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16 Sep 2022
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17 Sep 2022
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21 Sep 2022
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22 Sep 2022
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23 Sep 2022
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24 Sep 2022
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25 Sep 2022
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26 Sep 2022
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27 Sep 2022
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28 Sep 2022
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Heads up folks:

Developers of the open source Matrix messenger protocol are releasing an update on Thursday to fix critical end-to-end encryption vulnerabilities that subvert the confidentiality and authentication guarantees...
Besides updating Element, people will also want to install patches for Beeper, Cinny, SchildiChat, Circuli, Synod.im, and any other clients based on matrix-js-sdk, matrix-ios-sdk, or matrix-android-sdk2. It's important to install the fixes first and only then perform the verification with new devices.


@gamaflow900:matrix.orggamaflow900Thanka fot the heads up, and hope yoi will accept that I have passed on the information 🥌17:51:08
@gamaflow900:matrix.orggamaflow900* Thanka fot the heads up, and hope you will accept that I have passed on the information 🥌17:51:18
29 Sep 2022
@gamaflow900:matrix.orggamaflow900* Thanks fot the heads up, and hope you will accept that I have passed on the information 🥌20:31:08
30 Sep 2022
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4 Oct 2022
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5 Oct 2022
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