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6 Oct 2022
@telegram_5049099475:t2bot.ioUnJustice IsReal
In reply to Sangam 🐼
do you have invitation code?
@telegram_1346318881:t2bot.ioБогдан Степан
In reply to 𝙚𝙘𝙤𝙝𝙤𝙡𝙞𝙘
any alternate other than these two that you guys actually use?
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In reply to Богдан Степан
I have invite if anyone interest
In reply to @mclark:mclarkdev.com
So it's "secure" because it has significantly less features :)
You're right, that's one way to put it. Adobe didn't consider at the time that well-intentioned mechanisms could unfortunately also be abused. 😳
@telegram_1381534914:t2bot.ioshiro neko
In reply to Богдан Степан
Can somebody explain why "Secure PDF Viewer" from GrapheneOS is secure
what is the "secure pdf viewer" equivalent for android, windows and linux?
In reply to shiro neko
what is the "secure pdf viewer" equivalent for android, windows and linux?
This problem has not existed for a long time. Just pick one.
@telegram_1318650008:t2bot.ioSaifNama changed their profile picture.08:51:38
@telegram:t2bot.ioTelegram Bridge https://f-droid.org/2022/09/30/free-software-and-inspection-are-key-to-software-we-can-trust.html 11:59:10
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In reply to @telegram:t2bot.io
Interesting, there should be more articles like this.
@telegram_1110346247:t2bot.ioBira Kishore ChoudhuryDoes mull browser use GSF ?12:37:47
@telegram_1782077073:t2bot.ioTerminal Gore
In reply to Bira Kishore Choudhury
Does mull browser use GSF ?
@telegram_1012865623:t2bot.ioLight YagamiCan mull block fingerprinting?12:46:29
@telegram_1012865623:t2bot.ioLight YagamiLike brave12:46:35
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In reply to Free Softwares[Android]
Poll: Should we create a new channel supporting iOS and MacOS FOSS applications?
  1. Sure, Why not
  2. Nah, Not Interested
Vote with !tg vote YwBRtCCJAAAAULE <choice number>
A Linux related channel would be appreciated: themes, extensions, command line tools, etc
In reply to Light Yagami
Can mull block fingerprinting?
In reply to Light Yagami
Can mull block fingerprinting?
From what I've read, you can't "block" it. Certainly not as long as javascript is switched on. But there are plugins that promise something similar.
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In reply to கோபிநாத்
You have to be nerdy, autistic and gay to find a partner
I'm all three, and nothing yet... 🙄
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@telegram_1110346247:t2bot.ioBira Kishore ChoudhuryAnd what about bromite ?15:25:22
In reply to Spyro43
I have invite if anyone interest
I do need one.
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@mclark:mclarkdev.comMattAnyone here a Gimp master? Is there a way to run a batch script from within Gimp, to allow me to quickly see if my commands are correct, vs editing / rerunning my script externally every time?16:48:07
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