05:01@liangping:matrix.orgliangping Matt Harrop / figment.network: thanks, your tools is really helpful for validators.
03:41:39@aaron-bisontrails:matrix.orgAaron (Bison Trails) melea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com: i might be having a similar issue
03:42:07@aaron-bisontrails:matrix.orgAaron (Bison Trails)i am not getting any rewards to my validator
03:57:18@jasonlee:matrix.orgjasonlee | nodebreakeroh
03:57:23@jasonlee:matrix.orgjasonlee | nodebreaker28.rc.1
04:29:31@wlsaud619:matrix.orgJ_ateam set their display name to J_ateam.
04:36:44@jayb:matrix.orgJayB | Cosmostation changed their display name from JayB to JayB | Cosmostation.
05:55:22@eon_1:matrix.orgeon_1What is cosmos-sdk version for genki-2000
05:57:18@KafkaLee:matrix.orgKafkaLeeis it GOS gaiad version?
06:13:14@koa___:matrix.orgkoa___ I'm keep seeing this error:
E[10126-12-10|06:12:22.052] Error attempting to add vote module=consensus err="Expected 21943/1/2, but got 21943/0/2: Unexpected step
06:28:35@muelbob:matrix.orgmuelbob | Bliss Dynamicskoa___: have you checked your timeouts in config.toml?
06:45:41@chirls:matrix.orgchirlsHow can I check my comos sub account?
06:51:37@muelbob:matrix.orgmuelbob | Bliss Dynamicschirls: what do you mean by sub account?

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