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20 Jun 2021
@_discord_513145678558527508:t2bot.ioDemon (bobbie) map25 22:11:52
@_discord_783755881250291743:t2bot.ioJustRaz Hm, was probably easier to implement in Doom than in Quake and with quake's development cycle I'm not surprised they didn't bother including this 22:12:53
21 Jun 2021
@_discord_95365299649384448:t2bot.iodawnbreez#8629 dang
now i'll spend the rest of the day thinking about the Quake we almost had
@_discord_212643211250761729:t2bot.ioRaZorbakk36 Isn't the quake we almost had Hexen 2 . Engine updatewise? Translucent models alone had me jealous. It was nice to play hexen 2 with the quake weapons too :) 02:19:14
@_discord_164546695873429504:t2bot.ioLast, the Shotgun Knight That's the stuff 02:36:10
@_discord_164546695873429504:t2bot.ioLast, the Shotgun Knight It looks like molten blood 02:36:24
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz#5701 Yeah, fits with the aztec theme 02:37:00
@_discord_164546695873429504:t2bot.ioLast, the Shotgun Knight Gud shiet 02:37:37
@_discord_708988620736036905:t2bot.ioqazzaq joined the room.08:13:15
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat can somebody teach me how to model please 16:21:48
@_discord_456157195625693186:t2bot.ioEmerald Eel I recommend starting with some tutorials by Blender Guru, assuming you use Blender. 16:28:16
@_discord_456157195625693186:t2bot.ioEmerald Eel He simplifies his tutorials very well for beginners. 16:28:25
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat yeah i got blender 16:28:28
@_discord_456157195625693186:t2bot.ioEmerald Eel The best one has to be his donut tutorials. 16:28:42
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat donuts? 16:28:50
@_discord_456157195625693186:t2bot.ioEmerald Eel There's also his chair tutorial series too. 16:28:50
@_discord_456157195625693186:t2bot.ioEmerald Eel Yeah. He makes a glazed donut with sprinkles. 16:29:00
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat is there a humanoid model tutorial? 16:29:10
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat or, how to animate an already existing one? 16:29:21
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat for you see, i want to improve them freedoom zombies cause they look like utter shit 16:29:34
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat and i dont want to struggle with perspective 16:29:42
@_discord_456157195625693186:t2bot.ioEmerald Eel I'd honestly recommend learning the simplest model tutorials first. To walk before you run as they say. I jumped into humanoid modelling back in 2013, and I instantly regretted it. 16:30:00
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat dam 16:30:17
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat well ill look onto that 16:30:22
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat i aint got no idea how to use blender tho 16:30:31
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat it looks weird 16:30:34
@_discord_796580713108340756:t2bot.iokorp the kat buncha buttons n shit 16:30:40
@_discord_456157195625693186:t2bot.ioEmerald Eel That's why you must start with the basics! 16:30:43
@_discord_456157195625693186:t2bot.ioEmerald Eel I can say confidently, you only need to use maybe 20% of what Blender can fully do. 16:31:03
@_discord_456157195625693186:t2bot.ioEmerald Eel Many icons on display but you don't need to worry about a lot of them. 16:31:14

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