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14 Mar 2023
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15 Mar 2023
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@perfectperfect:matrix.org@perfectperfect:matrix.org* Canadian officials seem to have a different idea of crime than US courts. Or at least that seems to be one of the tricks spy agencies are using to implement their no fly lists...I guess it's international FIVE EYES, a criminal cartel though of course I doubt you'd ever silence them since we're also in the middle of a worldwide cultural assault on speech (,. If you've ever read the transcripts to any of the actual court cases from "spooks" you can see for yourself how full of shit they are and how they break the law - all about psyching out the jury and smashing windows at night, breaking cameras, that's the sort of shit they do. One time the FBI stole my driver's license and kept it for six months, even had a court order against them which they simply refused to obey (a common practice, even among Canadian border patrol in my experience you can forget those online rules). Some of these border patrol agents were part of the capital riot and the literal same families staff and control the border patrol *on both sides* and practice wicked nepotism for each other in rural areas.01:28:08
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16 Mar 2023
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17 Mar 2023
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18 Mar 2023
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19 Mar 2023
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