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2 Aug 2022
@MacLemon:maclemon.atMacLemon banned @zip1203:matrix.org@zip1203:matrix.org (posting spam/fraud/malware links).20:32:03
5 Aug 2022
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7 Aug 2022
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10 Aug 2022
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@le1039dxl12:matrix.org@le1039dxl12:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event04:33:17
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28 Aug 2022
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@qch3n:fairydust.spaceqchen banned @briggssaint446:matrix.org@briggssaint446:matrix.org (Crypto Spam).09:22:50
29 Aug 2022
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15 Sep 2022
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16 Sep 2022
@saltysolomon:fairydust.spacesaltysolomon invited @stice:fairydust.spacestice.13:01:50
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18 Sep 2022
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29 Sep 2022
@uniq:matrix.orguniq changed their display name from michael to uniq.20:32:33
30 Sep 2022
@pascoda:fairydust.spacepascoda (sie/ihr, she/her) changed their profile picture.10:00:03
16 Oct 2022
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17 Oct 2022
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22 Oct 2022
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11 Nov 2022
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20 Nov 2022
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22 Nov 2022
@rolo:fairydust.spacerolo changed their profile picture.23:15:32

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