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7 Nov 2019
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8 Nov 2019
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08:28:23@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)
In reply to @nouts:matrix.taboulisme.com
sporiff: ok make sense, thanks 🙂
Do you think it might be possible to customize shortcut by user ?
I'm not sure it is possible to do this, sorry :/
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9 Nov 2019
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11 Nov 2019
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13 Nov 2019
08:20:06@gordor:matrix.orggordon (he/him)
In reply to @Eliot:matrix.org
I'm not sure it is possible to do this, sorry :/
why can’t it be? Shortcuts keymap could be stored in localstorage, or even in django profile, and sent to the client
08:22:53@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)Sorry, I should have be clearer, it's definitely doable, however the javascript library we use for the shortcuts doesn't support binding shortcuts at runtime (also I don't think I've heard of a webapp that support dynamic shortcuts, so I wonder if it's because it's hard to do, or if it's because developpers just don't care)
08:54:11@dani:fws.frdaniIMHO : just don't worth it. Shortcut customization might be used by what ? 1% ? 2% of users.
09:09:09@gordor:matrix.orggordon (he/him)yeah, also, accessibility isn’t useful for the majority, let’s just drop it…
09:11:51@gordor:matrix.orggordon (he/him)my point being, providing shortcuts without bindings isn’t very useful
09:15:30@gordor:matrix.orggordon (he/him)and we don’t refuse features if they aren’t useful for >51% of the userbase
09:25:05@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)I agree we shouldn't drop features because they aren't used by a majority of users
09:25:18@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him) * I agree we shouldn't drop features because they aren't used by a majority of users
09:26:02@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)However, for this specific use case, I've yet to encounter a single webapp that offer shortcuts customization
09:26:20@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)even projects like Pinafore (a web mastodon client with a lot of accessibility work and features) don't support it
09:30:14@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)and my first research don't yield any significant result regarding how to implement this in a web app (not even mentionning Vue / our javascript building blocks)
09:34:38@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)this may be the kind of use cases were a dedicated desktop app perform better?
10:07:39@dani:fws.frdanimy point isn't to drop feature unless they are used by a majority, but a simple priority management. With infinite resources, of course it could be done (even if I personaly don't see a lot of benefit in it), but it'll be time not spent on other features, which would be useful to more users
10:08:20@dani:fws.frdaniand yes, in my POV, it's better to spend time on stuff used by 80% of users rather than stuff used by 2%
10:13:53@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)

dani: this works most of the time, but there are particular considerations to have in mind when we're talking about user safety or accessibility, for instance, which is what I think gordon (he/him) wanted to outline.

E.g the ability to report content won't be used by the vast majority of users, yet it has a higher priority on our roadmap than other, more used features, because user safety is more important

10:14:35@dani:fws.frdaniyeah OK, no prob with that
10:14:55@dani:fws.frdanistill, I don't think shortcut customization falls into this category
10:15:04@dani:fws.frdani * still, I don't think shortcut customization falls into this category
10:17:12@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)I have limited knowledge on the subject, but from what I understand, keyboard users are typically power users or users with visual impairments who need an alternative way to interact with an app
10:18:23@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)In the context of this second category, I kind of see how keyboard shortcuts relate to accessibility
10:22:20@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)By the way Funkwhale is probably an accessibility nightmare at the moment (and not only because of the lack of keyboard shortcuts customization)
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