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26 Jan 2021
* @kuuru:midov.plkuuru sends snowfall ❄11:02:04
@bananao:matrix.orgbananasRedacted or Malformed Event11:02:18
@bananao:matrix.orgbananascan't do on Android11:03:08
@kuuru:midov.plkuuruhave you tried putting /html before it?11:03:37
@bananao:matrix.orgbananasyes, that gives me error11:03:53
@kuuru:midov.plkuuruwell you can probably do /rainbow11:04:37
* @kuuru:midov.plkuuru test 11:04:45
@bananao:matrix.orgbananas 11:05:32
@bananao:matrix.orgbananasI saw a video of Sora the Troll and now I'm feeling bad to want learn Japanese, because I don't learn Japanese to tell Japanese they are bad at Japanese. Neither want to know a little of a language, even though I know a lot of people do this12:41:31
@bananao:matrix.orgbananasI can't stop laughing, but the feeling is true12:42:33
@kuuru:midov.plkuuruwho cares about the intent tbh, as long as you want it like it and are having fun12:45:52
@amiya:beerfactory.orgAmiya the Dark Arts Bunny W a t a m e 12:47:08
@amiya:beerfactory.orgAmiya the Dark Arts Bunny * W a t a m e 12:47:35
@kuuru:midov.plkuuruw a r u k u n a i12:47:32
@kuuru:midov.plkuuruy o n e12:47:38
In reply to @amiya:beerfactory.org
W a t a m e
@amiya:beerfactory.orgAmiya the Dark Arts BunnyThat’s the name of the girl in the sticker12:49:24
@amiya:beerfactory.orgAmiya the Dark Arts Bunny^ 12:49:52
@bananao:matrix.orgbananasI'll pretend I did not read that word12:50:52
In reply to @bumblehead:matrix.org
In reply to @fiveseven:matrix.org
because it sucks
Tried busuu?
@Ninmi:matrix.orgNinmiwhat's the official unofficial vtuber Element room18:44:18

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