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23 May 2021
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24 May 2021
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In reply to Xuann
But that link is a mirror of this chat group. Unfortunatelly the english-speaking group is little abandoned, we are active in the spanish group and still only talking abour ideas, not any real step. Yet.
Which one is spanish group link ?
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25 May 2021
In reply to Grace
Which one is spanish group link ?
Hi Grace, are you interested in the spanish group? Actually the project is moving in two directions: "Cripto-academia" and "Debates Confoederatio". The first continues the analysis and discussion of cryptospace and cryptoeconomy; and the second is focussed is the political and theoretical aspects.
@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuann https://t.me/joinchat/VD0_lzg5FhEYjorw 00:37:24
@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuann https://t.me/confoederatio 00:37:40
@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuannEcofintech itself is stagnated... unfortunatelly00:38:29
@telegram_588095887:t2bot.ioXuannYour are welcome!01:09:30
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26 May 2021
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27 May 2021
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2 Jun 2021
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6 Jun 2021
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8 Jun 2021
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9 Jun 2021
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10 Jun 2021
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12 Jun 2021
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14 Jun 2021
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16 Jun 2021
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17 Jun 2021
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21 Jun 2021
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