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16 Feb 2019
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20:16:07@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbhi all
20:16:50@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbb .. the Table of Contents for this expedition here is roughly .. "all the ways I could find, to use GCC-8 to debug libGEOS"
20:17:43@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: debian Pastezone (at paste.debian.net)
20:18:23@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbso - it is not meant to be for beginners, or to get lots of new eyeballs
20:18:45@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbbut it is meant to be a starting point for someone that is serious
20:19:41@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbpresentation style is not so much a priority .. but I do need to send something out to the greater world, for general search-ability .. being around school and all that
20:20:13@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbafter reading some of Jody Garnetts userguide for geotools yesterday, I see that he used dot-rst files
20:21:42@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbband the super-well built python library called Iris from the UK met, also did dot-rst
20:22:21@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbhavent quite decided.. next item
20:23:27@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbkcachegrind is certainly the best tool of the ones I have tried.. it took several sessions to get used to it.. and I think I am understanding it a lot better now.. as noted there, kcg (kcachegrind) does not require headers or changes to code, to profile
20:23:52@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbb kcg works best if the parts involved have some kind of 'g' option, that is .. symbols included
20:24:42@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbba slight negative is that I dont have a way to create profiles for libgeos under PostGIS, with kcg, at this time.. it needs a finite app..
20:26:57@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbso what I thought to do was .. show the whole cycle of .. test-app.cpp do_build_test-app.sh valgrind+callgrind on test-app then a series of screenshots w/ prose that demonstrate what kcachegrind is good for
20:28:23@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbb.. answer to that is.. get per-function costs, counts of calls, call-chains, and the sort and filter those by source file, ELF object, C++ class and a few other things
20:29:09@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbb.. the example app I have now is the Rectangle Intesections to clipped SineStar one
20:29:35@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbb.. which is a bit specialized, but something
20:31:43@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbnext item - code coverage
20:32:08@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbb I am told "code coverage goes hand in hand with profiling, since you cant measure something that does not run"
20:32:35@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbbut.. it is also easy to obsess about getting more code coverage, in a rote sort of way.. so code coverage is not entirely an end in itself..
20:34:55@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbso there is a possibility of some kind of automated build and deliver, the code coverage results.. its about 600 html files, flat in one directory.. so easy to host.. the trick is to gain a comparison between revs somehow
20:36:19@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbthe project including the CMake extension that builds it, is called gi88 here
20:44:17@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image (at pasteboard.co)
20:45:06@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbhm pasteboard fail .. sec
20:46:35@freenode_dbb:matrix.orgdbbok anyway, screenshots of HTML gcovr output there..

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