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10 Nov 2017
14:43:09@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
16:17:26@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org invited @alias:t2bot.ioAlias Bot.
16:21:44@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org !alias
18:18:40@alias:t2bot.ioAlias Bot joined the room.
11 Nov 2017
05:44:39@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org !alias
06:06:26@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org t2bot.io



Telegram Bridge

Telegram bridging is beta! The bridge may not work at times, or may be difficult to set up. Please visit #help:t2bot.io if you run into any issues.

The Telegram bridge is based off of SijmenSchoon/telematrix and has a little bit of setup to get it working in Matrix:

Invite @matrix_t2bot to your Telegram group

Send the message /aliasin Telegram. This will give you a Matrix alias that we'll use in a moment.

Create or open the room you want to bridge in Matrix/Riot

Make sure the room is accessible to anyone who knows the room's link (not invite-only).

Invite @alias:t2bot.io to your room

Send the message !alias TheAliasFromEarlierwhere TheAliasFromEarlieris the alias from step 2

Start chatting!

Telematrix is a third-party bridge not maintained by t2bot.io/turt2live. To learn more about the bridge, or to contribute, please see SijmenSchoon/telematrix on Github.

06:11:28@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org set their display name to Siyad Km Zia.
06:37:49@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org !alias


06:39:10@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org !alias


06:39:40@alias:t2bot.ioAlias Bot left the room.
06:39:47@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org invited @alias:t2bot.ioAlias Bot.
06:39:48@alias:t2bot.ioAlias Bot joined the room.
06:41:17@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.orgThe Matrix alias for this chat is #telegram_-1001147232244:t2bot.io
06:42:03@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org !Alias


07:06:06@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org@SiyadKmZia:matrix.org left the room.

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