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30 Mar 2020
21:33:50@d3matt:havear.netD3mattIncluding storage
21:34:30@cmg:matrix.geeksolutions.cacmgD3matt: ah, alright I’ll look into doing that then
21:35:04@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Dman I want an EPYC server
21:35:22@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Dbuying a house is top priority but then I'm going to revamp my server rack and buy a mainframe
21:35:41@d3matt:havear.netD3mattModern servers are so spensive though :(
21:35:53@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Dyeah ):
21:36:10@cmg:matrix.geeksolutions.cacmgI have an EPYC CPU but nothing else
21:36:17@cmg:matrix.geeksolutions.cacmg it’s on my “todo eventually” list
21:36:50@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Dhopefully before the CPU is obsolete (:
21:37:28@cmg:matrix.geeksolutions.cacmg yeah, one day hopefully
21:37:38@cmg:matrix.geeksolutions.cacmgI just moved to a new place so it’s been hard
21:37:44@cmg:matrix.geeksolutions.cacmgmost of my stuff is colocated
21:37:52@cmg:matrix.geeksolutions.cacmgand DC is 2hrs out
21:39:29@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen D):
21:39:40@d3matt:havear.netD3mattAt least you get killer upload
21:39:50@d3matt:havear.netD3mattInstead of the 20MB Spectrum gives me
21:39:51@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Dthat's true
21:40:05@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DThough here in canada I can get symmetric gigabit for $100/month
21:41:10@d3matt:havear.netD3mattI should check if CenturyLink has fiber here yet
21:41:39@cmg:matrix.geeksolutions.cacmgI share a rack with friends at DC in Toronto
21:41:52@cmg:matrix.geeksolutions.cacmg we got 10G from Cogent
21:52:26@d3matt:havear.netD3mattNope, still no fiber. RIP.
21:52:40@d3matt:havear.netD3mattFastest I can do is Spectrum gigabit cable with 35Mbps upload.
21:53:01@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DTime to start an ISP
22:00:43@d3matt:havear.netD3mattStep 1, convince HOA to allow a wireless dish. Step 2, convince the trucking company down the road to let me use their tower space. Step 3, gigabit point to point wifi.
31 Mar 2020
04:35:21@thedacoit:matrix.org@thedacoit:matrix.org left the room.
11:16:18@cmg:matrix.geeksolutions.cacmggot it setup, was pretty straight forward
11:16:23@cmg:matrix.geeksolutions.cacmgnow gonna setup some GS
4 Apr 2020
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