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30 Apr 2022
@duck1123:matrix.orgDuck NebuchadnezzarLn+ is a great way to bootstrap some liquidity quickly 13:18:28
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@cadrotispo:matrix.orgcadrotispoHoly shit getting raped by this price action23:44:28
1 May 2022
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2 May 2022
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3 May 2022
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4 May 2022
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5 May 2022
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6 May 2022
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8 May 2022

I do not like bluewallet.
I ended up being given the wallet that I was buying from. Bluewallet specifically wants an invoice, it won't let me open a channel, because it is very Apple.
So I am trying to use a swap service to convert the lightning funds to bitcoin funds, and I figure that in the process I can move them to my electrum wallet.
Next problem: Units. flyp.me has a conversion rate from lightning BTC to BTC of about 0.99, but the bluewallet holds 97k sats in lightning. What does that actually mean? Can I just convert the number manually and invoice for that much instead? (eg. one LBTC, or LNX as flyp calls it, equals 1m sats or so?)


I found flyp via swapzone.io, which doesn't seem to recognise any other kind of lightning.


Duh, apparently yes: https://topbitcoinbuyer.com/2021/03/04/what-is-the-lightning-network/

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9 May 2022
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10 May 2022
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12 May 2022
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13 May 2022
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15 May 2022
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18 May 2022
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