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23 Jul 2021
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24 Jul 2021
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25 Jul 2021
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26 Jul 2021
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@room Dendrite v0.4.1 is released!


  • Support for room version 7 has been added
  • Key notary support is now more complete, allowing Dendrite to be used as a notary server for looking up signing keys
  • State resolution v2 performance has been optimised further by caching the create event, power levels and join rules in memory instead of parsing them repeatedly
  • The media API now handles cases where the maximum file size is configured to be less than 0 for unlimited size
  • The initial_state in a /createRoom request is now respected when creating a room
  • Code paths for checking if servers are joined to rooms have been optimised significantly


  • A bug resulting in cannot xref null state block with snapshot during the new state storage migration has been fixed
  • Invites are now retired correctly when rejecting an invite from a remote server which is no longer reachable
  • The DNS cache cache_lifetime option is now handled correctly (contributed by S7evinK)
  • Invalid events in a room join response are now dropped correctly, rather than failing the entire join
  • The prev_state of an event will no longer be populated incorrectly to the state of the current event
  • Receiving an invite to an unsupported room version will now correctly return the M_UNSUPPORTED_ROOM_VERSION error code instead of M_BAD_JSON (contributed by meenal06)

Docker images will be available shortly.

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27 Jul 2021
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28 Jul 2021
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29 Jul 2021
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30 Jul 2021
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31 Jul 2021
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