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28 Feb 2024
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpnthow do you even message whoevers abusing the bug02:18:06
@lorendb:nheko.imLorenAlso admins, since they can set permissions in the space to disallow message sending02:18:10
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpntit's impossible to see the chat log02:18:12
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpntthere's no way to figure out who's doing it or what client they're using02:18:24
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|totally-not-devLook at the notification?02:18:29
@lorendb:nheko.imLorenOr just ask in another room02:18:38
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpntnotifications are different on every platform and often dissapear quickly02:18:58
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpnt* notifications are different on every platform and sometimes dissapear quickly02:19:03
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpntand you only get an icon and username02:19:12
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpntpeople can have same username and someone can be in a space but no rooms02:19:24
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpntif space has no icon it's unclear where messages are being sent02:19:39
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|totally-not-devWell, you can look at the members to check, if that is the case02:19:43
In reply to @lorendb:nheko.im
Also admins, since they can set permissions in the space to disallow message sending
Might be the admins doing it
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpntwhat if someone went on with a messed up client at like 3am for most users and sent csam or something in there02:23:05
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpntadmins would probably miss it02:24:56
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpnti get the way you're handing it is about the same as any other client and you shouldn't really have to deal with it02:26:22
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpntbut weird secret room just seems like a way things can go very wrong in many ways02:26:36
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpntand i'm guessing the protocol isn't about to change02:26:49
@sarpnt:catgirl.cloudSArpntprobably don't encourage bad protocol behaviour but it should get handled in a useful way when it does happen02:28:19
In reply to @sarpnt:catgirl.cloud
can spaces be in spaces
The fosdem space was like that. in nheko just by joining the fosdem24 space it added a few other spaces.
@malala:cutehops.netmalala invited @noko:cutehops.netnoko.05:02:46
@noko:cutehops.netnoko joined the room.05:02:52
@malala:cutehops.netmalalaHow can I verify a nheko login from a schidlichat account if it keeps sending a form of verification nheko doesn't recognise?05:11:23
@malala:cutehops.netmalalain-chat key verification05:11:44
@enigma9o7:envs.netenigma9o7reqeust it from the nheko side05:12:40
@emma:rory.gayEmma [it/its]can we move the reactions popup thing to a key combo? (eg hold shift to access)08:43:06
@emma:rory.gayEmma [it/its]i keep sending accidental reactions ^^'08:43:15
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [she/her|they/them]I agree, I always have to be extra careful not to accidentally send reactions09:22:53
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [she/her|they/them]
In reply to @deepbluev7:neko.dev
Either the people abusing the bug or the developers of that client
How to fix a bug: tell people not to exploit it

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