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17 Mar 2023
@alexbakker:matrix.orgalexbakkerYou will, of course, need your password as well in order to be able to decrypt it12:50:04
@jnrandall:matrix.org@jnrandall:matrix.orgYes and I had forgotten it as I use biometrics on the phone. Now I remembered it I am pleased to report the encrypted vault was successfully imported.14:48:39
@alexbakker:matrix.orgalexbakkerGlad to hear it!15:04:25
@alexbakker:matrix.orgalexbakkerIn case you've disabled it, I'd suggest enabling the password reminder in Aegis' settings15:05:06
18 Mar 2023
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@chugclubbed:matrix.orgchugclubbedyou reckon I could run aegis on windows using an android emulator?04:10:57
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@sergi:tsanztrix.net@sergi:tsanztrix.netHellow Aegis auth doesnt have a linux app?22:58:21
19 Mar 2023
@alex:strugee.netAJ Jordan (he/him/they)nope00:46:42
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@krisu:matrix.orgkrisu (aegis-icons maintainer)https://matrix.to/#/!UFuOkykoOwSDiqXNMt:matrix.org/$ckfnE6E3HxdnjdEtrD9FqHz_V6thbTlVJuFatr1MtyM?via=matrix.org&via=privacytools.io&via=kde.org12:43:16
@krisu:matrix.orgkrisu (aegis-icons maintainer)Maybe Alex should add stickied issue about desktop apps, lol12:47:35
@krisu:matrix.orgkrisu (aegis-icons maintainer) * Maybe Alex should add stickied issue about Aegis not having or making official desktop apps, lol12:48:12
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20 Mar 2023
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21 Mar 2023
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23 Mar 2023
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26 Mar 2023
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27 Mar 2023
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31 Mar 2023
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