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24 May 2020
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In reply to @dylanvanassche:dylanvanassche.be
I have some experience with the GPS from enabling it on Sailfish OS.
What's the stack Mobian likes to use? I used in Sailfish OS gpsd to connect to the GPS device and get NMEA messages.
Sailfish OS uses an outdated geoclue1 version on top of gpsd, but not sure what Mobian wants to use
That's good to know, thanks! As already pointed out, we use ModemManager and geoclue-2.0 to get GPS data, but I never really dived into how this all works. It's just a matter of time before we get to it and (hopefully) make it work as expected ;)
25 May 2020
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10:11:03@nivea:matrix.orgniveaWill the GPS time signal be used to verify/update the system time? That is, unless ntp is available or so?
10:14:28@nivea:matrix.orgniveaGPS time is useful even when the reception is insufficient for accurate positioning
10:17:44@pawpawuff:matrix.orgpawpawuffwhy not
10:19:42@pawpawuff:matrix.orgpawpawuffcan try it now if youre inclined to get your hands dirty and script up something
10:26:31@pawpawuff:matrix.orgpawpawuffget a working example then i guess figure out how to incorporate a button in phosh's settings to make it so
15:47:35@nivea:matrix.orgniveaThx, will have a look once the hardware is here :)
16:16:49@McSinyx:matrix.orgMcSinyxnot sure if we have a logo but feel free to adapt from this
16:46:53@newton688:matrix.orgnewton688This page looks pretty old, but there's one person listed as having a PP. https://wiki.debian.org/Mobile
17:27:36@newton688:matrix.orgnewton688Does anyone know what's happening with the camera these days? Last I heard it could be invoked with some command-line scripting. Can it be invoked from cheese yet?
17:54:08@federico.ceratto:matrix.orgfederico3 nivea: you might want to use chrony for that
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26 May 2020
07:03:11@archanox:matrix.orgPierceIs there a release log for the updates that get pushed out? I saw mobian-tweaks was pushed out last night. I just wish I knew which new stuff I can play around with 😅
07:12:49@a-wai:matrix.orga-wai Pierce there is not centralized changelog as each package is updated one at a time, but you can check individual changelogs in /usr/share/doc/<package>/changelog.gz or directly in the debian/changelog file of the package repo under https://gitlab.com/mobian1/
07:15:27@archanox:matrix.orgPierceNice, thank you @a-wai
07:36:10@rico542:matrix.orgRicoapt-get changelog pkgname should also work
07:40:08@rico542:matrix.orgRicoNot sure if you need to run apt update before.. i don't think so. I think it really download the changelog when you need it.
07:53:45@ivanb1975:matrix.orgivanb1975I noticed that trying to save images to filesystem from different programs (I tried from telegram and Geary) led to the freezing of those programs. I had to kill them from command line.
07:54:28@ivanb1975:matrix.orgivanb1975I am running from sd card latest update
09:30:58@anonhat:matrix.organonhatIs your SD card being over-utilized? Check your SD card's read/write performance to see if that's the issue.
10:46:55@federico.ceratto:matrix.orgfederico3 Rico: apt-get changelog reads /usr/share/doc/<pkgname>/changelog.Debian.gz
11:26:11@rico542:matrix.orgRicoReally... I trust you, but i'll check that after work ;)
12:48:59@ivanb1975:matrix.orgivanb1975626 Mbytes available
12:49:06@ivanb1975:matrix.orgivanb1975should be enough

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