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21 Sep 2020
@djotaku:matrix.ericmesa.comEricso if it's base don what you're listening to, not the billboard 100, it should be fine17:32:19
@mjourdan:matrix.thomasvo.netmjourdan@gcrkause, yeah, we aim to avoid loop effects (like recommandations based on popularity), yet suggestions like "similar artists" could be a nice complement to discussions with people17:34:42
@djotaku:matrix.ericmesa.comEricplus it would allow "similar artists" radio - at least that'd be awesome for me17:37:48
In reply to @djotaku:matrix.ericmesa.com
To be honest, I love how the landing page looks - lets you know how much music is on there (so you know if it's worth signing up) and how many users (if you want to be social). It also tells you what kind of music is on there. Doesn't mean I'd had a redesign, but I think it's very useful.
those metrics don't mean much by themselves, there may be duplicates, and it is unsure how many tracks are shared or private. this looks really approximative to me
@mjourdan:matrix.thomasvo.netmjourdanoffering to sign up before people could actually get a fair idea of what they'll get is a bit expeditive17:46:30
In reply to @djotaku:matrix.ericmesa.com
plus it would allow "similar artists" radio - at least that'd be awesome for me
yeah, don't know how hard is it on the technical side, but I saw your ticket about this and it totally makes sense to me
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23 Sep 2020
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@Kruk:matrix.org@Kruk:matrix.orgHello, I would like to use the default easy install option but place Funkwhale behind reverse proxy of another Nginx install which would also handle HTTPS. It seems however that the install wizard forces me to choose between managing both Nginx and Certbot or leaving both of them to me. Would it be possible to maintain relatively easy install with one exception to the default case being lack of certificate generation?18:23:47
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24 Sep 2020
@mjourdan:matrix.thomasvo.netmjourdan"radio" in Funkwhale is quite an ambiguous term, so I was looking at big tech companies, to see how they call theyr dynamic playlists stuff16:36:05
@mjourdan:matrix.thomasvo.netmjourdanSpotify does this: they call the thing radio… until you add it to your library, and then you'll have to search it under "playlist"16:38:59
@mjourdan:matrix.thomasvo.netmjourdanI'm confused16:39:36
25 Sep 2020
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)

you cannot download a radio linked to a playlist

I'm even more confused xD

@mjourdan:matrix.thomasvo.netmjourdanI didn't even try to understand that part =D07:06:27
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26 Sep 2020
@davidprieto:privacytools.io@davidprieto:privacytools.io invited @davidprieto:mozilla.orgDavid Prieto.05:24:34
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@egesu:baloncuk.ofissizler.comEgeHello everyone. I'm a member of a community called ofissizler, there are mostly freelancers here to defend and make their rights. Yesterday night while we were chatting, we thought about starting radio broadcasting which will be a very amateur one. As we already have a VPS to run our matrix instance, I thought about finding some free and open source software to create a simple online radio station. I already heard about funkwhale and plan to install it for myself at home but if it supports online broadcasting somehow, I would love to install it for our community. I know the purpose of it is not broadcasting. If there is no such feature, I'd love to hear your recommendations.13:46:38
@egesu:baloncuk.ofissizler.comEgeBtw I read the discussions above. What I mean by radio is not like spotify radios. I mean the live and real ones :-)13:47:33
@egesu:baloncuk.ofissizler.comEgeI just found that there is an issue for this feature: https://dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/funkwhale/-/issues/120614:00:40
27 Sep 2020
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28 Sep 2020
In reply to @Eliot:matrix.org
I don't think we'll be able to make a full flegded soundcloud replacement, we'd need much more money and workforce. Of course, they are some soundcloud features we'll have in the end (and some we already have), but I wouldn't commit on that, the task is too daunting
Thanks for your answer! However I dont really see which features would be out of scope for this project being a competitor to soundcloud. Ofc I understand that latency and so forth is harder when stuff is federated. However, in my opinion your already have a sort of beta version of soundcloud. Which features would require significantly more resources than you currently have available?
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@internetman:matrix.orginternetmanThe way I see it (i am not a programmer), you have the same obstacles as mastodon e.g., and they are being solved incrementally slowly but steadily.14:14:19

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