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6 Jan 2020
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19 Jan 2020
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27 Jan 2020
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28 Jan 2020
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29 Jan 2020
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4 Feb 2020
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23:16:46@adp10:matrix.orgadp10hey all. I signed up to Cap'n Jacks lifetime membership some time ago. I see the old forum is now down. How do I access the premium and standard rooms, which used to be on Stride?
23:17:09@adp10:matrix.orgadp10Redacted or Malformed Event
23:21:11@adp10:matrix.orgadp10good to see a few familiar faces by the way
23:33:11@burnettj:matrix.orgburnettjNobody is sure. The captain has not been around for a while.
23:35:35@burnettj:matrix.orgburnettjThe captains chest website is backup although it looks like the css templates are messed up. Not sure what that means. It was offline for a few months.
23:36:30@adp10:matrix.orgadp10yeah, noticed the same. ok, thanks for the heads up.
5 Feb 2020

Hello . I collected some information backup on cj method with old students ..

Join link here @ telegram


02:46:40@mrmohan.c:matrix.orgmrmohan.cThis is helpful for new bie and old members for learning ..
14:18:23@taylor:utwente.io@taylor:utwente.io left the room.
7 Feb 2020
14:06:38@1zz:matrix.org1zzI was curious if CJ is not active any more how come the new members are getting added then? There are few new names that were added in December 2019 and January 2020.
14:56:23@opita:matrix.orgopitaFriends maybe with a link
15:04:34@1zz:matrix.org1zzI did not think you can add new members to Riot by using links. I thought only CJ can do it. Also, it looks like there are /were new members being added to the forum itself. If you look at the bottom on the forum page, then the most people on the forum shows some date in February 2020 - Most users ever online was 1,286 at 09:24 PM on 02-05-2020. That is strange, there were no 1286 members at any point.
15:09:30@opita:matrix.orgopitaMaybe a moderator, I have no clue to be honest
15:11:07@opita:matrix.orgopitaEvery time I try to log into the website, it seems to be text only
15:43:59@willarcher:matrix.orgWill I can’t even see the website.
Is the website hacked? Maybe that’s why there’s an influx of new members?
15:45:49@1zz:matrix.org1zzIf CJ wanted to say something he would find the way.
In reply to @1zz:matrix.org
If CJ wanted to say something he would find the way.
No offense to anyone here but if he has health issues I would assume his focus would be 100% on getting himself better. His body of work stands by itself... as mrmohanc said we are over in a telegram group. Let’s all start posting and keep moving forwards together... hopefully CJ will recover and start contributing again soon but there is so much information already freely available.
8 Feb 2020
11 Feb 2020
16:11:11@kaizen2019:matrix.orgkaizen2019Hi there everyone. For any of those interested that haven't yet joined up. We have another chat room set up on Telegram to discuss CJ's naked trading style... Today we set up a sub group whos main aim is to discuss CJ's Chart Mapping. Any and all are welcome and encouraged to come on over and contribute!! Group name is "CJ’s chart mapping"
20:16:53@kaizen2019:matrix.orgkaizen2019Update: here’s the invite link for the new group. Cj’s chart mapping https://t.me/joinchat/QCorGFGCB_cF7HH3RcUMPQ
26 Feb 2020
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15 Mar 2020
05:25:32@willarcher:matrix.orgWill set a profile picture.

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