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19 Aug 2019
12:55:56@benpa:matrix.orgbenpaglad you're committed to continuing!
21 Aug 2019
07:08:54@zmlww:zmlww.net@zmlww:zmlww.net joined the room.
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25 Aug 2019
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26 Aug 2019
21:23:28@wilko:pattle.imWilko changed their display name from Wilko to Wilko Manger.
21:23:52@wilko:pattle.imWilko changed their display name from Wilko Manger to Wilko.
27 Aug 2019
18:27:20@ZamaneKiz:matrix.orgZamaneKız joined the room.
29 Aug 2019
17:42:51@bobfett:flobob.ovhbobfett changed their profile picture.
17:47:43@bobfett:flobob.ovhbobfett changed their profile picture.
17:49:49@bobfett:flobob.ovhbobfett changed their profile picture.
31 Aug 2019
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14 Sep 2019
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17 Sep 2019
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7 Oct 2019
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15 Oct 2019
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18 Oct 2019
09:31:25@kirikia:mos.appkirikia šŸˆšŸ™ changed their profile picture.
10:20:30@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their profile picture.
11:03:49@brendan:abolivier.bzhBrendan Abolivier changed their profile picture.
10 Nov 2019
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28 Dec 2019
14:28:16@akhf:matrix.te-cafe.deKarl-Heinz Frorath joined the room.
3 Jan 2020
12:16:18@buzz-dee:matrix.orgBuZZ-dEE joined the room.
14:19:57@benpa:bpulse.orgbenpa changed their display name from benpa-bpulse to benpa.
14:23:03@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their display name from benpa to [benpa].
6 Jan 2020
12:04:01@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their display name from [benpa] to benpa.
12 Jan 2020
14:20:08@ZamaneKiz:matrix.orgZamaneKız changed their profile picture.
14:21:25@ZamaneKiz:matrix.orgZamaneKız changed their profile picture.
16 Jan 2020
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