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27 Sep 2022
In reply to @_discord_326519812820041731:t2bot.io
with the jot dot kinda thing it's kinda inconsistent with the other dot products, right?
it was supposed to be a special case of something more general with jot as a synonym for 0, but ended up like this. i'd change it.
@ktyye:matrix.orgktyye loke: here you go: https://ktye.github.io/zoo/#kap 18:53:25
@_discord_326519812820041731:t2bot.ioTortus LMAOOO 19:09:29
@_discord_326519812820041731:t2bot.ioTortus I was thinking it was a bit weird lol 19:09:39
@_discord_651823008347979793:t2bot.ioAdám#2156 Something like ọ would have been nice, but that doesn't exist. 19:42:14
@_discord_326519812820041731:t2bot.ioTortus Sadge 19:44:22
In reply to @dzaima:matrix.org
(dzaima/APL uses only because I thought it was but it's not)
Now I know why it does not use .
@suhr:matrix.orgsuhrIs the same true for BQN?20:19:24
@dzaima:matrix.orgdzaima BQN uses for Table 20:20:57
@suhr:matrix.orgsuhr I mean, not being in BQN. 20:21:37
@mlochbaum:matrix.orgMarshall No, Under is a close enough relative of both compositions and . The computational form is {𝔾⁼∘𝔽○𝔾}. 20:26:56
@suhr:matrix.orgsuhrI see. Not a great choice for small font size though.20:29:58
@wezl_:matrix.orgWezlthat was what I was thinking. I tried fitting it in 5x9 bitmap and it did not work20:50:55
@wezl_:matrix.orgWezlI mean, I appreciate the patterns that the BQN character set has, so it's probably unicode's fault20:51:32
@wezl_:matrix.orgWezlthey could have made it more convenient to have meaningful characters that were also low on detail :P20:52:08
@_discord_886588197562363944:t2bot.ioTrouble "Perigord" Truffle#4324 changed their profile picture.21:06:29
@_discord_435939911455997952:t2bot.iochicken is it possible to read all of stdin into a variable? 23:06:52
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga From the session/under program control it's: var ← ⍞ 23:52:06
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga As a script you presumably need ⎕arbin 23:52:25
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga Nevermind, the original suggestion applies there too. 23:54:25
@_discord_125549206139174912:t2bot.iorak1507#1964 that doesn't read all of stdin 23:55:50
@_discord_125549206139174912:t2bot.iorak1507#1964 just one line 23:56:21
@_discord_968170383259873331:t2bot.ioawagga I thought \n terminated streams /shrug 23:57:33
28 Sep 2022
In reply to @ktyye:matrix.org
loke: here you go: https://ktye.github.io/zoo/#kap
Cool, thanks a lot. This is pretty neat.
@_discord_886588197562363944:t2bot.ioTrouble "Perigord" Truffle#4324 changed their profile picture.02:34:25
@_discord_435939911455997952:t2bot.iochickenRedacted or Malformed Event04:37:30
@_discord_435939911455997952:t2bot.iochickenRedacted or Malformed Event04:38:28
@loke:dhsdevelopments.comloke ktyye: Thanks to you including the sizes, I note that kap is much larger than kap :-) 09:36:58
@loke:dhsdevelopments.comloke * ktyye: Thanks to you including the sizes, I note that kap is much larger than bqn :-) 09:37:06
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