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11 Dec 2019
14:19:21@hpagseddy:matrix.org@hpagseddy:matrix.orgI think something good is happening :)
14:25:47@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImier well, let's hope so =D
14:26:05@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImier my time management skills are a tad better now, I'd guess
14:26:11@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImierjust a tiny bit
14:27:20@freenode_CRImier:matrix.orgCRImier however, I do have a large TODO list, and there's only so much time in a day
15:36:23@hpagseddy:matrix.org@hpagseddy:matrix.orgDid you look at my repo btw?
12 Dec 2019
16:38:21@freenode_mmaret:matrix.orgmmaret left the room.
16:40:38@freenode_mmaret:matrix.orgmmaret joined the room.
16:46:06@freenode_mmaret:matrix.orgmmaret left the room.
17:00:26@freenode_mmaret:matrix.orgmmaret joined the room.
21:37:24@freenode_hramrach:matrix.orghramrachhm, ordered CP2102 form the Chinese nad received PCF8574
21:37:29@freenode_hramrach:matrix.orghramrach it's a nice small i2c GPIO expander
21:37:43@crimier:matrix.orgcrimierDIP or SMD?
21:37:43@freenode_hramrach:matrix.orghramrachwhy do you use the big one? need more pins?
21:38:03@freenode_hramrach:matrix.orghramrach it's a full breakout board with a SMD chip on it
21:38:11@crimier:matrix.orgcrimierif DIP, I can send you PCF8574 DIP breakouts, I have, like, 3 spare PCBs
21:38:13@crimier:matrix.orgcrimieroh, alright
21:38:26@crimier:matrix.orgcrimieryeah, I use the MCP23017 because we need 16 or so GPIOs
21:38:29@crimier:matrix.orgcrimiermore than 8
21:39:49@freenode_hramrach:matrix.orghramrachPCF8574T specifically
21:40:07@crimier:matrix.orgcrimierwhat's the T for?
21:40:16@crimier:matrix.orgcrimierSMD or DIP, or something else?
21:40:34@crimier:matrix.orgcrimierah, yeah, that's expected
21:41:19@freenode_hramrach:matrix.orghramrachthey even make one in SSOP20 with the remaining 4 pins unconnected
21:55:50@freenode_hramrach:matrix.orghramrach hm, it's application-specific interface board for connecting a 1602 over i2c
21:56:16@freenode_hramrach:matrix.orghramrachthe seller does not even offer it for sale but others do
22:45:06@crimier:matrix.orgcrimierah, makes sense
22:45:21@crimier:matrix.orgcrimieryou need to hack these boards a bit to get the full 8 bits out and get the INT pin

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