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29 Mar 2021
@raylu1013:matrix.orgRaymond Lu joined the room.17:03:40
@raylu1013:matrix.orgRaymond LuHi all, I was wondering how I could get editing privilieges on the Mitee-1 Dashboard?17:04:11
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrapHi Raymond 17:05:38
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrapOne moment, I'll get you setup17:05:44
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrap Raymond Lu: just to verify, you are on the team or they have authorized you to edit it, right? 17:06:28
@raylu1013:matrix.orgRaymond LuYes17:06:59
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrapOk, cool. Do you have an account on db.satnogs.org or network.satnogs.org yet?17:07:21
@raylu1013:matrix.orgRaymond LuYes, the account name is: raylu101317:08:13
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrapOk, first i need you to go to dashboard.satnogs.org, then at the bottom left sign in17:08:35
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrapThen I'll add you17:08:41
@raylu1013:matrix.orgRaymond LuI should be signed in17:09:18
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrapOK, I just added you17:09:57
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrapRefresh and you should be able to edit17:10:05
@raylu1013:matrix.orgRaymond LuGreat, thanks! I believe it works17:11:06
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrapNo prob, let us know if you have any issues or questions.17:13:01
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrapIf you'd like to move the MiTEE-1 link on dashboard.satnogs.org to the Stable side, let me know17:13:39
In reply to @raylu1013:matrix.org
Security Level 1000% 😛 (just kidding)
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewraplol, I checked and he does have a umich.edu email :P17:14:32
@pierros_x:matrix.orgpierrosNot that we would not want random contributors doing awesome work on dashboards :)17:15:12
@pierros_x:matrix.orgpierros(but we generally prefer team members 😛 )17:15:22
@oldbug:matrix.orgoldbug Allison Hancock might confirm additionally 😛 17:23:12
@fredy:matrix.orgfredy phasewrap: did you added him in the mitee team or individually? 17:49:18
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrapI put him in the team17:49:24
@fredy:matrix.orgfredyperfect! :D17:49:30
7 Apr 2021
@paudelsaurav50:matrix.orgSaurav Paudel joined the room.09:09:27
16 Apr 2021
@csete:matrix.orgcsete joined the room.17:57:57
25 Apr 2021
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrap changed their display name from phasewrap to phasewrap - AFK till May 3rd.00:46:43
4 May 2021
@phasewrap:phasewrap.netphasewrap changed their display name from phasewrap - AFK till May 3rd to phasewrap.13:59:40
5 May 2021
@raymond62:matrix.orgRaymond Wong joined the room.02:37:20

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