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31 May 2023
@curid:matrix.orgCuridshould i use clangd or ccls?06:46:35
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7Use nano08:11:11
@dennisritchie:matrix.orgdennisritchiei use a physical notepad08:12:13
@dennisritchie:matrix.orgdennisritchiecompile in me brain08:12:17
@name_missing:matrix.orgname_missingBoth, then decide for urself. 08:12:45
In reply to @leg7:matrix.org
Use nano
Fun Fact: I did use nano for programming in C for about 2 years. It's just so simple!
@ep.ickhorn:nerdcult.netep.ickhornAnd that's the reason why I'm crazy rn.09:21:28
@huayra1:matrix.orghuayra1it feels wrong to use anything other than vim personally14:44:06
@huayra1:matrix.orghuayra1there is an exception: godbolt.org. it actually ends up being easier to use my mouse there14:44:35
@huayra1:matrix.orghuayra1when i do use vim though, it mostly has to be nvim. nvim has copy-paste without formatting, visual mode that you'd expect (selects blocks of code rather than lines) and probably other features that i haven't fully explored on nvim14:46:35
@zero3000:matrix.org@zero3000:matrix.org joined the room.15:17:45
@zero3000:matrix.org@zero3000:matrix.orgIt would be nice if someone made a program that does the same thing as https://github.com/gtk-gnutella/gtk-gnutella/blob/v1.2.2/src/lib/str.c#L4078. I am wanting it made so I can see if a test it is doing is failing when ran under ReactOS.15:18:39
@zero3000:matrix.org@zero3000:matrix.orgI guess not20:20:51
@neui:matrix.orgNeuiI am not sure what you want20:27:50
@zero3000:matrix.org@zero3000:matrix.orgThe str_test code made into a program20:29:51
@zero3000:matrix.org@zero3000:matrix.orgto test the string handling and displaying of the OS20:30:45
@zero3000:matrix.org@zero3000:matrix.orgto help debug GTK-Gnutella not running under ReactOS20:31:43
@zero3000:matrix.org@zero3000:matrix.org * to test the string handling and displaying that is done by the OS20:32:44
@zero3000:matrix.org@zero3000:matrix.orgis it doable?21:17:42
@dennisritchie:matrix.orgdennisritchie changed their profile picture.22:43:13
@555.flac:matrix.org555.flacsince its reactos, you can try Shareaza instead23:21:21
@zero3000:matrix.org@zero3000:matrix.org left the room.23:24:43
1 Jun 2023
@seatape:matrix.orgautumnThat was… odd?00:50:09
@555.flac:matrix.org555.flacthats a long story00:50:34
@ep.ickhorn:nerdcult.netep.ickhornWhat was odd?00:57:40
@ep.ickhorn:nerdcult.netep.ickhornOh crap, where I'm living, it's 2 minutes to 3 AM! 00:57:55
@ep.ickhorn:nerdcult.netep.ickhorn * Shit, for me it's 2 minutes to 3 AM! 00:58:22
@ep.ickhorn:nerdcult.netep.ickhornI guess programming makes addicted? 00:58:35
In reply to @ep.ickhorn:nerdcult.net
What was odd?
The person asking about the feasibility of a project, then ducking out. Sort of wonder if they were trying to low-key shop for a dev, or for someone to just do their idea. Idk, maybe i'm reading too much into it.
In reply to @ep.ickhorn:nerdcult.net
I guess programming makes addicted?
Relateable "^^

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