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6 Dec 2023
@eccentricsage:matrix.org@eccentricsage:matrix.organd whenever next level scifi civilizations hot ass women set foot on the forbidden planet of dumb gay fags.. the most next level fags ever somehow completely render all hot ass women defenseless23:59:06
7 Dec 2023
@eccentricsage:matrix.org@eccentricsage:matrix.orgno intelligent life would dare set foot on that planet.. so all these bosses that hate people try have them transferred to work some trivial tasks and shit over there00:00:05
@eccentricsage:matrix.org@eccentricsage:matrix.orglike 'oh that guy... hmm. lets send him over to the sales and warehousing division thats a team of 1 staff member and zero products and supplies and he just waits for inventory to arrive forever00:01:14
@eccentricsage:matrix.org@eccentricsage:matrix.orgin 'the most forbidden zone ever' and give him commission based income00:01:32
@eccentricsage:matrix.org@eccentricsage:matrix.organd all these angry lesbians making a protect all female life defense force and gathering in huge numbers to wreck astrogaylia australia00:04:17
@eccentricsage:matrix.org@eccentricsage:matrix.orgsee all these lesbians with their scifi lesbian phone apps to tell each other what they had for lunch on facebook weeks in advance00:05:30
@eccentricsage:matrix.org@eccentricsage:matrix.orgall these countless app icons with lesbian icons like ellen degenerous with listings like "lesbians hotter than ellen degenerous"00:06:18
@eccentricsage:matrix.org@eccentricsage:matrix.orgwith their lesbian martial arts way of the one true fist! they got like a megaman gauntlet on and do the megaman hold their elbow like charging up a blast00:07:56
@eccentricsage:matrix.org@eccentricsage:matrix.orghave all these cheesy megaman youtube songs in it and stuff 00:08:37
@eccentricsage:matrix.org@eccentricsage:matrix.orgokusenman and airman ga taosenai00:09:02
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8 Dec 2023
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10 Dec 2023
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11 Dec 2023
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12 Dec 2023
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14 Dec 2023
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15 Dec 2023
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16 Dec 2023
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19 Dec 2023
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21 Dec 2023
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25 Dec 2023
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29 Dec 2023
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30 Dec 2023
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3 Jan 2024
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23 Feb 2024

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