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21 Jul 2021
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22 Jul 2021
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23 Jul 2021
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24 Jul 2021
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@prasket:prasket.netprasket:wave: hello room.. does anyone monitor IoT traffic with their homelab? I am thinking about setting up a proxy or something like that to see what the various IoT devices I use are doing.. ๐Ÿ˜€ 19:51:30
@pmelse-:matrix.orgpmelse-Hey. The problem with proxies is not all iot devices support or respect them config wise. A transparent proxy would be better if you can install certificates, but ypur best bet is a packet capture from a replicated port23:04:25
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@prasket:prasket.netprasketAhh yes that is what I want to do then. 23:41:53
25 Jul 2021
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26 Jul 2021
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@dougalvoid:project-nex.netDreamsVoidI've got 4 questions... 1. How is everyone? 2. If anyone in here uses an inventory system for their HomeLab/nerdery kit, what is it? (I know snipeit, I use it in work but it's way too much for home use...) 3. Aside from Ubqn, what other options do people suggest for their home networks when they want to do them "correctly"? 4. Who ate the last cookie? 09:40:07
@gadgetusaf:secret.gadgetusaf.comGadget Ubqn? DreamsVoid is that the UniFi lineup 09:57:55
@gadgetusaf:secret.gadgetusaf.comGadget DreamsVoid: it really depends on the need of your network. 10:00:06
@dougalvoid:project-nex.netDreamsVoidYes unifi My household uses a lot of WiFi devices... Around 20... I think ๐Ÿ™„ I was thinking the TPLink omada line up, because I have an excuse for POE then 10:03:07
@gadgetusaf:secret.gadgetusaf.comGadget I have Three APs now of the a UniFi line. The nano HD & 2 6LR 10:13:22
@gadgetusaf:secret.gadgetusaf.comGadgetI havenโ€™t heard much beyond an initial review with the omada line10:14:29
@gadgetusaf:secret.gadgetusaf.comGadgetDreamsVoid: I am up to 17 devices that are poe+ or ++10:15:38
@dougalvoid:project-nex.netDreamsVoidThat sounds sweet 10:18:12
@dougalvoid:project-nex.netDreamsVoidI was thinking the omada line because it's poe, and has some nice monitoring if I needed it... Also the coverage looks good, and the little in wall plate things look kind of cool And in the future if needed I could use the same kit to upgrade family members home networks and look after them. 10:20:43
@prasket:prasket.netprasketI am using UniFi equipment now myself but am considering dropping them and moving to mikrotik for AP's and switches. UBNT made too many negative changes in my book recently, not to mention the security issue with Unifi Cloud key recently. My biggest complaint is them dropping support for rolling your own NVR. I dropped all their cameras and went with some basic ip cameras and Shinobi to monitor lol 15:07:21

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