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4 Mar 2020
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5 Mar 2020
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6 Mar 2020
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13 Mar 2020
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18 Mar 2020
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19 Mar 2020
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24 Mar 2020
19:54:44@telegram_243873812:t2bot.ioEnric HernàndezRealmente qué ofrece esta gente de Colony?
21:39:09@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuannSe trata de un diseño de smart contracts para organizar DAOs. Pero a diferencia de Aragon y DAOstack en Colony se basa todo en el mérito y se reduce la votación a lo mínimo, que serían las disputas. Se basa en permisos y "dominios"/"conocimientos".
21:41:37@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuannMe pareció un sistema muy interesante relacionado más con la holocracia y la efectividad para llevar a cabo tareas. La verdad que los modelos en los que tienes que estar votando cada propuesta pueden ser poco dinámicos y acabar dando más poder a quien tiene más tokens, en lugar de a quién tiene más méritos en tal área.
21:41:56@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuann https://colony.io
22:00:47@telegram_1719109:t2bot.ioXan Colony Whitepaper 2020 Update
22:00:57@telegram_1719109:t2bot.ioXan changed their profile picture.
7 Mar 2020
18:05:07@telegram_231182644:t2bot.io🗝eznomada* English: Once the token deployment also requires maintenance, especially by the custodians. Who wants to act as custodian???? They have to be recognized and trusted people or collectives of the faircoin community and they are excited and committed to the wfair project and lately trust and illusion is the least there is..... Una vez hecho el despliege del token tambien requiere mantenimiento, sobretodo por parte de los custodios. Quien quiere hacer de custodio???? Tienen que ser personas o colectivos reconocidas y con confianza de la comunidad faircoin y que les ilusione y se comprometan con elnproyecto wfair y ultimamente confianza e ilusion es lo que menos hay.....
25 Mar 2020
18:02:04@telegram_243873812:t2bot.ioEnric Hernàndez
In reply to Xuann
Se trata de un diseño de smart contracts para organizar DAOs. Pero a diferencia de Aragon y DAOstack en Colony se basa todo en el mérito y se reduce la votación a lo mínimo, que serían las disputas. Se basa en permisos y "dominios"/"conocimientos".
Si, parece ser que hubo una disputa entre un developer y Aragon
7 Mar 2020
18:11:55@telegram_321591666:t2bot.ioFrankYes, it seems that it makes no sense to proceed
25 Mar 2020
18:04:19@telegram_243873812:t2bot.ioEnric Hernàndez Forwarded message from channel CriptoNoticias
🗞 Desarrollador denuncia uso de su nombre en disputa legal simulada por Aragon Court 
Comunidad | Redacción | 24 febrero, 2020
8 Mar 2020
23:28:34@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuannsome weeks ago Enric Duran contacted me to ask about the state of the Wrapped Faircoin project. It seems there are communication with a big exchange that offers to list Faircoin via the erc-20 token. I will be glad to see interest in the project and continue it, can be great to see it listed being the tradeable token of Faircoin, keeping Faircoin itself away from exchanges and focussed in the "real economy". That is what Enric' s mentioned. For this we will need the custodian entity. If we feel motivated we can move forward and have it all ready. I can program the erc-20 smart contract, that will require lot of work from my side and this season I dont have it because I am working for a company..but if I see good motivation from people from this group I can go forward and have it maybe for end of the month. Then we will need a parallel work in the way of the custodian entity. This can be done using the current swiss association, opening the way for future custody of other kind of assets, how the original plan was though. but this must be managed by other one, not myself. Then having that, we can have ready the prototype. It will need a manual way for doing the swaps, until upgrade to a full DAO with a smart contract automatiyed for it (that will require much more development work, but not mandatory to be running). This can be done just having a Bank of The Commons account and a multisig Faircoin wallet. BotC has Ethereum node, and will require an easy modification for showing the erc-20 tokens in the wallet. It will require some work from the developer and Enric that is the manager. This can be done without BotC, but I think will be nice to integrate with BotC project too and use its platform for this. Then another requirement will be to have a website. The logo and identity is done, I will look for it to share it here. I guess we shared it in the wFAIR DAO group. For a free website we can use github if needed. We will require for this another one with some basic skills on html and web. This also because I dont have time and not have enough skills for doing it without expending too much time, but also I can do it if needed, and support and coordinate all tasks, of course. I think can be interesting to go forward, and to build that custodian of commons entity. this can be very useful for future development of Confoederatio, having the Faircoin asset tokenization like the first pilot of the federated network of tokens. But of course if there is no any interest of the remaining Faircoop group we will not develop nothing in this direction. About the effort and capital invested in this initiative, I still have the aim to push Ecofintech Coop and we are continuing discussing and designing on Confoederatio. I have accounting of all money lend to the project in different ways, and thinking an alternative way to proceed. Like developing the Labor-value Token and to merge with the main Ecofintech participation and distribute it in some form of shares, an alternative to ICO and finally all of the participants will have their amount of credit token shares. in the Coop. Anyways all this is paused for different reasons, the main one was the conflict inside Fairworld and the general lost of energy in the cryptoscene... a good moment to mvoe away for a while and work in other solvent projects for having resources for next season of play and experimentation in crypto projects... ✌️
25 Mar 2020
18:06:08@telegram_243873812:t2bot.ioEnric HernàndezColony evitaría este tipo de problemas? Aunque veo que Colony es anterior a este suceso en concreto
8 Mar 2020
23:56:14@telegram_393812043:t2bot.ioXavi Zambrana💪💪
26 Mar 2020
In reply to Xarli
New models of phones without Google with Lineage OS on sale: https://www.ebay.com/usr/ecophon-0
Hello, is this available?
8 Mar 2020
23:56:25@telegram_393812043:t2bot.ioXavi ZambranaThanks for the update!!
26 Mar 2020
In reply to Stefano
Hello, is this available?
Yes, actually we are waiting for some stocks of Pixel devices for distribution.
9 Mar 2020
00:05:44@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuann https://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Commons_Trusts
27 Mar 2020
09:00:13@telegram_293362310:t2bot.ioStefanoAll right, would you let me know when it's in?
9 Mar 2020
00:06:20@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuann https://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Trusts
27 Mar 2020
20:30:44@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuannsure, I will anounce it here when ready👍
9 Mar 2020
00:06:43@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuann https://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Community_Land_Partnership
00:07:02@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuann👆some research resources for the aspect of the custodian entity...
00:07:47@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuann https://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Common_Stock_Commons
4 Apr 2020
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