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1 Jan 2021
@mwehrmann:matrix.orgMax Wehrmann joined the room.16:16:41
@mwehrmann:matrix.orgMax Wehrmann joined the room.16:43:56
@mwehrmann:matrix.orgMax Wehrmann joined the room.17:01:24
3 Jan 2021
@mwehrmann:matrix.orgMax Wehrmann left the room.15:16:30
6 Jan 2021
@selator:fairydust.spaceselator joined the room.17:56:38
9 Jan 2021
@oramol:hacknesium.deoramol joined the room.20:21:51
@oramol:hacknesium.deoramol set a profile picture.20:28:40
11 Jan 2021
@lostinweb:fairydust.spaceLostInWeb joined the room.21:00:31
16 Jan 2021
@brownsen:matrix.orgbrownsen left the room.19:24:07
25 Jan 2021
@grumi:matrix.orggrumi joined the room.23:39:59
@grumi:matrix.orggrumi left the room.23:51:00
26 Jan 2021
@nionia:matrix.orgnionia joined the room.11:54:43
28 Jan 2021
@sophie:fairydust.spacesophie joined the room.19:59:47
6 Feb 2021
@tannoura:matrix.orgtannoura joined the room.02:53:01
@tannoura:matrix.orgtannoura left the room.02:53:44
8 Feb 2021
@fredl:fairydust.spacefredl changed their profile picture.08:46:51
12 Feb 2021
@freelikeinfreedom:matrix.orgtxmr changed their display name from txmr to Meister Eder.08:36:12
13 Feb 2021
@freelikeinfreedom:matrix.orgtxmr changed their display name from Meister Eder to txmr.15:42:20
15 Feb 2021
@an-vi:matrix.organvi invited @anvi:fairydust.spaceanvi.19:27:44
@anvi:fairydust.spaceanvi joined the room.19:33:35
@an-vi:matrix.organvi left the room.19:34:30
16 Feb 2021
@pedro:nltrix.net@pedro:nltrix.net 07:39:11
@pedro:nltrix.net@pedro:nltrix.net removed their display name pedro.07:40:09
@axel:nltrix.net@axel:nltrix.net removed their display name axel.07:59:04
@pedro:nltrix.net@pedro:nltrix.net left the room.07:59:35
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@yuna:matrix.orgLaptoplove changed their display name from yuna to Laptoplove.11:48:07
17 Feb 2021
@mobase:matrix.orgmobase joined the room.20:10:30
@mobase:matrix.orgmobase left the room.21:02:24
19 Feb 2021
@eest9:cyber-missile.ioeest9 (er/ihm | they/them) changed their profile picture.17:47:12

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