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19 Sep 2019
15:47:42@_slack_osgeo_UJKE61D43:matrix.orgdbaston don't you have this issue w/pdal?
15:49:20@_slack_osgeo_U09G0PYBH:matrix.orghobu > lack of default build type is a bad design decision for CMake yes, I agree
15:49:37@_slack_osgeo_U09G0PYBH:matrix.orghobu CMake wears its bad design decisions proudly though
15:52:52@strk:matrix.orgstrkINSTALL comes from GNU Standard
15:53:03@strk:matrix.orgstrkpeople accustomed to those standards expect those files
15:53:25@strk:matrix.orgstrkwe should remove the reduncancy, moving things from README to INSTALL
15:53:34@_slack_osgeo_UJKE61D43:matrix.orgdbaston but if they're full of wrong information, it defeats the purpose
15:54:59@strk:matrix.orgstrkshould be fixed
15:55:16@strk:matrix.orgstrk INSTALL is hard-coded in automake as being part of dist, so dropping INSTALL would break make dist unless we work around that
15:55:25@_slack_osgeo_U09GR77HS:matrix.orgmloskot changed their profile picture.
15:55:30@_slack_osgeo_U09GR77HS:matrix.orgmloskot re CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE default, you may find this handy (based on CMake's Brad King's suggestions) https://github.com/Tencent/rapidjson/pull/1519
15:55:33@strk:matrix.orgstrkadding a "foreign" option to automake I think would be enough, but I don't like being foreign to GNU :)
15:55:34@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: Improve setting default build type for CMake by mloskot · Pull Request #1519 · Tencent/rapidjson · GitHub (at github.com)
15:55:50@_slack_osgeo_UJKE61D43:matrix.orgdbaston mloskot that's essentially what we did for GEOS
15:56:08@_slack_osgeo_UJKE61D43:matrix.orgdbaston that's fine, I'll leave the INSTALL with instructions to use GCC 4.0 for our C++11 project
15:56:41@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_b... is there a list of supported compilers for v3.8 ?
15:57:00@_slack_osgeo_UJKE61D43:matrix.orgdbaston "any C++11 compiler"
15:58:40@strk:matrix.orgstrkI've pushed a commit replacing contents of INSTALL with the "Build" section from the README file
15:58:41@_slack_osgeo_U09GR77HS:matrix.orgmloskot dbaston I did not look at GEOS'
15:59:05@_slack_osgeo_UJKE61D43:matrix.orgdbaston @strk, no
15:59:37@_slack_osgeo_UJKE61D43:matrix.orgdbaston please revert
16:03:25@strk:matrix.orgstrkdbaston: why ? it fixed the problem of outdated info and kept GNU compatibility, what don't you like about it ?
16:03:50@strk:matrix.orgstrkwere you modifying those files ?
17:20:55@_slack_osgeo_UJKE61D43:matrix.orgdbaston strk: well, you moved a bunch of markdown from a markdown file into a non-markdown file, and you removed it from the README.md where people accessing the project through the internet expect to find it. Quite a few people have contributed recently to making the README a better landing document for the project.
20:09:11@_slack_osgeo_UJKE61D43:matrix.orgdbaston Is trac expected to send email notifications when new tickets are created? if so, I don't get them
20:20:46@_slack_osgeo_UJQLFPYHF:matrix.orgPaul Ramsey I don’t think I’ve ever gotten ticket info from geos
20:20:48@_slack_osgeo_UJQLFPYHF:matrix.orgPaul Ramsey the commits are on https://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/geos-commits
20:20:53@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: geos-commits Info Page (at lists.osgeo.org)
20:21:24@_slack_osgeo_UJKE61D43:matrix.orgdbaston I get emails for changed tickets but not new ones
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