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12 Aug 2020
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucei just got done with my workout 06:46:33
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Sauceand you're posting this beta shit06:46:41
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucepisses me off06:46:45
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neckI skipped work to play the game lol06:46:55
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neckDon’t get me wrong. I feel like shit for doing so. But god damn is the game fun06:47:16
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neck Anyway I work out by masturbating 3 times a day minimum 06:47:40
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Sauceim trying not to do that anymore06:48:07
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucei've been a beta coomer for too long06:48:35
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neckWhat personality are you this week? Is this your chad personality?06:48:47
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucemasterbating while other men are out fucking girls you could be fucking is the most beta thing you can do06:48:55
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucewhen im horny i will pick a girl up in my alpha male truck and make her wet with my sub woofer blasting seven nation army 06:50:36
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucewhile all you betas are at home jerking off06:50:45
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neckI have girls. I got the hapa and the Slav girl. I’m satisfied. Realistically I jerk of every two days06:51:36
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neckMy actual exercise is getting to work everyday06:51:51
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neckCause it’s NYC06:52:01
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neckI have no car so I walk a shit ton06:52:10
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucemove out of the city and buy a truck like a real man06:52:23
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucei cruz around LA in my black dodge while betas walk for miles in the city lmao06:53:31
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucegod im so cool06:53:55
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neckI save money not having a car06:54:11
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neck I’ll get one eventually 06:54:18
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neck Given I’m in no rush 06:54:26
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neckMy end game is a rural homestead06:54:47
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucedont buy a car06:55:38
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucebuy a fucking truck 06:55:43
@saucemans_neck:matrix.orgsaucemans_neckI have a big dick so I can’t physically buy a truck06:56:02
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucecars are for women and waggie cucks who work at walmart06:56:18
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Sauce * cars are for women and waggie cucks who work at walmart06:56:29
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucealso big trucks make libtard angry 06:57:04
@yoker88:matrix.orgInb4Saucei made eye contact with an indian girl with a feel the bern sticker on her honda in traffic and she almost pissed herself when she looked back and i was still looking at her06:58:23

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