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Discuss mostly Canada politics here. You can discuss world politics too if it arises in convo, but if you specifically want to discuss US politics/etc, try other rooms first. Don't be mean (Ex slurs). Use, https://lemmy.ca, instead of reddit!10 Servers

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21 Sep 2021
@_discord_238708855503060992:t2bot.iocrescentfresh#8424 I would love a report to see how many ridings the CPC lost due to PPC vote split 15:15:18
@_discord_238708855503060992:t2bot.iocrescentfresh#8424 I saw a few at least 15:15:22
@_discord_238708855503060992:t2bot.iocrescentfresh#8424 nothing significant, but still interesting 15:15:39
@h-var:matrix.orgH-varDownload China Has A Secret _50 Billion Dollar Click Farm Problem.mp415:19:45
@h-var:matrix.orgH-varHere's how Canadian voting happens. Wake up. There's no change in that. It's just a neverending circlejerking between the power hungry narcissistic psychopaths.15:21:22
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess#4846 I say about 5 10 seats 15:50:22
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess#4846 Liberals did really well outside toronto and Vancouver and shows the big regional urban rural split 15:50:54
@h-var:matrix.orgH-varWhat is this a bot chat?15:53:58
@_discord_85257659694993408:t2bot.ioJake Bots are people from discord. There’s a bridge 16:10:41
In reply to @_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.io
Liberal vote was super efficient
Hence wanting to stick with FPTP.
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@_discord_394404134540935169:t2bot.ioWavePusher#2168 Although I'm kind of disappointed I didn't vote, I had a very tasty cheeseburger to eat and when trucker girl is in town, all bets are off 19:54:28
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@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess#4846 Turnout seem to gone down 6% 21:49:48
@_discord_748147765334376559:t2bot.ioFire Priestess#4846 Non citizens in canada are happy Trudeau won hoping to get pr on my social mddia

People who could vote are annoyed 600 millions were wasted for no change.
22 Sep 2021
@_discord_394404134540935169:t2bot.ioWavePusher#2168 For 600 million dollars, I learned that Erin could be a mans name 02:42:56
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@_discord_419848765856284682:t2bot.ioBalrog and that hes a year younger than trudeau 18:01:17
@austin:tchncs.deAustin Huangliberal not liberal, conservative not conservative20:53:15
@austin:tchncs.deAustin Huangwe're truly living in the times20:53:20
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23 Sep 2021
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