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10 Apr 2021
@barath:matrix.orgbarathyeah I agree, and I'm not certain about my interpretation. I think it's an interesting problem to tackle09:08:02
@jassu:kumma.juttu.asiaJassuko I might actually build that chart so that merged is on the bottom and shows easily how many spec changes are merged this far in total. The FCP and New should be stacked and overlaid so that they are transparently "below" the merged chart and tells the total amount of "open" backlog. The Closed should be on negative axis (below zero). And if you'd like to show the "cumulative total of everything" then just add Total as a line that sums everything together. 09:34:13
@jassu:kumma.juttu.asiaJassukoWould make all the info actually readable and meaningful. More or less. :P09:34:38
@kb1rd:kb1rd.netKB1RD might also be interesting to have a chart that is in percent of MSCs only, so the whole thing would take up the entire rectangle. My guess it you'd see the percent merged going down recently 13:45:57
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathanMaybe that chart shouldn't be stacked 14:45:01
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathanBut have individual lines14:45:06
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathan* But have individual lines14:45:14
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@poperigby:feneas.orgPopeRigbyDoes anyone know why I can't log in with my dendrite.matrix.org user anymore?18:44:53
@ahq:matrix.orgahqLet me check. Could you DM me the account?18:45:34
@poperigby:feneas.orgPopeRigbyDM you the account?19:02:41
@ahq:matrix.orgahqAs in the Dendrite.matrix.org account you're trying to log in with. 19:03:49
@ahq:matrix.orgahqSometimes login fails for unknown reasons. I just logged in with a throwaway d.m.org account and it works okay...19:04:22
@poperigby:feneas.orgPopeRigbyI'll try again then19:07:12
@poperigby:feneas.orgPopeRigby Oh there we go. I just forgot to append dendrite.matrix.org 19:08:19
@poperigby:dendrite.matrix.org@poperigby:dendrite.matrix.org joined the room.19:09:51
@poperigby:feneas.orgPopeRigbyOh this is weird. My dendrite user joined19:14:00
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11 Apr 2021
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@jboi:jboi.nlJonathanait, ive been putting it off for a second, but i'll make those hard question issues this afternoon 👀11:39:58
@ahq:matrix.orgahqSounds good!12:24:13
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathanya YEET12:26:36
@ahq:matrix.orgahqThanks. Hard question indeed. 😄12:36:47
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathansecond one, ya yeet12:41:08
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12 Apr 2021
@em:queersin.spaceEmelie | Away changed their display name from Emelie to Emelie | Away.15:52:08
13 Apr 2021
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