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25 Nov 2022
@_discord_728658201536364656:t2bot.iopian0tang You need 15 min daily of face, neck, upper chest, and forearms exposed to get adequate vitamin d 19:10:33
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) The sun is something else down south 19:10:46
@_discord_728658201536364656:t2bot.iopian0tang Just because it's in it, doesn't mean you can extract it and it translates to that much in your body 19:13:44
@_discord_728658201536364656:t2bot.iopian0tang In my personal case, it took 10 years of daily vit D supplementation of 10 000 IU before I went from deficient to too much. Now I take 7500 IU daily for maintenance. 19:14:36
@_discord_728658201536364656:t2bot.iopian0tang Blood tests 19:15:01
@_discord_728658201536364656:t2bot.iopian0tang It's $25 a test uninsured 19:15:31
@_discord_728658201536364656:t2bot.iopian0tang But I'm covered 19:15:44
@_discord_728658201536364656:t2bot.iopian0tang As a caveat, I do have malabsorption issues, as well autoimmune problems. 19:16:45
@_discord_728658201536364656:t2bot.iopian0tang But for women, they don't ovulate properly if Vit D is below 100 nmol/L 19:17:39
@_discord_728658201536364656:t2bot.iopian0tang And we start seeing good immune benefits when Vit D is 180 nmol/L 19:17:59
@_discord_728658201536364656:t2bot.iopian0tang Depending on the lab, the current Canadian cutoff for vitamin D deficiency is below 75 nmol/L. Below that, you start having bone problems 19:18:35
@_discord_427580826692354059:t2bot.iolazychino2 There's a bit in mushrooms but not much
U would need a lot of it to get ur daily vitamin d
@_discord_978174996293763162:t2bot.ioStephy joined the room.20:05:01
@_discord_427580826692354059:t2bot.iolazychino2 Yea those are added into the milk to make up the lack of people daily dose of vitamin d
Just like table salt and it's added iodine
People generally don't eat the recommended amount of iodine since it's not present in most common food we eat
Iodine is good for thyroid glands btw for those who don't know
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) I wore a mask today 20:34:02
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) I went to the doctors office 20:34:18
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) 😅 20:38:49
@_discord_427580826692354059:t2bot.iolazychino2 Yea I just go for pink salt
I know there's many types of salt but some are unnecessary
Like active charcoal salt or w/e
@_discord_349337980931932164:t2bot.ioalec#5052 changed their profile picture.22:02:24
26 Nov 2022
@_discord_276871320027791360:t2bot.ioItty bitty kitty committeeIMG_1653.png
Download IMG_1653.png
@_discord_276871320027791360:t2bot.ioItty bitty kitty committee Yikes buckle folks 00:27:10
@_discord_276871320027791360:t2bot.ioItty bitty kitty committee * Yikes buckle up folks 00:27:24
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) Lol this country is jokes 01:10:37
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) Obsessed about masks and lockdowns 01:10:57
@_discord_427580826692354059:t2bot.iolazychino2 pink salt usually is infused with iodine naturally but not as much as table salt
table salt is processed and its fortified in iodine cause it lost all of its minerals during processing

hence why i prefer pink salt over table salt tbh
@_discord_276871320027791360:t2bot.ioItty bitty kitty committee Obsessed with brining back Nazi Germany 01:23:43
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@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) I been reading a lot of all this issue about drag queens reading to kids 13:25:27
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess (Pronouns Fire) To me a simple solution is as long as rhe drag queen is not dressed in a very sexualized way there no issue. 13:26:07

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