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17 Apr 2021
In reply to @553069303:auroraoss.com
Tell how om matrix
Well apparently I require ears for listening not matrix
@553069303:auroraoss.comN3Ko T£k0
In reply to @syntheticpolymer:nitro.chat
Well apparently I require ears for listening not matrix
We are talking about two different things like always
@553069303:auroraoss.comN3Ko T£k0I am talking about VC14:03:06
In reply to @553069303:auroraoss.com
I am talking about VC
@auroramatrix:auroraoss.comAurora Matrix

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@syntheticpolymer:nitro.chat@syntheticpolymer:nitro.chat!tg ping-bot14:04:03
@auroramatrix:auroraoss.comAurora Matrix

Telegram message relay bot is active: Aurora Matrix (ID 1721742288)

To use the bot, simply invite it to a portal room.

@syntheticpolymer:nitro.chat@syntheticpolymer:nitro.chat!tg help14:04:14
@auroramatrix:auroraoss.comAurora Matrix

This is a portal room: you must always prefix commands with !tg. Management commands will not be bridged.


cancel - Cancel an ongoing action.
version - Get the bridge version.
help - Show this help message.


ping-bot - Get the info of the message relay Telegram bot.

Creating portals

bridge [id] - Bridge the current Matrix room to the Telegram chat with the given ID. The ID must be the prefixed version that you get with the /id command of the Telegram-side bot.

Portal management

delete-portal - Remove all users from the current portal room and forget the portal. Only works for group chats; to delete a private chat portal, simply leave the room.
unbridge - Remove puppets from the current portal room and forget the portal.


sync-state - Fetch Matrix room state to ensure the bridge has up-to-date info.
id - Get the ID of the Telegram chat where this room is bridged.

@syntheticpolymer:nitro.chat@syntheticpolymer:nitro.chatHow much memory does bridge take14:04:43
@alexmarcel:matrix.orgSnoop Alex.14:05:00
@syntheticpolymer:nitro.chat@syntheticpolymer:nitro.chatEh I can only see .14:05:27
@syntheticpolymer:nitro.chat@syntheticpolymer:nitro.chatGuess u tagged a bot14:05:39
@773883849:auroraoss.comAustin-sama 🤙🏽 #CatGang
In reply to @syntheticpolymer:nitro.chat
I mean 200$ azure vm credits
I also had but used up when I did my own vpn
@942356877:auroraoss.comSnoop Alex joined the room.14:08:35
@alexmarcel:matrix.orgSnoop AlexSynapse doesn't take so much memory14:09:54
@alexmarcel:matrix.orgSnoop AlexFB_IMG_1618670320829.jpg
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@alexmarcel:matrix.orgSnoop AlexRedacted or Malformed Event14:41:09
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@993201444:auroraoss.comBug Bunny Hey Manish 1020111229

Welcome to Aurora's Off-Topic

How are you?

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In reply to @alexmarcel:matrix.org
sent an image
@553069303:auroraoss.comN3Ko T£k0best 2fa for multi platform and portable?15:20:17
@1730766693:auroraoss.comNo Name joined the room.15:40:07
@993201444:auroraoss.comBug BunnyRedacted or Malformed Event15:40:07
@alexmarcel:matrix.orgSnoop AlexRedacted or Malformed Event15:53:07
@612809702:auroraoss.comKiara changed their profile picture.15:53:54
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@553069303:auroraoss.comN3Ko T£k0 https://authy.com/ 16:06:43
@553069303:auroraoss.comN3Ko T£k0
In reply to Neko Teko
how good is this?
@1232418839:auroraoss.comunnerving duck
In reply to Neko Teko
how good is this?
Propietary and closed source, avoid

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