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19 Jun 2022
@_discord_120619855056601088:t2bot.ioWorldSEnder#8649 * I don't intend to. It might need some additional changes with Deref/DerefMut and it's too closely tied to the html! macro. Maybe later, there are still open (syntax mostly) questions about prop inheritance to be decided. I'm fine with merging it as is, to improve error messages and laying the ground work 17:45:39
@_discord_826401692442558535:t2bot.ioYuu#6737 Simon how did you intend to do this: https://github.com/yewstack/yew/commit/1c2dff18b10fd2dc03022095f655684d412ef6ab#diff-008e07fdaf96156f44366b20bf8be6e194a8f8c3898e5f240995d8ba1ce6912bR207-R208
I can't think of a way to panic with a specific span
@_discord_203302899277627392:t2bot.iosiku2#0001 The idea was just to include the file name and line number 20:09:19
@_discord_826401692442558535:t2bot.ioYuu#6737 oh so like dbg!()? 20:09:35
@_discord_203302899277627392:t2bot.iosiku2#0001 Basically 20:09:52
20 Jun 2022
@_discord_257075425233076224:t2bot.ioSpanishpear hamza1311 random question, is there any reason why yew playground is using a forked rust-monaco rather than the upstream? I have been looking at using the upstream for my project, is there something wrong with it? 02:33:04
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21 Jun 2022
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22 Jun 2022
@_discord_550866852461412354:t2bot.ioJakeFromStateFarm#1552 changed their display name from JakeFromStateFarm to JakeFromStateFarm#1552.21:14:20
23 Jun 2022
@_discord_912688407484964935:t2bot.iofutursolo#2051 Could someone please review https://github.com/yewstack/yew/pull/2697 ? This pull request also increases MSRV to 1.60 which fixes the CI. 10:26:25
@_discord_120619855056601088:t2bot.ioWorldSEnder#8649 will try to find enough time for it over the weekend 🙂 16:01:20
@_discord_144492524340379648:t2bot.ioNuzz changed their display name from Nuzz to Nuzz#0202.20:29:59
@_discord_144492524340379648:t2bot.ioNuzz changed their display name from Nuzz#0202 to Nuzz.20:30:09
24 Jun 2022
@_discord_826401692442558535:t2bot.ioYuu#6737 because i use master yew and upstream rust-monaco is for crates.io version 14:10:10
@_discord_826401692442558535:t2bot.ioYuu#6737 WorldSEnder do you think you'll have the time to finish up https://github.com/yewstack/yew/pull/2551 anytime soon? I was waiting for you to resolve the futursolo's review. If nothing needs to be changed, I can review it this weekend 17:22:54
25 Jun 2022
@_discord_257075425233076224:t2bot.ioSpanishpear is there plans for a tracking issue for v0.20? 00:34:54
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@_discord_901759303826964520:t2bot.ioMatan Is there a way to build Html from template fields? For example, I want to allow for easy form
creation but allow callers to build each form from whatever input component they want (this
doesn't compile):

    pub fn custom_form<InputComponentT>() -> Html {
        html! {
            <form onsubmit={onsubmit}>
                <InputComponentT name="username" />
                <InputComponentT name="email" />
@_discord_98485453258240000:t2bot.ioEmilia joined the room.19:28:26
@_discord_142479917471367169:t2bot.ioaftix Pass the members of the form as children? 21:01:54
26 Jun 2022
@_discord_901759303826964520:t2bot.ioMatan Thanks for the suggestion. I guess this means that the caller would need to pass Html objects as opposed to just passing in the type they want build? So the interface would have to change to:
    pub fn custom_form(inputs: Children) -> Html {
        html! {
            <form onsubmit={onsubmit}>
                { for inputs.iter() }
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@_discord_120619855056601088:t2bot.ioWorldSEnder#8649 the big problem is fulfilling the "if you don't use it, there's no cost in code size". I still don't have a viable approach for that 13:01:59
@_discord_120619855056601088:t2bot.ioWorldSEnder#8649 Opened a tracking issue. https://github.com/yewstack/yew/issues/2753 13:14:32
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27 Jun 2022
@_discord_589014218498375680:t2bot.ioNano#2724 changed their display name from Nano to Nano#2724.00:09:26
29 Jun 2022
@_discord_257075425233076224:t2bot.ioSpanishpearRedacted or Malformed Event10:52:12

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