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17 Oct 2021
Download unknown.png
@_discord_399947161451626518:t2bot.ioSynthRicardo What Rez says is good general advice but you're still gonna need to adjust every time you change games 07:15:29
@_discord_293659071913918465:t2bot.ioRezardi yep 07:15:33
@_discord_293659071913918465:t2bot.ioRezardi just adjust it manually with the blue bar 07:15:42
@_discord_370619681997848577:t2bot.ioCPS alright thx 07:15:43
@_discord_399947161451626518:t2bot.ioSynthRicardo Batrider is loud as shit 07:16:09
@_discord_293659071913918465:t2bot.ioRezardi have your mic be in the yellow range or bit below on average and the game around green 07:16:12
@_discord_293659071913918465:t2bot.ioRezardi game being too quiet is also ass 07:16:39
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden Batsugun is pretty loud too. Gunbird 2, on the other hand, is soft 07:40:13
@_discord_399947161451626518:t2bot.ioSynthRicardo Batsugun and Batrider are on the same hardware. It's typically like that. taito_f3 games are very low volume for instance 07:41:38
@_discord_204142475781079040:t2bot.iogus this is the vid i used to configure my mic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14VTTp7HVvc 10:08:51
@_discord_204142475781079040:t2bot.iogus idk if it actually sounds much better 10:09:03
@blissfuldeath:gravitation.mesharalso instead of going straight to the stream with settings you aren't sure about, try making a test recording with your given settings first :p10:26:30
@_discord_110319002961588224:t2bot.ioFORECAST || 終わらないの販売 OBS can read VSTs? 14:45:13
@_discord_204142475781079040:t2bot.iogus yeah 15:23:50
@_discord_110319002961588224:t2bot.ioFORECAST || 終わらないの販売 crazy 15:39:37
@_discord_154635744126697472:t2bot.iotomzacz i hate obs 19:42:14
Download unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_154635744126697472:t2bot.iotomzacz literally how 19:42:33
@_discord_458090450159534082:t2bot.ioec2151 steam or pc port? 20:30:43
@_discord_458090450159534082:t2bot.ioec2151 I've only ever done steam's "capture fullscreen app" for Shiki on steam, on pc I have to do more finagling 20:31:01
@_discord_154635744126697472:t2bot.iotomzacz steam 20:49:32
@_discord_154635744126697472:t2bot.iotomzacz but i have that with every game 20:49:43
@_discord_154635744126697472:t2bot.iotomzacz if anyone was curious, turns out the problem was the resolution of Game Capture 21:28:56
@_discord_154635744126697472:t2bot.iotomzacz which was apparently 0x0 21:29:00
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden OBS does this exact same thing with Mame 21:35:47
18 Oct 2021
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden Looks like for Ultramania Relay I won't be able to use the Hall Effect lever until I figure out how to increase the tension or improve the return to neutral 03:24:44
@_discord_303195439845343233:t2bot.iobaf changed their display name from baf to baf#3328.18:18:07
@_discord_303195439845343233:t2bot.iobaf changed their display name from baf#3328 to baf.18:18:10

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