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16 Dec 2018
17:08:59@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImieryou can also add it to the default mapping and make a PR
17:23:20@derivmug:matrix.orgderivmugI meant programatically. For now that would be the easiest way to join a room in the matrix app and reload everything
17:23:45@derivmug:matrix.orgderivmugI am also having a look at the matrix sdk now. Trying to make it easier to use for our project
17:27:12@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImier wow, that's cool!
17:27:31@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImierwhat do you think if we were to use F1 and F2 keys for a context menu instead?
17:27:41@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImier that menu could have a "join" entry
17:28:13@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImier there's a "Help" overlay in the main menu, noticed that?
17:28:18@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImier a "H" icon in the corner
17:28:31@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImier you can read a short summary by pressing "F5"
17:28:38@derivmug:matrix.orgderivmugyeah, i have seen that. Was wondering whether it was a bug xD
17:28:43@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImier it's a small object that attaches itself to the UI element
17:28:55@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImiernot intuitive, but I will add it to the first boot app
17:29:41@derivmug:matrix.orgderivmuggood idea though, providing help for each or some apps is a nice idea
17:29:43@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImierI plan to add a similar helper object for F1 and F2 keys
17:30:16@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImier not showing "help", but instead showing F1/F2 action names on the screen for a couple of seconds and then hiding them
17:30:19@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImierokay gtg
17:30:28@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImierwill be back in 20-30 minutes
17:47:40@louispi:matrix.orglouispi Oh sorry I don't know then =(
17:55:29@derivmug:matrix.orgderivmugno problem =) I forgot to mention it the first time
18:34:20@freenode_h0lylag:matrix.org@freenode_h0lylag:matrix.org joined the room.
20:52:59@freenode_Not-97e5:matrix.orgNot-97e5[ZeroPhone/ZPUI] CRImier pushed 1 commit to devel [+0/-0/±3] https://git.io/fpNbA
20:53:01@freenode_Not-97e5:matrix.orgNot-97e5[ZeroPhone/ZPUI] CRImier 393e3a8 - Adding an overlay for function keys; refactoring overlays to use generate_keymap, adding tests for the keymap generation
20:53:10@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImier derivmug, the overlay I've pushed will likely work for you
21:24:21@derivmug:matrix.orgderivmugok, thank you =)
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