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9 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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14 Jan 2020
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17 Jan 2020
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22 Jan 2020
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23 Jan 2020
13:55:32@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen D
In reply to @d3matt:havear.net
Pterodactyl seems neat, I like that it's docker-based. But I haven't used it in practice, just set up a couple really basic gameservers to try it out.
Also a big fan of the docker containers. However, it requires a direct connection from the client browser to each server node. Imo a much better way is to have the central server talk to the nodes, and then the browser only has to talk to one server.
13:55:59@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DFor that reason I've been looking for a replacement, though it looks like pterodactyl is the most polished
24 Jan 2020
00:14:10@d3matt:havear.netD3matt Stephen D: Do you mean for all traffic or just for management?
00:14:32@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DFor management
00:14:36@d3matt:havear.netD3mattI agree that would be neat but if you have to directly expose the nodes anyway for game traffic it wouldn't make much sense.
00:14:58@d3matt:havear.netD3mattWell, it still makes sense, but I don't think it's all that big of a deal.
00:15:33@d3matt:havear.netD3mattWhat would be awesome, and is also a total pipe dream, would be a game server manager that can talk to your network gear to essentially do software defined networking.
00:16:36@d3matt:havear.netD3mattNeed a port for a game? Query the firewall for available ports and IPs. Select one. Automatically configures the router to forward that port on the node's VLAN, sets up public DNS, etc.
00:17:20@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DI wrote a script to do something kind of like that when I ran a minecraft hosting companyt
00:17:32@d3matt:havear.netD3mattMaybe allow the customer to "bring their own IP" by letting them configure a VPN to the game server's container.
00:17:38@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DBut I used UPNP to do port forwarding, and I had a database that tracked ports
00:17:59@d3matt:havear.netD3mattUPNP open on nodes running semi-trusted code. Oof.
00:18:21@d3matt:havear.netD3mattOK for just Minecraft, idk that I'd trust that for something like Pterodactyl though :)
00:18:59@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DNot at all
00:19:02@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DJust use VLANs
00:19:10@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DUpnp gets its own VLAN for opening ports
00:19:34@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DAt no point do the minecraft servers have access to port forwarding
00:20:28@d3matt:havear.netD3mattSo the UPNP script runs from a server or network interface on a different VLAN, with UPNP only allowed on that VLAN and none of the game servers being on that VLAN? Interesting.
00:20:57@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DYes
00:21:20@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DMulticraft(the control panel I was using) could talk to the port assignment server, which itself could talk over upnp
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25 Jan 2020
15:09:36@sumanrajan435:matrix.orgrovonovo_zoro Hi , I was looking into ipxe
could anyone share the config/examples to boot ubuntu 18.04 desktop ?

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