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16 May 2022
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga I find the hybrid weirdness very fun :D 19:03:32
      ⌽(⍎'¨')'abc' 'def'

Is a hyperator, anyone?
@_discord_651823008347979793:t2bot.ioAdám#2156 It sure does return a (normal, non-hybrid) operator! 19:04:25
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga I haven't seen that before 19:04:55
@_discord_651823008347979793:t2bot.ioAdám#2156 Another one for your collection of party tricks. 19:05:09
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga /(⍎'{+⍺⍺⍵}')⍳5 is sadly a syntax error 19:06:33
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga I suppose that's due to user-defined operators being 5th class, or whatever 19:07:13
@eris:chat.unix.lgbteris5th class?19:07:25
@_discord_651823008347979793:t2bot.ioAdám#2156 Refers to a table I once made. 19:07:43
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga There's a hierarchy of what "objects" in APL can be returned from/are capable of. User-defined operators are at the bottom 19:08:38
@_discord_651823008347979793:t2bot.ioAdám#2156 … dyadic… 19:09:01
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga Yes.. 19:09:04
@_discord_651823008347979793:t2bot.ioAdám#2156 Actually, aren't primitive dyadic operators even lower? 19:09:44
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga I don't recall that being the case 19:12:37
@_discord_651823008347979793:t2bot.ioAdám#2156 Since name←user_defined_dyadic_operator is valid, but name←⍣ isn't. 19:12:41
@_discord_651823008347979793:t2bot.ioAdám#2156 And even lower is the specific dyadic operator . since name←⍣something is valid but name←.something isn't. 19:12:45
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga Nevermind! It works. I was just using TryAPL, where it doesn't 19:12:47
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga :D 19:12:49
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga My knowledge here is non-existent, if only I had a handy table.. 19:12:59

here you go:

@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga /(⍎'{⍺⍺(⍎''{+⍺⍺ ⍵}'')⍵}')⍳5 19:14:36
@_discord_651823008347979793:t2bot.ioAdám#2156 On your way to an operator quine? 19:15:49
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga heh... 19:16:01
@dzaima:matrix.orgdzaima Adám#2156 (that table) 19:19:52
@_discord_651823008347979793:t2bot.ioAdám#2156 Announcement: I just listed a dozen job positions at SimCorp that involve APL. Hurry up — some have a deadline for applications! https://apl.wiki/Talk:Jobs#Needed:_APL_programmers_in_various_locations_.28added:_2022-05-16.29 20:38:14
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawaggaRedacted or Malformed Event20:55:10
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawaggaRedacted or Malformed Event20:55:10
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawaggaRedacted or Malformed Event20:55:33
@_discord_103603614727032832:t2bot.ioandreypopp one role is OCaml + APL — a dream 21:37:27
@_discord_651823008347979793:t2bot.ioAdám#2156 I think a few of them are. They probably all work on a single technology stack. 21:39:42

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