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8 Jun 2020
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777it doesn't toggle bold for me..05:06:12
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenyou have to highlight the text05:06:25
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 oiejwfwef 05:06:37
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenand then do the shortcut which is kind of stupid05:06:37
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777oh okay05:06:38
@miasuma:matrix.orgmisasma test 05:07:14
@miasuma:matrix.orgmisasmaok it works that way as well05:07:21
@miasuma:matrix.orgmisasma test 05:07:48
@miasuma:matrix.orgmisasmathat also works05:07:54
@weblog:matrix.orgウラ changed their profile picture.12:57:45
9 Jun 2020
@weblog:matrix.orgウラ changed their display name from テラ to キラ.10:53:44
11 Jun 2020
@weblog:matrix.orgウラ changed their display name from キラ to ウラ.17:55:32
12 Jun 2020
@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2020What not showering daily does to your body https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/what-not-showering-daily-does-to-your-body08:56:35
@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2020 Showering can break down the skin’s acid mantle, its natural protective barrier, leaving it vulnerable to bacterial and viral invasion. 08:56:57
@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2020 Keep showers short and lukewarm, as too much water, particularly hot water, dries out the skin. 08:57:13
@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2020 “Someone with thin, fine or delicate hair should avoid shampooing too frequently — no more than two times a week — should help maintain the natural oil production, while achieving moisture balance,” says Andrea L. Hayden, Director of the International Association of Trichologists (USA) and owner of The Hair Management Group in San Antonio, TX. 08:57:50
@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2020 And if you have coarse or curly hair, try once every seven days. “Coarse texture or natural curly hair takes longer to establish a good amount of natural oils, so shampooing can be pushed back to once a week. A person could refresh the hair/scalp mid-week, if necessary, by simply applying a conditioner and rinsing thoroughly.” 08:58:11
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777i'm never taking a shower again..11:54:05
14 Jun 2020
@weblog:matrix.orgウラ changed their profile picture.18:29:31
19 Jun 2020
@otter2019:matrix.orgotter20204 Mistakes You’re Making When You Charge Your Phone https://gearpatrol.com/2020/06/17/smartphone-lithium-ion-charging-tips/09:43:21
@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2020 It may put your mind at ease when your smartphone’s battery reads 100 percent charge, but it’s actually not great for the battery. “A lithium-ion battery doesn’t like to be fully charged,” Buchmann says. “And it doesn’t like to be fully charged and warm.” 09:43:39
@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2020 Charging your battery all the way up is less than ideal, and to make matters worse, so is discharging it down to zero. While older nickel-cadmium batteries did have a “memory” that could be disrupted by anything other than a full cycle from full to empty, your modern lithium-ion battery abhors both extremes. So, in a perfect world, your battery never goes below 20 percent, and also never above 80 percent. 09:44:07
@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2020 The most stressful thing that can happen to your phone’s battery during regular use is not, in fact, being discharged, or even being empty. “The combination of full charge and warm actually causes more stress than usage,” Buchmann warns. “If you’re in a car in the summer, don’t put it on the dashboard. Put it on the floor, or in the shade. 09:44:56
@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2020 * 4 Mistakes You’re Making When You Charge Your Phone https://gearpatrol.com/2020/06/17/smartphone-lithium-ion-charging-tips/09:45:25
27 Jun 2020
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2 Jul 2020
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@weblog:matrix.orgウラ changed their profile picture.12:27:04

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