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1 Aug 2021
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 so usually changing the actuator changes deadzone and engage behavior 08:47:39
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 where changing the plate changes throw 08:47:44
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 because of the physics of how the switches work 08:47:50
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 in this particular case though, since the stick is analog, you might have more freedom 08:48:06
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 * where changing the plate changes throw 08:48:24
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 A couple more questions:
- Does the hex piece come off separately from the pivot? The pictures you posted makes it seem like it might be one piece along with the pivot parts, which would make it quite a bit more complicated to make a replacement
- How does the sensing work? Is it optical or otherwise contactless, or does the actuator come into contact with any kind of sensor components?
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden it's contactless, yeah. it uses magnetism 08:54:21
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden it has a "button" which is also contactless but only outputs a 1 or 0 08:54:42
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 iiiiinteresting 08:56:53
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden i think the hex piece comes off, but if it doesnt isnt it possible to 3D print a think cover for it? 08:57:58
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 Maybe, but I think you'd be pretty surprised how little a change in size would change the feel of the stick 08:59:40
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 so making something thin enough to keep the change relatively small while also thick enough to be sturdy could be a challenge 09:00:04
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 You'd also need very good tolerances for something like that to work effectively - do you have precise measurements of the hex piece? 09:00:45
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden no precise measurements. I got only 10.1 mm 09:11:15
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden unless being off 0.05 mm is tolerable 09:12:41
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden the diameter, that is, from one edge to the other 09:13:34
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 And do you have dimensions on the restrictor plate? 09:17:36
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden not yet, id have to disassemble it in the morning 09:20:02
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden what are some places i can get a plate done? 09:34:25
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden also, how about restricting the top part of the shaft itself? i think that's a third option 09:36:56
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 That could also potentially work, yeah 09:40:21
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 But that's a much less common solution, and there might not be a good way to mount the restrictor up there 09:40:45
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden i have a spacer plate made out of wood for one of my fightsticks. maybe i can make one but with a much smaller hole 09:41:01
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 a lot of sticks on't have the right kind of geometry for that to be very effective 09:41:04
@_discord_370619681997848577:t2bot.ioCPS I got weird twitch clip embed on discord lately 09:41:20
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 because they put the pivot very close to flush with the top mount plate 09:41:32
@_discord_370619681997848577:t2bot.ioCPS it doesn't play clips directly on discord 09:41:38
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden oh, so the hole for the space plate would have to be really small? 09:42:37
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden in mine the pivot is farther down, not like the LS-32, but i think i see what you mean 09:43:44
@_discord_139570952085176320:t2bot.ioSoftdrink#0282 I think it's just harder to solve the tolerances for a 'top plate restrictor' on a stick like a JLF or LS-32, since the pivot is nearly inline with the top plate

A very small difference in the hole size could have drastic effects on the movement because you're so close to the pivot - think of it like a classic lever; the closer you are to the fulcrum, the more proportional influence you have on the movement of the end of the arm

In your stick it could be a different situation though if the pivot is centered deeper in the body

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