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29 Nov 2018
21:47:22@freenode_Komzzpa:matrix.orgKomzzparobe2: also I did some programming in powerpoint
21:48:43@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2Komzzpa what on earth made you touch powerpoint
21:51:00@freenode_Komzzpa:matrix.orgKomzzpa I'm not sure
21:51:09@freenode_Komzzpa:matrix.orgKomzzpa sysadmin didn't believe I know what ssh key is, at first
21:52:27@freenode_Komzzpa:matrix.orgKomzzpaprobably they cover windows laptops with something
22:11:45@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2Komzzpa they cover them with a big condom
30 Nov 2018
15:23:00@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2strk should I be concerned about this - https://trac.osgeo.org/geos/ticket/942
15:23:01@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: #942 (GeometryFactory.cpp:750:1: warning: control reaches end of non-void function on windows cmake) – GEOS (at trac.osgeo.org)
1 Dec 2018
15:34:11@freenode_Komzpa:matrix.orgKomzpa joined the room.
3 Dec 2018
21:12:15@freenode_doskabouter:matrix.org@freenode_doskabouter:matrix.org joined the room.
21:12:55@freenode_doskabouter:matrix.org@freenode_doskabouter:matrix.orgis there some list of the defines used when compiling geos for a release version?
21:13:30@freenode_doskabouter:matrix.org@freenode_doskabouter:matrix.orgnever mind
21:44:01@freenode_doskabouter:matrix.org@freenode_doskabouter:matrix.org left the room.
4 Dec 2018
20:16:53@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbb joined the room.
20:17:13@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbone step at a time.. catching up on the GEOS tree now
20:21:16@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: geos/geos: Official GEOS git repository - OSGeo Git Services: Gitea - Git with a cup of tea (at git.osgeo.org)
20:21:53@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbwhoa - nice build-bot status indicators on the git README
20:23:31@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbgit checkout 3.7; git pull origin 3.7
20:38:01@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbbuilds and tests fine on Ubuntu 1604 x86 - no surprise... next to master
20:41:15@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbok - seems good
20:41:35@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbI will read a bit and catch up on the changes on master aka 3.8
22:10:41@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbhi robe2 - hopelessly behind, as usual .. but I did build GEOS 3.7 and master now, using the OSGeo git upstream
22:11:12@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbb I will "catch up" on the master changes, so at least I can understand what is happening
22:12:18@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbas you know, I can build and debug the SFCGAL libs too.. so, maybe I can be useful at some point with the new, emerging setup
22:12:39@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbgreat to see the build-status buttons showing on the git README - nice
22:13:59@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbb(I am about to walk to Berkeley Institute of Data Science to see a talk on water table levels across the state of California, from a quantitative point of view) .. just so you know I am not completely lazy here
7 Dec 2018
19:42:27@freenode_pramsey:matrix.orgpramseystrk any comment on https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/geos-devel/2018-December/008750.html?
19:42:29@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: [geos-devel] GeometryPtr or ... (at lists.osgeo.org)

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