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16 Sep 2021
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender It just sits here unloved 05:34:23
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender Also what cable management 05:34:33
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 thats the joke 05:34:39
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 that a pi 3 or 4? 05:35:15
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender 3 its 1971chevycamaro 's 05:36:18
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 ah cool 05:36:22
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 ive got a 1, 3, and 3+ 05:36:32
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 also very unloved 05:36:42
@_discord_219126757385568256:t2bot.ioMF_Kitten That chair has so little leather left it's about to be vegan 05:38:09
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 khfdjshjkdfs 05:38:30
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender Lol it I found it by a dumpster 05:38:32
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender And is paux lwathdr 05:38:59
@_discord_219126757385568256:t2bot.ioMF_Kitten It's already vegan hahaha 05:40:19
@_discord_219126757385568256:t2bot.ioMF_Kitten Color: Dumpster Vegan 05:40:31
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 lmao 05:40:40
@_discord_219126757385568256:t2bot.ioMF_Kitten Farts: pre-filled 05:41:04
@_discord_436572350297669642:t2bot.ioDr.Gajger Dumpster chair and 2080Ti :D 05:41:14
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 shes got her priorities straight 05:41:27
@_discord_219126757385568256:t2bot.ioMF_Kitten Haha, priorities fo sho 05:41:32
@_discord_219126757385568256:t2bot.ioMF_Kitten I have a gaming chair and 2070. 05:41:45
@_discord_219126757385568256:t2bot.ioMF_Kitten I'm a grown-ass man, I don't want bed sores :p 05:42:03
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 ive got some cheap ikea office chair and a 1080 05:42:07
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 * ive got some cheap ikea office chair and a 1080 05:42:14
@_discord_219126757385568256:t2bot.ioMF_Kitten Haha 05:42:20
@_discord_219126757385568256:t2bot.ioMF_Kitten You prioritized nothing 05:42:31
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 yep 05:42:34
@_discord_219126757385568256:t2bot.ioMF_Kitten I'm not super happy with my chair, but I never am with chairs anyway. It's as good as I can get it. 05:43:06
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 (i need a lot more cpu power than gpu power though, got a 3700x) 05:43:38
@_discord_436572350297669642:t2bot.ioDr.Gajger I have an awesome dumpster chair which I've fixed up with new upholstering
The best thing is, it can be pitched waaay back.
@_discord_248109131767087106:t2bot.iovelleda#6538 niceee 05:44:47

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