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12 Dec 2022
@sashin:matrix.orgsashinHello everyone!17:33:33
@sashin:matrix.orgsashinIs this server alive?17:33:40
13 Dec 2022
@fiveseven:matrix.orgDale Gribbleno02:45:15
@sashin:matrix.orgsashinoh no03:08:53
In reply to @sashin:matrix.org
Is this server alive?
join #djtspace:g33k.se
16 Dec 2022
@via:the-apothecary.clubvia (it/its/its) ONLY changed their display name from via (it/its) to via (it/its/its) ONLY.04:53:11
22 Dec 2022
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24 Dec 2022
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26 Dec 2022
@via:the-apothecary.clubvia (it/its/its) ONLYdoes anyone know if mozc sends data to google?13:55:38
27 Dec 2022
@abbe:badti.meabbe changed their profile picture.18:15:25
29 Dec 2022
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31 Dec 2022
@backfliptildeps:matrix.org@backfliptildeps:matrix.org changed their display name from backfliptildeps \~$ to \~$.09:30:02
10 Jan 2023
@tuiteru:matrix.orgtuiteru joined the room.09:08:21
12 Jan 2023
@sashin:matrix.orgsashin> > <@sashin:matrix.org> Is this server alive? > > join #djtspace:g33k.se That's the Learn Japanese Daily room right?18:50:56
@sashin:matrix.orgsashinit's not working for me18:51:01
@sashin:matrix.orgsashinmy messages disappear18:51:07
In reply to @sashin:matrix.org
my messages disappear
I don't think that's possible
@tatsumoto:g33k.se達元If you write a message, it should be sent18:53:58
@sashin:matrix.orgsashinI also see nothing in the room18:54:51
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21 Jan 2023
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23 Jan 2023
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24 Jan 2023
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25 Jan 2023
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26 Jan 2023
@doth:x0p.itDoth joined the room.14:27:52
In reply to @sashin:matrix.org
sent an image.
you need a client that supports spaces
@doth:x0p.itDothlike element or schilichat14:33:56

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