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29 Dec 2019
21:08:27@mesquka:matrix.orgmesqukaAlso it seems that amtlib no longer exists for adobe products
21:10:59@mesquka:matrix.orgmesqukaAdobe Zii works pretty well for macOS, still not sure what's the options for Windows
22:34:49@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokgood to know. welcome back
30 Dec 2019
01:49:01@novae:perthchat.orgnovaeI'm moving my box into the "cloud" below is my current usenet setup, which I'm "mostly" happy with but could always use improvement. Currently not pulling anything from private torrent trackers as I'm rebuilding my library rather than uploading my local library which means 30TB+ which I just don't have the ability to reseed at this point. Feeders: Radarr Sonarr Mylar LazyLib (not super happy with this but afaik is as good as it gets) Client: NZBGet Primary provider: Newsgroup Ninja Block providers: Blocknews (this hardly ever gets used and I probably won't grab more when the current allocation is used) Tweaknews Indexers: Dog (free-tier, was subbed but too expensive) DS (free-tier, though will probably sub today) Geek (lifetime) Things that could be better: I see a reasonable number (~35% of all downloads) of downloads fail for health reasons which is obviously frustrating, and also it just slows everything down as it takes a couple of minutes per file for them to fail during which time nothing is actually downloading. Thoughts/ideas/suggestions?
10 Jan 2020
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12 Jan 2020
12:02:44@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwoknovae: i'm getting good completion rate with this combo: usenetbucket, astraweb, eweka, plus a few other block fills that hardly get used ever
12:03:50@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokindexers using nzbgeek oznzb nzb.su omgwtfnzbs
12:04:28@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokradarr, pymedusa, headphones all via sabnzbd
12:37:49@novae:perthchat.orgnovae matrixwok: I think a lot of my failures are due to older content, I have less issues with new release stuff but as I've been trying to rebuild my library I'm pulling down stuff from 10 days to 2500 days+. I've grabbed non-block accounts at Tweak (which isn't super useful but does occasionally catch some things and having it non-block for a month is less worry about it suddenly getting used for 4 big files in a row) and Eweka which seems to be helping a lot though it's really slow (I rarely see > 4MBps, even though I can pull >75MBps from ninja)
12:40:14@novae:perthchat.orgnovaeI do wonder if I need a better indexer to find non-dcma'ed copies of older stuff but I think the only way up is probably WTF which seems basically impossible to get invites for
12:40:41@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokpm me an nzb that fails for u if u want me to test with this combo
12:41:13@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokor here
12:44:05@novae:perthchat.orgnovaeThis fails with my current setup
12:45:29@novae:perthchat.orgnovaeI wish I could solve this Eweka speed problem it's just so strange, I'm even making sure I'm using the DE server address rather than the NL one (download box is with Hetzner in Germany)
13 Jan 2020
02:24:34@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokyep confirmed thats insta fail on sabnzbd with my combo
02:24:49@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwoksabnzbd detects early that its not gonna work
02:25:06@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwoku might be right re indexers
02:29:27@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokthats pymedusa's effort via my combo of indexers. That would dfinitely succeed at 1080p or 720p bluray
02:29:48@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwoki'm assuming your tv show organisation program has fail detection and automattically tries again with the next nzb
14:00:52@novae:perthchat.orgnovaeyeah, sonarr retried failed nzb's, I was passing all my indexers through nzbhydra but I don't think it's providing much benefit so am switching back to directly querying the indexers
15 Jan 2020
10:29:43@novae:perthchat.orgnovae matrixwok: How did you get an invite to omg?
10:53:12@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokit was open invite a long time ago
5 Feb 2020
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8 Feb 2020
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17 Mar 2020
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23 Mar 2020
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24 Mar 2020
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