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25 Jan 2023
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitWhen I'm creating a new MR for the queue.css fix, it wants to do a whole load of others, is this ok?19:38:02
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I think you have to branch from the relese candidate branch
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitIt's okay, my recent changes have added themselves to my earlier MR by the looks of it https://dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/funkwhale/-/merge_requests/233919:52:56
26 Jan 2023
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him) amoonrabbit: Don't worry, Ill look into it 10:38:02
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)git is a mysterium10:38:06
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitI think my mistake was forking dev, and then trying to merge into pre-release. I've changed my MR to dev now and it's only the changes I have made. I should probably look at starting to use CLI more but requires setup.10:47:25
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)you could use gitpod, though, which does the setup for you automatically :)10:49:05
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbithuh, gitpod doesn't like my gitlab credentials, but they work on dev.funkwhale.audio10:54:36
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)you need to create an account with gitlab.com or github.com10:55:51
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)it confused me as well :D10:55:55
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitAh okay, and then you just use the Visual Studio tools?10:59:19
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)I don't, but you can11:03:47
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)I usually ssh into the thing and use my custom vim config11:04:03
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitIs there permissions that need to be set for gitpod per user? Getting "unauthorised" at the moment11:17:53
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)https://docs.funkwhale.audio/develop/developer_documentation/setup/gitpod.html11:18:32
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)try this guide11:18:35
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitthe link in that doc also gives me "unauthorised"11:21:01
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)okay let me check11:22:05
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitme being blind, sorry11:22:12
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitit's a step I have to take to verify lol11:22:25
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)oh glad you found it11:22:51
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitJust a note, gitpod doesn't seem to spinup the test instance on localhost for me, but using a different url with port 8000. Gitpod login does not work in the UI. Not sure if that's supposed to be like that12:45:42
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)no its not localhost but a gitpod url12:46:14
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him)but the login with gitpod:gitpod doesn't work?12:46:41
@gcrk:tchncs.degcrk (he/him) btw its probably better to move over to #funkwhale-dev:matrix.org 12:46:58
28 Jan 2023
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29 Jan 2023
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30 Jan 2023
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