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2 Oct 2018
03:43:04@makoto1984:matrix.org@makoto1984:matrix.org joined the room.
20 Oct 2018
20:48:11@SteveGates:matrix.orgAscended_Penguin changed their profile picture.
26 Oct 2018
03:45:14@makoto1984:matrix.org@makoto1984:matrix.org left the room.
17:57:18@Kareema:matrix.orgMark Müller joined the room.
15 Nov 2018
06:13:56@morokaut:matrix.orgmorokaut joined the room.
18 Nov 2018
10:45:00@arayasouren:matrix.orgarayasouren joined the room.
26 Nov 2018
06:39:27@aviraldg:matrix.orgaviraldg joined the room.
2 Dec 2018
00:39:15@robzon:matrix.orgrobzon joined the room.
3 Dec 2018
08:21:12@Zydokomuna:matrix.orgInny changed their profile picture.
9 Dec 2018
11:49:36@bgbraze:matrix.orgbg joined the room.
12:22:25@bgbraze:matrix.orgbg changed their display name from bgbraze to bg.
19 Dec 2018
01:57:41@onewasjohnny:matrix.orgonewasjohnny joined the room.
27 Dec 2018
05:06:38@elonsatoshi:disroot.org@elonsatoshi:disroot.org left the room.
29 Dec 2018
12:53:33@arayasouren:matrix.orgarayasouren changed their display name from arayasouren to souren_araya.
12:58:02@arayasouren:matrix.orgarayasouren changed their display name from souren_araya to arayasouren.
2 Jan 2019
22:14:40@durtess:matrix.org@durtess:matrix.org left the room.
16 Jan 2019
22:31:18@elyon:matrix.org@elyon:matrix.org joined the room.
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23 Jan 2019
07:26:16@johndoe2222:matrix.orgjohndoe2222 joined the room.
27 Jan 2019
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23:22:54@covered:matrix.org@covered:matrix.org changed their display name from Covered to <Covered>.
23:23:23@covered:matrix.org@covered:matrix.org changed their display name from <Covered> to Covered.
23:49:04@covered:matrix.org@covered:matrix.org changed their display name from Covered to Covered[m]1.
23:49:59@covered:matrix.org@covered:matrix.org changed their display name from Covered[m]1 to Covered.
28 Jan 2019
01:00:09@covered:matrix.org@covered:matrix.org changed their display name from Covered to aa.
01:00:23@covered:matrix.org@covered:matrix.org changed their display name from aa to Covered.
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1 Feb 2019
11:13:12@akash:feneas.org@akash:feneas.org joined the room.
12:01:36@akash:feneas.org@akash:feneas.org left the room.
15 Feb 2019
13:41:20@jsonw543:matrix.orgjsonw543 joined the room.

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