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5 May 2022
@ifiguero:matrix.orgifigueroWell if you are trying to get sever grade hardware you probably don't. I wouldn't mind getting three 19" rack nodes with GPU to get some HA setup. But I don't think I will get something that good. I'm assuming the best choice is getting some cheap server and slap some GPU on the PCIe slot. BC if I buy it with the GPU preinstalled I'll have to pay premium to the reseller for it, but I probably will have to take into account the power consumption for the GPU on the server. Now for virtualization I assume the best option is proxmox, and doing some GPU pass-through to a VM. But I never done it so far. 00:20:04
@ifiguero:matrix.orgifigueroI've seen some setups with pi. But to have GPU you need a compute module and not all of them have PCIe 16x. At the moment I'm considering if the best option is spending all the money on a single node or try to squeeze two for the same budget. I think the switch can handle it, and it would imply that I would have 4 nodes if I get the extra 20k along the way 00:22:52
7 May 2022
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8 May 2022
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9 May 2022
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10 May 2022
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12 May 2022
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13 May 2022
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14 May 2022
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15 May 2022
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16 May 2022
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17 May 2022
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18 May 2022
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