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9 Jun 2024
@layla:beeper.comlaylai guess its good for me lol 😭18:41:01
@pinguin:matrix.teckids.orgPinguinyeah maybe18:42:29
@layla:beeper.comlaylaanother random thing, do you know if theres a way to see text sent with an image on fluffychat? its only showing me the image and not the message attached to it 😭18:43:24
@pinguin:matrix.teckids.orgPinguinlike in signal?18:44:33
@pinguin:matrix.teckids.orgPinguinbecause that doesnt work18:44:38
@pinguin:matrix.teckids.orgPinguinyou can only send an image and then seperatly your text18:45:07
@layla:beeper.comlaylaits not in signal but its through beepers bridge bot for instagram, so i assume that has the same issue lol18:45:37
@layla:beeper.comlaylathats fine its not too much of an issue 😭18:45:59
@daeluk:matrix.orgdaeluk (they/them) changed their display name from daeluk to daeluk (they/them).23:08:32
10 Jun 2024
@thibaultmartin:matrix.orgThib (m.org) changed their display name from Thib (m.org, away Fri 7) to Thib (m.org).07:09:01
11 Jun 2024
@materialistdanarchist:matrix.orgMaterialist Danarchist changed their display name from materialistdanarchist to Materialist Danarchist.04:50:33
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@pinguin:matrix.teckids.orgPinguinWell now it shows me every time the content15:39:18
@layla:beeper.comlaylait’s still only showing me the picture not text 😭15:41:06
@pinguin:matrix.teckids.orgPinguinoh noo16:17:09
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13 Jun 2024
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14 Jun 2024
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15 Jun 2024
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16 Jun 2024
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19 Jun 2024
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