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31 Mar 2023
@_discord_717983911824588862:t2bot.ioarl#8028 hi discuss.python.org urls will not be auto expanded ok that's all 09:38:04
@_discord_797177590871752714:t2bot.iorembridge joined the room.21:14:47
@_discord_797177590871752714:t2bot.iorembridge hi 😁 i tried following the documentation link on the pydantic-factories github page but got a 404.

@_discord_797177590871752714:t2bot.iorembridge i'm guessing i have found the equivalent information here: https://github.com/starlite-api/pydantic-factories/tree/main/docs/usage 21:33:25
@_discord_489485360645275650:t2bot.ioBad Messages You can use this for now I believe
@_discord_489485360645275650:t2bot.ioBad Messages It is moving to "polyfactory" with the launch of Starlite v2, not sure what happened to its docs though...
but for now that link will load the old v1 docs
@_discord_489485360645275650:t2bot.ioBad Messages hopefully provinzkraut has a way we can load the v1 docs and v2 docs even though v2 is mkdocs. 22:20:19
1 Apr 2023
@_discord_717983911824588862:t2bot.ioarl#8028 what the 00:42:47
Download 5747a01b-8013-4918-a4ff-da1a9f864f5c.png
@_discord_717983911824588862:t2bot.ioarl#8028 redis-py now requires async-timeout on all released python versions, but not python 3.11.3 00:43:13
@_discord_717983911824588862:t2bot.ioarl#8028 that doesn't seem like a bug at all 00:43:18
@_discord_721437824687276142:t2bot.ioarielle joined the room.01:05:44
@_discord_947242363439448155:t2bot.io__peter__ I saw this from a downstream issue that arose out of it in fakeredis who used it as a transitive dep. 01:22:01
@_discord_947242363439448155:t2bot.io__peter__ originated here: https://github.com/redis/redis-py/commit/25e85e51e57b7aae9eb8fc77cfb0a45a07a501a7 01:22:04
@_discord_947242363439448155:t2bot.io__peter__ and then this: https://github.com/redis/redis-py/commit/480253037afe4c12e38a0f98cadd3019a3724254 01:22:28
@_discord_947242363439448155:t2bot.io__peter__ although that 2nd issue is new from when I saw it 01:23:07
@_discord_717983911824588862:t2bot.ioarl#8028 ye 01:23:28
@_discord_947242363439448155:t2bot.io__peter__ was a half interesting rabbit hole to go down - although I only scanned it 01:25:22
@_discord_343092463315189762:t2bot.ioGoldziher my conclusion is that to be a redis maintainer you need to have facial hair 06:57:03
@_discord_489485360645275650:t2bot.ioBad Messages what does this even mean 🤣 06:57:21
@_discord_343092463315189762:t2bot.ioGoldziher just looked at their pictures above. 07:01:00
@_discord_489485360645275650:t2bot.ioBad Messages ohhh 07:01:10
@_discord_947242363439448155:t2bot.io__peter__ I might be able to get a start 😆 07:08:20
@_discord_1032229898753933312:t2bot.ioprovinzkraut Looks like the pages-deployment action has been stuck for 3 days: https://github.com/starlite-api/pydantic-factories/actions/runs/4555698933 08:46:46
@_discord_1032229898753933312:t2bot.ioprovinzkraut I guess that was due to GitHubs outage at that time 08:47:02
@_discord_1032229898753933312:t2bot.ioprovinzkraut I restarted it and the docs should be available again 08:47:11
@_discord_1032229898753933312:t2bot.ioprovinzkraut The docs for pydantic-factories will remain available under the current gh-pages URL. Polyfactory docs will be separate from that 08:47:54
@_discord_1032229898753933312:t2bot.ioprovinzkraut Okay, I also can't cancel it.. 08:49:49
@_discord_260114940218703873:t2bot.ioTompa joined the room.11:55:49
@_discord_314787529100361748:t2bot.ioAlc Was anyone able to check the question asked by the starwberry GraphQL author in <#1064114019373432912> ? I tried taking a shot, but could not 14:55:40

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