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25 Mar 2020
15:54:22@jamwaffles:matrix.orgjamwafflespanic at the disco joke
15:54:59@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofIt's one of the few parallel interfaces I have here.
15:55:03@jamwaffles:matrix.orgjamwafflesOxidizeConf pls hire me as conf jester
15:55:13@jamwaffles:matrix.orgjamwafflesYe I've got 1 display and that's it
15:55:20@jamwaffles:matrix.orgjamwafflesErrything else is peasant serial
15:55:34@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofI do have a ton of I2C/SPI/RGB and MIPI DSI displays here.
15:56:45@jamwaffles:matrix.orgjamwafflesI got a 320x240x16bit display I'd like to get working
15:56:49@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofAnd exactly that F413 has a buggy SVD file affecting FSMC.
15:56:58@jamwaffles:matrix.orgjamwaffles73728000 bits/sec over SPI for 60FPS tho...
15:58:09@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofI think I may even have some QSPI display here.
15:58:44@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofI've ordered parallel displays for more experiements.
15:59:24@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofI'd also like to do a poor mans parallel bus impl without FSMC at some point. ;)
16:00:22@jamwaffles:matrix.orgjamwafflesDammit man I've only got F411 lol
16:00:26@jamwaffles:matrix.orgjamwafflesneed moar numbar
16:01:21@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofYeah, I'm actually trying to scale down the amount of hardware I've got lying around. 😅
16:01:55@jamwaffles:matrix.orgjamwafflesIf nobody has more pressing need for it, post it over here. I need to beef up my effigy to ST
16:03:59@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealproflol, I might do that at some point. Still trying to figure out which of the stuff I want to touch once before getting rid of it. 😁
16:04:35@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprof * lol, I might do that at some point. Still trying to figure out which of the stuff I want to touch once before getting rid of it. 😁
16:05:13@jamwaffles:matrix.orgjamwafflescursed D E V I C E S
17:32:02@spicyjack:matrix.orgspicyjack+1 on getting SPI CS out to people who use display drivers
19:15:42@halfbit:matrix.orghalfbitMy stack of NXP is beating out ST now I have to say, building a shrine to the freescale gods
28 Mar 2020
17:44:37@strawman:matrix.orgstrawman joined the room.
29 Mar 2020
14:01:40@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprof jamwaffles: I've just released display-interface and the I2C and SPI driver and updated the draft PR accordingly.
16:10:53@jamwaffles:matrix.orgjamwafflesSweet. Can you mark it as “ready for review” when you want me to review it please?
18:12:53@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofThere're a few things missing, like CHANGELOG entry. But maybe you'd like to try it. ;)
18:13:18@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofI'm currently porting another display driver to see whether I've missed anything.

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