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10 Apr 2021
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharI'm guessing it's like bitcoin but for videos. more distributed I suppose?07:25:39
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharI don't really know how it works07:26:50
@_discord_338467630883012610:t2bot.ioSilver Star Yup, upscaling does reduces effects of yt compression 08:21:57
@_discord_149493243791278080:t2bot.ioniviv#0516 can you tell me the process from start? is it one time recording straight from obs or reupscaled with video editor + effect magics? 08:43:50
@shary:kawaiilo.lishar niviv#0516: you don't need a big video editor. you could use this for example https://sourceforge.net/projects/vdfiltermod/ 08:49:12
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharopen video -> video -> filters -> add -> resize08:49:42
@_discord_338467630883012610:t2bot.ioSilver Star Record 1080p 20k bitrate, then while cutting upscale to 4k 20k bitrate 10:14:38
@_discord_338467630883012610:t2bot.ioSilver Star (For replays instead of runs i might aswell record in 4k) 10:15:05
@_discord_149493243791278080:t2bot.ioniviv#0516 thx 10:16:43
@_discord_149493243791278080:t2bot.ioniviv#0516 prob can use this trick to upload low quality source too, I have superplay dvds want to upload it without losing more compression 10:25:06
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharhow is the quality on the superplay DVDs?10:29:37
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharthe dvds themselves don't have any terrible issues right?10:30:58
@_discord_149493243791278080:t2bot.ioniviv#0516 from dvd iso 10:35:25
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharare they interlaced?10:36:47
@_discord_149493243791278080:t2bot.ioniviv#0516 idk 10:41:33
@shary:kawaiilo.lishardvds can be a pain to rip. I doubt youtube even accepts the dvd files directly not to mention the video might be spliced into multiple files in the dvd10:43:39
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharand there's a high chance it'll be interlaced and look like garbage without deinterlacing the video first10:44:30
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharyou should be able to see whether it's progressive or interlaced if you check the video file info on your media player. on MPC-HC/BE it'll be in file -> properties10:45:47
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharor just by looking at the resolution of the video. if it's not 352×240, it can't be progressive10:49:20
@_discord_399947161451626518:t2bot.ioSynthRicardo#0701 https://youtu.be/7w0UrhljKSo 18:01:25
@_discord_399947161451626518:t2bot.ioSynthRicardo#0701 the virgin tech quality wanker kusoplayer
the chad shitty vhs quality enjoyer superplayer
@_discord_786344570019381249:t2bot.ioasd3 soul. 18:18:58
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi lmao 19:25:37
11 Apr 2021
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharI was just thinking whether restoration could serve a practical purpose for viewing the superplay02:41:16
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharand also nobody wants to watch interlaced video on a progressive display when it can be deinterlaced with little trouble02:42:47
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharif you have ever seen it you know it's genuinely an eyesore02:43:25
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharthe video quality in that superplay is something out of this world though02:45:49
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharI'm genuinely interested how it has turned out like that :-D02:46:31
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharthe uploader should've gotten rid of all that analog noise, it is absolutely killing the YT encoder02:48:25
@shary:kawaiilo.lisharit can't be removed completely but mitigated sure. if anyone has old superplays they would like to have uploaded, I'm happy to help with the process02:51:22

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