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18 Apr 2021
@freenode_bewees:matrix.orgbeweesim not selling yet09:35:56
@freenode_bewees:matrix.orgbeweesi trust in my own stupidity and the peoples09:36:11
@freenode_Kramer007:matrix.orgKramer007I just picked up everything I sold last night09:36:13
@freenode_bewees:matrix.orgbewees its dangerous to buy in a "new bear" 09:37:31
@freenode_bewees:matrix.orgbeweesi always prefer to wait the bear out09:37:40
@freenode_bewees:matrix.orgbeweeseven if I lose certain profit09:37:54
@freenode_kico:matrix.orgkico joined the room.09:38:11
@freenode_Kramer007:matrix.orgKramer007 monero is in a bull, we're going to new highs 09:38:19
@freenode_bewees:matrix.orgbeweescould go as low as 38k09:38:24
@freenode_Kramer007:matrix.orgKramer007 yup, that's my target as well 09:38:34
@freenode_monerobux:matrix.orgmonerobux1 XMR = $12,345 USD (Offer valid in participating locations)09:38:56
@freenode_bewees:matrix.orgbeweesif BTC stabilizes tonight09:39:01
@freenode_Kramer007:matrix.orgKramer007monero will top in the next 2-4 weeks09:39:06
@freenode_bewees:matrix.orgbeweesi will buy some BTC and XMR09:39:06
@freenode_monerobux:matrix.orgmonerobuxLast XMR/BTC trade at 0.005748 on 20446.75 24 h XMR volume. Last XMR/USD trade at 313.46 on 38858.09 24 h XMR volume. Last XMR/EUR trade at 264.52 on 18053.00 24 h XMR volume.09:39:26
@freenode_DaveyJones:matrix.orgDaveyJonesBTC still steals our show on our birthday :-p09:40:12
@freenode_Kramer007:matrix.orgKramer007 I'll be a happy man when vet is floored 09:40:15
@freenode_Kramer007:matrix.orgKramer007can someone just dump that utter crap?09:40:25
@freenode_bewees:matrix.orgbeweesthis is one of the days you have to check every 15 mins the price of BTC, going to use a price notifier09:41:07
@freenode_selsta:matrix.orgselsta.pap nano09:42:55
@freenode_monerobux:matrix.orgmonerobux Nano (NANO) is #59 by marketcap ($1.71e+09), trading at $12.8341 with a 24h vol of $2.33e+09. It's changed 11.58% over 24h, 117.6% over 7d, 160.89% over 30d, and 2221.47% over 1y with an ath of $37.6212 on 2018-01-02T06:39:00Z. 09:42:57
@freenode_Deven80Ritchie:matrix.org@freenode_Deven80Ritchie:matrix.org joined the room.10:18:19
@freenode_Deven80Ritchie:matrix.org@freenode_Deven80Ritchie:matrix.org left the room.10:25:36
@freenode_dEBRUYNE:matrix.orgdEBRUYNEMeeting at 17:00 UTC today re: Triptych (in #monero-dev)10:31:53
@freenode_monerobux:matrix.orgmonerobuxLast XMR/BTC trade at 0.005716 on 20276.03 24 h XMR volume. Last XMR/USD trade at 314.67 on 38176.32 24 h XMR volume. Last XMR/EUR trade at 266.16 on 18122.96 24 h XMR volume.10:38:29

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