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14 Jan 2021
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper https://github.com/zachbr/Dis4IRC 16:25:34
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper all I need to do is give you the config file really 16:25:47
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper and you could just fire it up 16:25:54
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper or use some other bridge software? 16:26:08
@_discord_776365415625785354_feuerdorn:t2bot.iofeuerdorn#0000 no, it's just because I need to make a list of things to put on that box (or most likely a VM) 16:26:59
@_discord_776365415625785354_feuerdorn:t2bot.iofeuerdorn#0000 but it seems to be just a java-runtime. let's hope it works with the open one :X 16:28:12
@_discord_776365415625785354_feuerdorn:t2bot.iofeuerdorn#0000 I'll take care of it over the next couple of days, would that be OK? 16:29:38
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper yeah sure 16:30:52
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper I'm not in a hurry or anything 16:31:03
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper it's just that it's slightly lame to not have 100% uptime because of system restarts so I'd rather let someone with a spare computer to host it ;) 16:33:40
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper other than that, I really don't have an issue with hosting it 16:34:32
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper by the way, it's not really required to op the bot. I just do it for the sake of clarity 16:38:58
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper and for being clear about who is hosting the bot in case IRC staff wants to discuss about it back when I used IRCCloud for a while because I was worried about essentially having a clone online 16:39:30
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper because the IRC staff never answered my message regarding whether it's fine having a clone on but I haven't had any problems .. 16:40:34
@_discord_776365415625785354_feuerdorn:t2bot.iofeuerdorn#0000 once I get the box up it won't be a clone. I just can't do it right now because for reasons unknown the vm generator doesn't let me ;) I have to talk to the server guys tomorrow 17:13:57
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper hehe ok :) 17:19:49
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper probably the issues on the Matrix side are related to the matrix.org homeserver. the Discord bridge is located in another homeserver and I saw other people complaining about having issues with federation today (messages spreading between clients located in other homeservers) on a room I'm on 22:32:02
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper right now, I'm seeing messages from 20 minutes ago arriving to the Matrix side 22:33:35
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper anyone considering using Matrix (for whatever purpose) in the future, I'd suggest creating an account somewhere else than the default matrix.org 22:35:26
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper that way there's no need to suffer from issues related to federation and almost daily short periodic downtimes 22:39:38
15 Jan 2021
@_discord_353358157491339272:t2bot.ioHundsu changed their display name from Hundsu to Hundsu#4564.02:42:15
@_discord_353358157491339272:t2bot.ioHundsu changed their display name from Hundsu#4564 to Hundsu.02:42:16
16 Jan 2021
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper Xpadder seems to do its job 18:53:30
@_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper:t2bot.io_discord_776365415625785354_=53harsysper (for Rolling Gunner) 18:53:46
@_discord_533227703613128705:t2bot.iocooldood69 kickflip set a profile picture.20:38:35
@_discord_533227703613128705:t2bot.iocooldood69 kickflip changed their display name from cooldood69 kickflip#1494 to cooldood69 kickflip.20:38:36
17 Jan 2021
@_discord_336466919894810624:t2bot.ioPicat changed their display name from Picat to Picat#9213.11:59:09
@_discord_336466919894810624:t2bot.ioPicat changed their display name from Picat#9213 to Picat.11:59:10
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi changed their display name from Akagi to Akagi#9024.12:41:31
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi changed their display name from Akagi#9024 to Akagi.12:41:31

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