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28 Mar 2020
16:22:28@fredl-test-admin:fairydust.spacefredl-test-admin joined the room.
16:23:02@fredl-test-admin:fairydust.spacefredl-test-admin left the room.
29 Mar 2020
17:43:58@qchen:matrix.orgqchen changed their display name from Qchen to qchen.
21:21:18@fredl:fairydust.spacefredl joined the room.
22:14:48@MacLemon:maclemon.atMacLemonchanged room power levels.
30 Mar 2020
07:47:04@pascoda:fairydust.spacepascoda joined the room.
08:32:02@pascoda:fairydust.spacepascoda set a profile picture.
16:25:31@drretro:fairydust.spacedrretro joined the room.
5 Apr 2020
18:08:13@Fredl:matrix.org@Fredl:matrix.org left the room.
18:13:48@pascoda:matrix.org@pascoda:matrix.org left the room.
6 Apr 2020
20:27:16@rumo:fairydust.spaceWalter joined the room.
8 Apr 2020
04:35:49@cambid83:matrix.org@cambid83:matrix.org changed their display name from cambid83 to cambid83 (Old).
04:36:51@cambid83:matrix.org@cambid83:matrix.org invited @cambid83:fairydust.spacecambid83.
04:36:52@cambid83:fairydust.spacecambid83 joined the room.
04:49:30@cambid83:matrix.org@cambid83:matrix.org left the room.
19:33:58@saltysolomon:fairydust.spacesaltysolomon joined the room.

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