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21 Sep 2023
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@_discord_805768145423695872:t2bot.iorodi Hi, all. I am a novice in web development and still learning concepts related to DDD etc. IMHO, litestar's layered architecture(App, Router, Controller, Handler function), DI, DTO are literally astronishing and pleasure to follow that. However, the concept of Repository doesn't fit my brain yet although there is a good doc(tutorial, not a kind of concepts and ratoinale such as Usage part of DI, DTO etc. sadly) The question is that is it okay(sometimes recommended) not to use repository pattern (library built-in) to handle logic and persistence layer hadling? Thanks for reading a dumb question... 11:48:09
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@_discord_900453511211384834:t2bot.iopedro.diaz What we call here as "repository" is a design pattern that consists in abstracting the data layer of the application 14:07:15
@_discord_900453511211384834:t2bot.iopedro.diaz Don't feel like you're attached or forced to use something you don't like to use, you're free to use whatever you feel like to, you're not limited to anything in Litestar 14:09:29
@_discord_900453511211384834:t2bot.iopedro.diaz I do use the repository pattern, but I don't use its DTO for example 14:09:57
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@_discord_805768145423695872:t2bot.iorodi Yeah.. you're right! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's not related to this question. I see discussions in django community about service layer vs. fat models in context of django ORM(Active Record), and generic class based view vs. function view(one of maintainers call right way), many others. I think I just have to push myself to put product(webapp) in production and then make codebase better iteratively.. Thanks again for the reply. 14:18:56
@_discord_900453511211384834:t2bot.iopedro.diaz Cheers 14:19:54
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I think I just have to push myself to put product(webapp) in production and then make codebase better iteratively
@_discord_947242363439448155:t2bot.io__peter__ this is the way 🙂 22:46:58
22 Sep 2023
then make codebase better iteratively.
famous last words
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@_discord_989158976606326834:t2bot.iomoutafatin changed their display name from moutafatin#0 to moutafatin.14:54:31
@_discord_489485360645275650:t2bot.ioCoffee huh? 17:00:18
@_discord_224734305581137921:t2bot.iodraconis1 Just read the updated announcement 17:01:56
@_discord_224734305581137921:t2bot.iodraconis1 and drawing parallels haha 17:02:03
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@_discord_662493132419629098:t2bot.io.litiamRedacted or Malformed Event17:58:47
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23 Sep 2023
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@_discord_193771063115644929:t2bot.ioselfhosted#0 I was messing around with FastAPI/Vue to create a project, but found it a bit too bare bones. I had been following this since it was StarLite, and decided to give it a shot, but the lack of community resources has been the main blocker for me. Im curious if there are some good projects that not only show good form with the library, but also actually explain some things about the architecture/structure of the project?

Ive been reading through the litestar-fullstack app, and while I understand it at a high level, its questions about structure that Im having trouble understanding. The 'tutorial' just shows everything being built in one file, but the introduction of the domains/libs folders weren't really explained from what I was able to find
@_discord_193771063115644929:t2bot.ioselfhosted#0 I am coming at this as a first go at backend/full stack dev, so I know Ive got a lot to learn 😅
Most of my python work is for building internal libraries at my job combined with tooling for a specific team to utilize in the day to day
@_discord_1032229898753933312:t2bot.ioprovinzkraut Petition for cofin to release a course on litestar-fullstack 🙂 16:05:37
@_discord_314787529100361748:t2bot.ioalc.alc from cofin as seen on #litestar-fullstack 16:08:25
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