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8 Aug 2020
@mikegeorge:matrix.orgmikegeorgeI think a lot of people are having a similar issue.21:13:10
@mikegeorge:matrix.orgmikegeorgeDoes it sleep correctly the first time after a reboot?21:13:13
@mikegeorge:matrix.orgmikegeorge(Mine usually only sleeps correctly the first time)21:13:27
@ni9el:matrix.orgni9elinteresting, just rebooted, unlocked it and then put it to sleep. will see what happens21:16:17
@oxwivi:matrix.orgteh 1 Sebastian Krzyszkowiak: can you please make squeeekboard full width at scale 1 again? Or rather full width at all scales. 21:16:18
@ni9el:matrix.orgni9elso is this an issue on mobian or other distros too, or pinephone?21:17:53
@sebastian.krzyszkowiak:talk.puri.smSebastian KrzyszkowiakI'm not working on squeekboard. as far as I know, the scaling has been changed to workaround some other bug, so you likely just have to revert recent changes and use that build locally if you do some weird things like using the phone with scale=121:18:56
In reply to @mikegeorge:matrix.org
https://wiki.mobian-project.org/doku.php?id=troubleshooting#cellular-connection-stops-working-if-enabled-disabled-in-settings Entry added. It could probably use some editing.
Good section. Minor typo in nmcli name: "sudo mncli c del NAME"
@rhicks:matrix.orgrhicks ni9el: Not sure. I opened a ticket on it. It seems to be mobian issue. I haven't noticed in UBports or PMos but I haven't used either as much as I have mobian. Despite it, mobian is still my prefered distro right now. My CE seem to go through phases where it doesn't sleep very well and requires me to repeatedly command it to do so. But I generally get better than 4 hours out of it. Are you using latest images? 21:21:32
In reply to @tahayassen:matrix.org
Good section. Minor typo in nmcli name: "sudo mncli c del NAME"
Noticed it as well. mikegeorge That write up seems to have helped my data connection as well.
@mikegeorge:matrix.orgmikegeorgeTypo fixed.21:24:04
@tahayassen:matrix.orgTaha rhicks: after waking up the phone from sleep, try opening a terminal, running sudo nmtui and disabling and enabling your modem data network interface 21:24:20
@mikegeorge:matrix.orgmikegeorge teh 1: Did you ever get squeekboard to build? 21:25:12
@ni9el:matrix.orgni9elRedacted or Malformed Event21:26:40
@sebastian.krzyszkowiak:talk.puri.smSebastian Krzyszkowiak teh 1: have you filled a ticket? 21:26:54
@ni9el:matrix.orgni9el rhicks: Im on 20200716, should I try nightly? 21:28:05
@rhicks:matrix.orgrhicksYeah. I would give it a try. I have been using nightly some of the older images seem to give me problem. But if you have been updating I //think// it will be the same as the nightly image. Not sure. For a while I wasn't using apt upgrade because I was worried about breakage, but haven't been experiencing that. Maybe some correct me on that. There was a change fairly recently that seemed to give me much better life out of the battery too.21:30:47
@oxwivi:matrix.orgteh 1
In reply to @mikegeorge:matrix.org
teh 1: Did you ever get squeekboard to build?
No, did not anything with my phone today.
@oxwivi:matrix.orgteh 1
In reply to @sebastian.krzyszkowiak:talk.puri.sm
teh 1: have you filled a ticket?
@blihp:matrix.orgblihpni9el: I think that was right around the time crust (deep sleep support) was added so if you're missing that, that would be a problem too21:56:53
@kop316:matrix.orgkop316so I can confirm that phone calls coing in work with deep sleep. I actually had a spam call and I left my pinephone on. At first I was very confused as to why I was hearing a ringing noise, and it took me a little bit to realize it was the pinephone22:21:45
@kop316:matrix.orgkop316this may be the most excited I have gotten to get a spam call22:22:03
@jed:privacytools.iojedcrust is pretty darn good. if they can expose that functionality for other applications (e.g. periodic push notifications) that'd be great22:27:24
@kop316:matrix.orgkop316yeah I am pretty impressed22:27:43
@jed:privacytools.iojedexcluding battery life during operation, the pinephone is daily driver material for me22:29:24
@jed:privacytools.iojedthose involved with developing software / firmware for the pinephone have done a fantastic job in a short time22:29:59
@rhicks:matrix.orgrhicksIt is my daily driver for the most part, I am not a heavy phone user. The one big thing for me is how timers and alarms are a bit unreliable, crust seem to stop the timer from checking or continuing countdown.22:32:35
9 Aug 2020
@newton688:matrix.orgnewton688I added an app entry for the celluloid video player, which is a small gnome wrapper for mpv. It almost works with some tweaking. The colour channel issue has a workaround. There's some video hopping problems to be worked out. Details are here: https://wiki.mobian-project.org/doku.php?id=celluloid01:51:52
@oxwivi:matrix.orgteh 1
In reply to @oxwivi:matrix.org
No, did not anything with my phone today.
Got the last version working again.

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