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7 Apr 2020
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8 Apr 2020
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9 Apr 2020
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08:38:44@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her) Hello @room ! Funkwhale 0.21 is almost out. We've published our first release candidate this morning, and we encourage you to try it. All the instructions to test it can be found at https://governance.funkwhale.audio/d/SeUDP7vM/funkwhale-0-21-release-incoming-looking-for-testers- (and you can also share your feedback / issues there) If everything goes well, we should have a proper release published around April 21 🎉
11:30:40@32408uyad:matrix.org32408uyadThe new build is gorgeous! Does it have a dark mode as well? I had it enabled in .20.1, but can't find an option to enable here.
11:31:10@sporiff:garappa.chatsporiffThe theme toggle should be at the bottom of the page
11:31:21@sporiff:garappa.chatsporiffUnder the "Using Funkwhale" section
11:32:10@32408uyad:matrix.org32408uyadRight in front of me. Thanks!
13:16:51@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)Hey there, I don't want to take too much space with personal stuff, but since it will impact my social and professional life, I have to. I recently came to the realization that I am a trans woman. As a result, I want to be called Agate, and referred to using feminine pronouns. I know it can be difficult, especially if we've known each other for a while. Just do your best, okay? I will continue to work on the project, nothing has changed in that area. However, you can expect me doing so under this new identity, with new or updated accounts/display names/avatars. Thank you for your support and understanding <3
13:18:20@fundeckhermit:matrix.orgfundeckhermitGreat! Thank you for trusting us.
13:22:38@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her) changed their display name from Eliot Berriot (he/him) to Agate (she/her).
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17:23:45@lukaprincic:matrix.orgLuka Prinčičhi Agate! Congrats on self discovery and your courage! <3
17:50:11@lukaprincic:matrix.orgLuka Prinčič Agate (she/her): will you be tooting mostly in french on your new mastodon account ?
17:51:51@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)I expect so, I think I'll create another, separate account for all my Funkwhale/dev related posts, which will be mainly english.
18:06:31@eorn:goe.landeornYeah, Agate from Funkwhale, you know :D
18:08:22@Creak:matrix.orgCreakI'll try the 0.21-rc1
18:26:48@Creak:matrix.orgCreak ☹︎ I'm using .env and a docker-compose.yml, I ran docker-compose up -d and it just gets into a loop of restarts
18:52:52@Creak:matrix.orgCreak (fixed in #funkwhale-troubleshooting:matrix.org)
18:52:58@Creak:matrix.orgCreak * (fixed in #funkwhale-troubleshooting:matrix.org)

For anyone else that built this from source like I did, here's a bash script that will automatically upgrade your instance to 0.21-rc1:

#!/bin/bash -x

export FUNKWHALE_VERSION="0.21-rc1"

sudo -u funkwhale curl -L -o front.zip "https://dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/funkwhale/builds/artifacts/$FUNKWHALE_VERSION/download?job=build_front"
sudo -u funkwhale unzip -o front.zip
sudo -u funkwhale rm front.zip

sudo -u funkwhale curl -L -o "api-$FUNKWHALE_VERSION.zip" "https://dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/funkwhale/-/jobs/artifacts/$FUNKWHALE_VERSION/download?job=build_api"
sudo -u funkwhale unzip "api-$FUNKWHALE_VERSION.zip" -d extracted
sudo -u funkwhale rm -rf api/ && sudo -u funkwhale mv extracted/api .
sudo -u funkwhale rm -rf extracted

# update os dependencies
sudo api/install_os_dependencies.sh install
sudo -u funkwhale -H -E <FUNKWHALE_DIRECTORY>/virtualenv/bin/pip install -r api/requirements.txt

# collect static files
sudo -u funkwhale -H -E <FUNKWHALE_DIRECTORY>/virtualenv/bin/python api/manage.py collectstatic --no-input

# stop the services
sudo systemctl stop funkwhale.target

# apply database migrations
sudo -u funkwhale -H -E <FUNKWHALE_DIRECTORY>/virtualenv/bin/python api/manage.py migrate

# restart the services
sudo systemctl start funkwhale.target
19:00:49@me:thomcat.rocksThomCatJust make sure you replace <FUNKWHALE_DIRECTORY> w/ your actual directory
19:28:10@satsuki:iro.moeサツキRedacted or Malformed Event

this is my version for build from source (both api and front), which uses git for update check, systemd with user instance.
this script will sync with develop branch.


pushd /home/funkwhale/live > /dev/null
git fetch --all --tags --prune --prune-tags
git checkout develop > /dev/null 2>&1
git status | grep "up to date"
if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; then exit 0; fi

git reset --hard origin/develop
GIT_CURRENT_COMMIT=$(git rev-parse HEAD)
UPGRADE_VERSION=$(git describe --tags --exact-match || echo "$(git describe --tags $(git rev-list --tags --max-count=1)) (${GIT_CURRENT_COMMIT:0:8})")
source venv/bin/activate
python -m pip install --upgrade pip wheel setuptools
pip install -r api/requirements.txt
pushd front
npx yarn install --no-dev
npx yarn build

systemctl --user stop funkwhale.target
python api/manage.py migrate --noinput
python api/manage.py collectstatic --noinput
systemctl --user start funkwhale.target
popd > /dev/null

systemctl --user status --full --no-pager funkwhale-server.service funkwhale-beat.service funkwhale-worker.service
/home/funkwhale/notice FunkWhale upgraded to v$UPGRADE_VERSION
10 Apr 2020
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11:00:56@robin:patate.techRobinHi everyone, you can vote for the proposal to call the 0.21 release "Agate" here : https://governance.funkwhale.audio/d/0RJWr5Ts/a-roadmap-for-funkwhale-0-21?p=9 🐳
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