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6 Aug 2020
@tthom:ahtoms.xyztthomLists the kernel modules loaded on linux12:51:13
@tthom:ahtoms.xyztthom hunter-gatherer: Export symbols from one module and use extern. For something more indepth you may find some resources on inter module communication but it is likely that is outdated. 12:56:26
@tthom:ahtoms.xyztthomTypically, modules are isolated, you could look at VFS and see how that works.12:57:59
7 Aug 2020
In reply to @tthom:ahtoms.xyz
Typically, modules are isolated, you could look at VFS and see how that works.
Thanks for the reply. I'll give that a shot.
8 Aug 2020
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@why3:matrix.orgwhy3 * ello20:32:13
9 Aug 2020
10 Aug 2020
@z64:matrix.orgz64Wow, I missed a bunch. I got busy with the Nintendo leaks and didn't make any time to check you guys out. Has anyone else been following those developments?01:36:19
@tthom:ahtoms.xyztthomMore the output of it all, not most of the gritty details01:36:45
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@z64:matrix.orgz64You guys are missing out. There is so much C code in there!01:39:21
@jufearcas:matrix.orgjufearca changed their display name from Juan to jufearca.20:47:16
12 Aug 2020
@ov3rtlyui:matrix.orgroelycoolyhey does any1 have any experience patching dmenu?04:21:42
@elan1:matrix.orgNolol no04:22:10
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@ov3rtlyui:matrix.orgroelycoolythis stupid little space on the side is annoying me04:22:35
@elan1:matrix.orgNonever really used arch04:22:59
@elan1:matrix.orgNoi have used only 3 linux distros04:23:19
@ov3rtlyui:matrix.orgroelycoolythat's oki, there were a couple times where I considered pop os04:23:34
@ov3rtlyui:matrix.orgroelycoolybut ya I set the prompt to NULL and it still does that stupid little space, and idk every1 else's patch of dmenu don't look like that when they set the value to NULL04:24:37
@ov3rtlyui:matrix.orgroelycoolyit's infuriating to look at04:24:58
@elan1:matrix.orgNoi am so stupid to understand what you are saying04:27:07
@ov3rtlyui:matrix.orgroelycooly changed their profile picture.04:27:13
@ov3rtlyui:matrix.orgroelycoolymeh nvm then lol04:27:55
@ov3rtlyui:matrix.orgroelycoolyI just figured since it was written in c someone might know04:28:12

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