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21 Jan 2020
14:32:27@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2speaking of CIs we never fixed dronie valgrind - https://dronie.osgeo.org/geos/geos/446/1/4
14:32:28@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: Drone | Continuous Integration (at dronie.osgeo.org)
14:41:29@strk:matrix.orgstrkrobe2: I'm going to push a fix shortly, so if you find/file a ticket let me know quickly :)
14:42:15@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 strk where are you seeing the FIXME?
14:42:24@strk:matrix.orgstrkin geos
14:42:49@strk:matrix.orgstrk // FIXME retain reporting of what the invalid rule was
14:43:57@strk:matrix.orgstrktoo late, I pushed w/out a ticket ref
14:44:03@strk:matrix.orgstrk[master 7d02cb4a] report of what the invalid rule was (solves a FIXME)
14:50:04@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: #1011 (Put back node rule number in output) – GEOS (at trac.osgeo.org)
14:50:04@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2damn - I have a ticket - https://trac.osgeo.org/geos/ticket/1011#ticket
14:50:24@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 alright after the bots are done running and if it works I'll just close it out referencing your git commit
14:50:46@freenode_Algunenano1:matrix.orgAlgunenano1 Works in my local machine, I'll update the Travis image
14:51:32@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 debbie is in middle of rebuilding GEOS so I'll just trigger a postgis run after
14:52:14@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 then only bot that I think will be left unhappy is winnie because of the shp2pgsql thing which I'll spend time troubleshooting on my dev
14:58:31@strk:matrix.orgstrkhow did you implement that short git hash link in Track robe2 ?
14:58:37@strk:matrix.orgstrk(I closed it)
14:59:00@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: #1011 (Put back node rule number in output) – GEOS (at trac.osgeo.org)
15:02:48@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 strk I looked a thow git references does it and copied from another ticket and just changed the hash
15:03:01@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 that's one thing I like less about git
15:03:17@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2so hard to get the reference stuff without copying from somewhere else
18:43:41@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 strk I thought I had tried [hash/git] but maybe I forgot the brackets
18:43:59@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 it was telling me in preview couldn't find the code reference when I did only that
22 Jan 2020
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24 Jan 2020
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