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3 Jan 2020
18:59:01@michkapaddington:matrix.orgmichkapaddington joined the room.
4 Jan 2020
03:25:23@hieda:matrix.org稗田あけおめ~~ (超遅い)
18:33:00@Densuke:matrix.org@Densuke:matrix.org left the room.
5 Jan 2020
16:19:10@apublic:matrix.orgapublic joined the room.
6 Jan 2020
11:01:11@pika_pu:matrix.orgpika_pu joined the room.
9 Jan 2020
11:20:29@sksk3:matrix.orgsksk3 joined the room.
18:38:53@mr.cat:matrix.orgMr.Cat joined the room.
21:59:23@mr.cat:matrix.orgMr.Cat set a profile picture.
10 Jan 2020
17:43:03@mr.cat:matrix.orgMr.Cat changed their display name from mr.cat to Mr.Cat.
12 Jan 2020
15:49:24@xiaomi_1996:matrix.orgxiaomi_1996 joined the room.
15 Jan 2020
13:59:24@nobbele:matrix.orgnobbele joined the room.
19 Jan 2020
09:19:14@kaitejasvem:matrix.orgkaitejasvem joined the room.
14:17:02@kaitejasvem:matrix.orgkaitejasvem left the room.
20 Jan 2020
11:14:40@miruca:matrix.orgmiruca joined the room.
11:15:08@miruca:matrix.orgmirucaoh froople
11:15:15@miruca:matrix.orgmirucai'm sorry for joined
11:15:29@miruca:matrix.orgmiruca left the room.
12:18:18@froople:matrix.orgfroopleI hope miruca joins again. He's got the impression that I don't like him for some reason... 😕
14:48:58@Diz:matrix.orgDizwhy you in particular?
14:58:19@froople:matrix.orgfroopleWe talked a few months ago and he thought I'd been ignoring him since then. I hope he'll be okay
15:23:33@Diz:matrix.orgDizwell he performed a fly-by greeting, usually those people have some sort of attention deficit and it's obnoxious to talk to them
15:26:46@froople:matrix.orgfroopleSure. I do still feel for people like that, though.
21 Jan 2020
09:15:36@shefa98:matrix.orgebacha joined the room.
23 Jan 2020
15:01:29@lorace:matrix.orgloracediscid.disc.TOCError: Illegal track limits
15:01:35@lorace:matrix.orgloracewrong chan
25 Jan 2020
07:58:46@alain001:matrix.orgalain001 joined the room.

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