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4 Apr 2020
17:48:34@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 it's just a matter of finishing the script and ideally making it pipeline based
19:27:34@strk:matrix.org@strk:matrix.orgfocus on gitea first please
19:27:47@strk:matrix.org@strk:matrix.orgI hate having yet another reason to push people to github
19:43:12@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 strk no worries there gitea/drone/jenkins is my focus
19:44:25@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2another petty thing -- I like the gitea colors more than github. github colors depress me
5 Apr 2020
14:48:11@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2speaking of petty I know a guy in the business of buying and selling companies and I somehow we got into a conversation about Larry Ellison
14:48:38@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_blarry wants to buy GEOS ? :p
14:48:50@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 He told me he didn't like him very much, I asked him why "His shoes were dirty" can't trust a man with dirty shoes
14:48:51@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_bI walk by one of his houses, in San Francisco
14:49:27@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_blarry on GEOS channel .. it IS an odd day, today
14:49:34@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 I don't know I jjust thought the comment was odd and funny - I tried not to laugh as he was being very serious
14:49:47@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_bmaybe he was touching his face
14:50:36@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 might not have been exactly "Dirty" he said but something about his shoes -- the shoe part I remember distinctly :)
14:51:17@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 makes me want to stare at Ellison's shoes if I am ever in a room with him
8 Apr 2020
06:42:34@strk:osgeo.orgstrk joined the room.
06:43:18@strk:matrix.org@strk:matrix.orgchanged room power levels.
08:38:24@strk:osgeo.orgstrk left the room.
08:39:03@strk:matrix.org@strk:matrix.orgI can read the "test" and the "again" from strk:osgeo.org as strk:matrix.org
08:39:40@freenode_strk:matrix.orgstrk joined the room.
08:39:40@freenode_strk:matrix.orgstrk I can only read your "I can read" message, strk aka @strk:matrix.org (from Freenode IRC)
15:06:55@robe:osgeo.orgRegina Obe joined the room.
15:07:48@robe:osgeo.orgRegina Obethis is nice I see past history by scrolling
15:08:21@robe:osgeo.orgRegina Obe changed their display name from robe to Regina Obe.
15:22:00@strk:osgeo.orgstrk joined the room.
15:22:31@strk:matrix.org@strk:matrix.orgyup. I just made you (@robe:osgeo.org) an admin of this room
15:22:33@strk:matrix.org@strk:matrix.org left the room.

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