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21 Jun 2021
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@juniperlion:matrix.orgjuniperlionAnyone have a recommendation for free college text books?18:14:32
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In reply to @juniperlion:matrix.org
Anyone have a recommendation for free college text books?
22 Jun 2021
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@june69:matrix.orgrandomHello, I'm having trouble connecting to i2p sites on linux. the status is firewalled , and when I'm trying to connect to i2p sites I get a 403 error 13:01:28
@mark22k:tchncs.demark22kHave you configured the browser to use the I2P proxy? Which I2P site did you try to go to? Do you only get a 403 error or a page about it (sometimes the server version is below)?13:16:24
@june69:matrix.orgrandomI only Get 403 error while trying to go to any i2p site. For example: http://i2pwiki.i2p/ . I configured the browser. 13:20:17
@june69:matrix.orgrandom mark22k: 👆️ 13:20:38
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