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Decentralization, Surveillance Self Defence, OpSec, Digital Rights, Encryption =================================== NOTICE: This group is for empowering people to make their own choices about what privacy they want in their lives. This is not a group to discuss illegal things, though. Ever. Discussion of future, present or past plans involving drugs, violence, hacking or threats gets an instant ban. ===================================65 Servers

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21 Jan 2020
00:38:07@distoresite:matrix.orgdistoresiteRedacted or Malformed Event
00:38:23@m6vw4pu8q:privacytools.iom6vw4pu8qThey have a desktop app you can use to send files from your computer.
00:39:34@c0ld_0ne:matrix.orgc0ld_0neI'm going to have to give that a try. Invisible encryption kinda makes me nervous though. That's what I like about gpg, even though it's a PITA.
00:39:32@m6vw4pu8q:privacytools.iom6vw4pu8qI think there is a 100mb limit.
00:40:59@c0ld_0ne:matrix.orgc0ld_0neI tried the desktop app, seemed kind of bloaty.
In reply to @c0ld_0ne:matrix.org
I'm going to have to give that a try. Invisible encryption kinda makes me nervous though. That's what I like about gpg, even though it's a PITA.
It requires a mobile phone number. Make sure you enable "Registration Lock" and you "Verify" their "Saftey Number"
00:41:24@m6vw4pu8q:privacytools.iom6vw4pu8qIt kinda chugs when you first start it up.
In reply to @c0ld_0ne:matrix.org
I tried the desktop app, seemed kind of bloaty.
It's a crappy unsandbox web browser (electron)
00:42:40@c0ld_0ne:matrix.orgc0ld_0neI seem to remember it being 90 MB or something.
00:43:55@m6vw4pu8q:privacytools.iom6vw4pu8qYou want 5mb files. Signal can do that.
00:44:13@c0ld_0ne:matrix.orgc0ld_0neIf I knew more than 2 ppl that used Signal, I would have probably kept it.
00:44:38@c0ld_0ne:matrix.orgc0ld_0neI mean the app was 90mb
00:47:11@distoresite:matrix.orgdistoresiteI'm not sure what your use case is. Signal is less of a foot-gun when chatting with boneheads. I prefer GPG though.
00:47:50@m6vw4pu8q:privacytools.iom6vw4pu8q "Foot-gun?"
00:49:10@c0ld_0ne:matrix.orgc0ld_0neI want to try MX Linux but I don't. Somebody talk me into/out of it.
00:59:08@c0ld_0ne:matrix.orgc0ld_0neNot everybody at once...
01:05:06@ticodk:matrix.orgT i c ojust set it up on a 3.0 thumb drive and youre good to go
In reply to @m6vw4pu8q:privacytools.io
A phrase used when someone shoots them self in the foot (accidentally) with a powerful tool.
01:11:33@c0rrupt:matrix.orgc0rrupt joined the room.
02:54:29@beatlink:matrix.orgBravo6 changed their display name from beatlink to Bravo6.
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@michelle:privacytools.io: javascript is better than nothing. Most people I know do not know what E2E is. So some encryption is better than no encryption.
You can argue that a false sense of security is worse than nothing
01:15:23@telegram_583449716:t2bot.io김민지Especially for people that are really relying on it
In reply to @michelle:privacytools.io
I guess I just don't like encryption in the browser, as you can tell by my biased answer. There are browser bugs and sandboxing to worry about, and other issues with Javascript, and who really checks these JS libraries anyway? I think on balance m6vw4pu8q you're right, better than nothing. It also teaches them that encryption can be easy and is not rocket science; anyone can use it.
WASM encryption is an option. I don't think these email providers use it though
01:23:58@telegram_583449716:t2bot.io김민지WASM is really cool. Especially when not in a web context (despite having _web_ in the name, it can be run within any host, the browser being one such host) In theory WASM (with WASI) offers strong sandboxing for programs. A program gets given access to some subset of the platform's syscalls and can't use anything it hasn't been given access to. Also in theory, it can enable programs to be written in any language and run under a single runtime (and even enables sharing libraries between languages) I'd love to see a WASM OS where most/all user programs are WASM apps
In reply to @michelle:privacytools.io
Whonix is practical though, if you use VMs.
I find that having to use tor all the time when browsing is not practical. That's what keeps me with a regular os.
03:30:26@beatlink:matrix.orgBravo6i think the web sucks tho
03:30:31@beatlink:matrix.orgBravo6like, not sucks suck
03:30:56@beatlink:matrix.orgBravo6but web apps i think are one of the worst things to happen to software development

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