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15 Sep 2020
@_slack_osgeo_UJQLFPYHF:matrix.orgPaul Ramsey Still behind the build flag, so default is still "old" behaviour. 20:45:13
@_slack_osgeo_UJQLFPYHF:matrix.orgPaul Ramsey I can't get xmltester to like me... I either get wkt with a zillion 00000s, or I get this nonsense.
	Description: AA - Polygon with hole with outward sliver, cut by polygon
	Geometry A: POLYGON ((2e+01 4e+01, 2e+01 2e+02, 2e+02 2e+02, 2e+02 4e+01, 2e+01 4e+01), (2e+02 1e+02, 1e+02 1e+02, 1e+02 2e+02, 6e+01 1e+02, 1e+02 8e+01, 1e+02 1e+02, 2e+02 1e+02))
	Geometry B: POLYGON ((2e+02 2e+02, 2e+02 2e+02, 2e+02 8e+01, 2e+02 8e+01, 2e+02 2e+02))
	Expected result: GEOMETRYCOLLECTION (POLYGON ((2e+02 8e+01, 2e+02 1e+02, 2e+02 2e+02, 2e+02 2e+02, 2e+02 1e+02, 2e+02 8e+01, 2e+02 8e+01)), LINESTRING (2e+02 1e+02, 2e+02 1e+02))
	Obtained result: POLYGON ((2e+02 8e+01, 2e+02 1e+02, 2e+02 2e+02, 2e+02 2e+02, 2e+02 1e+02, 2e+02 8e+01, 2e+02 8e+01))
@strk:osgeo.orgstrkAnd --sql-output20:57:51
@strk:osgeo.orgstrkAnd | psql20:57:52
@strk:osgeo.orgstrkSo you can use your favorite analysis tools20:57:52
@strk:osgeo.orgstrkAnyway its clearly a lack of mixed dimensioned output20:58:34
@_slack_osgeo_UJM07FH5H:matrix.orgMartin Davis Need to fix that bizarre WKT numeric output! 22:02:59
16 Sep 2020
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17 Sep 2020
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18 Sep 2020
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19 Sep 2020
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