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16 Sep 2019
15:08:18@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijsso an external SSD should probably be just fine
15:08:25@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijssuch as the Samsung Portable SSD T5
15:09:00@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijsI haven't done proper research on the durability of those drives, though
15:09:05@drdefacto:matrix.orgDrDeFactoYeah, I was looking at the t5, was actually hoping for stick-like compact but if thats not an option then I would indeed likely got with the t5
15:53:06@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyubothere are some enclosures at aliexpress, that take m.2 sata ssds
15:54:01@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyubothere is a 2242 and 2280 verions
15:54:25@drdefacto:matrix.orgDrDeFactowill take a look
15:54:52@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyuboI have the gray (usb-a + usb-c) paired with transcend 430s 2242 ssd
15:55:14@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyubotrim is supported
15:56:06@drdefacto:matrix.orgDrDeFactoeven better, much appreciated!
15:56:15@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyubocan do some tests if needed
16:08:39@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyuboI'm running https://gist.github.com/i3v/99f8ef6c757a5b8e9046b8a47f3a9d5b
16:08:50@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyuboshould be ready in a couple of minutes
16:09:20@drdefacto:matrix.orgDrDeFactoWow, cheers mate!
16:11:10@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyubobtw if you go with this or a similar solution, I recommend putting some thermal pads between the ssd and the enclosure
16:11:23@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyuboit helps with the temperatures :)
16:12:07@drdefacto:matrix.orgDrDeFactonoted :)
16:36:28@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyubo DrDeFacto: took more time than expected, but here are the results - https://pastebin.com/1KifDKMy 🙂
16:37:23@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyubothis is on a usb 3 port of a thinkpad t450s
16:38:02@drdefacto:matrix.orgDrDeFactoThanks, just curious, how much difference might there be btwn a 3 and 3.1 port?
16:39:10@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyuboshouldn't be too big
16:39:58@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyubobtw max temperature was 67 degrees Celsius (with thermal pads), got down to 51 after the test finished
16:40:01@drdefacto:matrix.orgDrDeFactoJust curious, was thinking in terms of future-preping (I only have "regular" ole 3.0 ports on my computer anyway)
16:40:24@drdefacto:matrix.orgDrDeFactowhoa, thats pretty warm but i guess to be expected
16:40:30@drdefacto:matrix.orgDrDeFactoRegardless, thanks so much! "real" info is so much more helpful than the distributor estimates
16:40:51@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyubothe transcend runs pretty hot without the enclosure too 😉
16:42:32@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyubobtw smartmontools in testing does not recognize the enclosure, you need to download and compile the latest version
16:43:35@lyubo:rubbish.cloudLyubothat's if you want to use smartmontools 🙂

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