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In the days of Nikola Tesla, under the streets of major world cities were pipes filled with compressed air that provided POWER to i.e. industry, mechanic's tool and dentist's tools. Tesla probably invented his Boundary Layer Turbine with that in mind. Too bad Edison had other plans. But, hey, it's #altpower that's powerful enough to bust CONCRETE! ••• https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compressed_air_energy_storage#Transmission ••• https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_turbine ° https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrnul6ixX90 ••• Thermodynamic¦Freezing issues might be solved → https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vortex_tube ••• Main discussion of the Tesla Turbine in: #TeslaTurbine:matrix.org ••• Room is "Logged" & "World Readable": https://view.matrix.org/alias/%23CAES:matrix.org ••• Listed: https://matrixstats.org/room/!UfNflgflYDomLKxzhj:chat.weho.st ••• For sharing: #CAES:matrix.org ° https://riot.im/app/#/room/#CAES:matrix.org ° https://matrix.to/#/#CAES:matrix.org ° [#CAES:matrix.org](https://matrix.to/#/#CAES:matrix.org) ••• HashTags: #altpwr #Tesla #TeslaTurbine #altpower #AirPower #CAES #OffGrid ••••9 Servers

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16 Jul 2018
17:39:11@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMilkManzJourDaddy [99-Problems/A📌🚁/Falayalaralfali] 💥🔨 Castigare troglodytam. Malleo pugnae aviditate. 🌊👋🙋\o 💥🔨 ZFG 🙌AIUI, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA has had a battery bank/farm to provide 15 minutes of electrical line voltage to residents and outliers; in case of primary electrical power source failure. All that complex AC-DC-AC waveform gear and chemicsl batteries… They would be a prime candidate for off-peak and backup pneumatic storage! That, until pneumatic power transmission pipes could be built out to substations, and eventually customers.
20 Jul 2018
15:43:36@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMilkManzJourDaddy [99-Problems/A📌🚁/Falayalaralfali] 💥🔨 Castigare troglodytam. Malleo pugnae aviditate. 🌊👋🙋\o 💥🔨 ZFG 🙌Redacted or Malformed Event
15:44:46@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMilkManzJourDaddy [99-Problems/A📌🚁/Falayalaralfali] 💥🔨 Castigare troglodytam. Malleo pugnae aviditate. 🌊👋🙋\o 💥🔨 ZFG 🙌 I found some old footage:

New Inventors - Di Pietro Air Motor -
• Time index: 5:10→6:15 •

Angelo Di Pietro states his PROTOTYPE pneumatic motor produced 6.14 Hp/4.5KW. This for, as he says, half the L.P.M. of other air motors, piston if I understood Aussie English with an Italian accent, correctly. And since then the weight he states for the prototype has been trimmed quite a bit. In addition to trimming weight, he might have increased the power output. But industrial electric motors that produce less power than that are huge.

In another video he says just one of his motors can propel a 600Kg vehicle, and some digrams show two wheels with two motors, where 4 could be possible. Elon Musk' Tesla™ has built electric heavy haul trucks with intermediate range. But for light vehicles, stationary stuff or mid-size tools like lawn-mowers, the refill time is much quicker than recharging a chemical battery.

His invention seems applicable where intermediate torque starting from ZERO R.P.M. is needed. In applications where such paramaters need to be met it seems to surpass the Tesla Turbine and magnetnic coupling might not be needed; but the latter still has it's place.

Still, Di Pietro should have the Torque & Power specifications readily available.

1 Aug 2018
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14 Aug 2018
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16 Aug 2018
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17 Aug 2018
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20 Aug 2018
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23 Aug 2018
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15 Sep 2018
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18 Sep 2018
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19 Sep 2018
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28 Sep 2018
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1 Oct 2018
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3 Oct 2018
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16 Oct 2018
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21 Oct 2018
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6 Nov 2018
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17 Nov 2018
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6 Dec 2018
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