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26 Jun 2022
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) Mitch has been ready to blow up norms to get his goals 15:28:12
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo She is so protective of her trading interests she will vote on anything that keeps her portfolio safe 15:28:18
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) Block Obama sc nominee...end filibuster on sc nominee

I am not saying he good...but in just looking at trying to do what he believes in...he is way more effective the dem leadership

Dems need someone to break the wheel
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo Nobody wanted biden 15:29:34
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo but god damn we could not do trump again 15:29:51
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) Think Biden gonna lose in 2024 15:30:08
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo oh me too, 100% 15:30:14
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) For some reasons Latinos have turned on the democrats since 2020 15:30:24
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo They gotta clone bernie or something just in case 15:30:31
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) They been voting gop...that is why he won states like Texas and flordia in 2020 15:30:52
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo hey I'm not latino so I'm not gonna speculate, I have no idea 15:31:16
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo Texas is the most confusing state in the world to me, I have family from there 15:31:42
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.yahoo.com/amphtml/why-the-latino-vote-is-a-growing-problem-for-democrats-090038533.html 15:32:02
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo I think El Paso city and the related crime is one of the most interesting things in all of North America 15:32:18
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) It's another issue with dems .
.they took Latinos for granted and thought with demos
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo Well dems think they win all minority votes with their virtue signaling to which you love to allude 15:32:58
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo Trudeau sort of did it with the indigenous communities, although he was at least kinda proactive on that front 15:33:18
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) Yeah feel liberals gonna tekt when Trudeau leaves 15:33:48
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) A lot of Indians in my community love Trudeau 15:34:04
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo I think he captured the attention of a lot of minority population which is obviously a huge demographic in ontario 15:34:33
@_discord_347534724442357760:t2bot.ioSkimo it's a wise strategy I just hoped he actually had their best interests in mind, which it sorta wasn't 15:34:51
@_discord_139794302761959424:t2bot.ioRutoo defining an actual timeframe? 16:37:46
@_discord_139794302761959424:t2bot.ioRutoo Wait until you hear that majority of US states are greater than 15 weeks, including many deep red states,, And many European counties, are 12. 16:42:04
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) Man went grocery shopping I vegas....prices are insane lol 17:41:21
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