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23 Jan 2022
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V.unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V. SpUdR mAhN 15:14:50
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V. The texture is really bad, I know. I made it in like 10 minutes 15:15:12
@_discord_456157195625693186:t2bot.ioEmerald Eel Ultimate Spiderman? 15:19:12
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V. ye 15:22:14
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V.unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V. He posin', tho 15:23:03
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V.unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V. Also, this is the texture, lol 15:24:37
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V. Again, sorry for the spam. I'm just kinda excited, ngl 15:25:47
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioMr. Unihorse Nice 15:25:53
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioMr. UnihorseRedacted or Malformed Event15:26:12
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V.unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V. Without the shininess, front and back. 15:31:04
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V.unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V. Aight, I'm done now, I swear 15:31:27
@_discord_285160585157672960:t2bot.ioMr.M dont worry it´s not spam yet in my opinion 16:03:27
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender Lmao Don't worry I do the same thing thing when I'm working on a model 16:04:37
@_discord_493243984408346635:t2bot.ioImmorpher#3107 joined the room.17:25:49
Download unknown.png
@_discord_493243984408346635:t2bot.ioImmorpher#3107Download MorphTex64.wad17:25:49
@_discord_493243984408346635:t2bot.ioImmorpher#3107 I have been practicing texture work, so if librequake uses the Quake 1 palette, here are a bunch of textures I built, free for usage in the project if needed. 17:25:50
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya yooooooo 17:30:10
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya those are excellent ❤️ 17:30:14
@_discord_493243984408346635:t2bot.ioImmorpher#3107 Hopefully they will be useful for anyone mapping 🙂 . The textures which end with "bright" have full brights used artistically. Also I am now getting the hang of the "*" and "+0" designations for liquids and animations 17:39:49
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioMr. Unihorse they look very cool 18:21:47
@_discord_164546695873429504:t2bot.ioLast, the Shotgun Knight Man, awesome 18:28:09
@_discord_164546695873429504:t2bot.ioLast, the Shotgun Knight I'd like to give mapping a go soon 18:28:26
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender yo very nice yeah we use the q1 pal 22:31:06
@_discord_493243984408346635:t2bot.ioImmorpher#3107 I use this as a base, since I can go through procedural variations so textures dont look too repetitive: https://filterforge.com/filters/

I am happy to generate textures from that when useful and get them in the Quake format 😄

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