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16 Jan 2021
@notramo:grin.hunotramoIt's simple.07:31:58
@notramo:grin.hunotramoAnd you don't have to delete your current account.07:32:08
@mbarbar:matrix.orgmbarbarFair, I'll try this coming week07:32:14
@notramo:grin.hunotramoIf the new account would fail, you could switch back to the current until you find better alternative.07:32:32
@notramo:grin.hunotramoThe best experiment is simply using it.07:32:46
@notramo:grin.hunotramoLonger time usage experience is the most reliable.07:33:01
@notramo:grin.hunotramo * The best experiment is simply using it.07:35:38
@mbarbar:matrix.orgmbarbarMm, true07:36:28
@notramo:grin.hunotramoThere is a tool for account moving.07:44:13
@notramo:grin.hunotramoRead it's description because it is an experimental tool.07:44:29
@notramo:grin.hunotramoI haven't tried it yet, so I don't know how it manages E2EE keys.07:46:01
@notramo:grin.hunotramoBest option is to export them to a manual backup and load that backup in the new account.07:46:45
@notramo:grin.hunotramo Settings -> Security & privacy -> Cryptography -> export 07:47:17
@mbarbar:matrix.orgmbarbarty for the heads up :)07:47:38
@solarkraft:matrix.orgPaul joined the room.11:45:45
@sam:envs.netSⱭM changed their display name from sɑm to sᴀm.15:11:48

lapingv755: thanks! Hoping to add support for verification / cross-signing in 0.1.7

Just a quick update. Took off a week of work the last of Dec work on the project and got sick / had terrible insomnia because of it (don't think it was COVID, i could smell and taste, just felt like a bad cold, been in full quarantine since March, no bubbles).

Didn't make a lot of progress until last week now that I'm feeling better. SSO works for login/signup through the login page only, and thus works for Mozilla SSO now. Cross server searches work by searching with the homeserver tagged at the end, such as "fun stuff:mozilla.org".

Working on allowing state events to show up, message replys, and a couple other requested/missing matrix specific features this weekend. will hopefully have the 0.1.6 build out next week.

0.1.7 will be solely cross-signing and e2ee key import/exports. Hoping to have that by the end of Feb if not earlier.

@jeybe:spootle.deJeybe joined the room.21:20:08
@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomeoooh, cross siging & verification sounds exciting!21:33:19
@mahdi1234:matrix.orgmahdidefinitely looking for that as well :)21:59:55
@jeybe:spootle.deJeybeHey all22:00:34
@jeybe:spootle.deJeybeStumbled across Syphon, the mission to provide an as easy to use messaging client as Signal is sounds great22:01:04
@jeybe:spootle.deJeybeWhat I didn't find in the Android client is the ability to join existing rooms, do I oversee this feature?22:01:49
@ereio:matrix.orgereio Jeybe: that's the cross server search I was referencing earlier. In version 0.1.5 and below, you can only join rooms on the homeserver you're signed in with (my bad there) 22:24:15
@jeybe:spootle.deJeybe @ereio:matrix.org cool, thanks for your feedback 22:28:30
@ereio:matrix.orgereioNo problem, thanks for your support! I'll post here when the 0.1.6 build is out.22:28:47
@ereio:matrix.orgereio * No problem, thanks for your support! I'll post here when the 0.1.6 build is out.22:28:58
17 Jan 2021
@sam:envs.netSⱭM changed their display name from sᴀm to Pavot[m].17:24:18
@sam:envs.netSⱭM changed their display name from Pavot[m] to SⱭM.18:02:58

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