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3 Dec 2018
20:13:51@jetpath:matrix.orgjetpathI mean
20:14:43@jetpath:matrix.orgjetpathIma go check on my games
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7 Dec 2018
19:49:48@marsram:matrix.org@marsram:matrix.orgWould this plan work for 2 stars?
8 Dec 2018
00:11:33@Luca12:matrix.orgLucaI wouldn’t take hogs
00:11:41@Luca12:matrix.orgLucaAlso hit from the th side
00:25:09@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.org Mars, I would also hit from the side you suggest
00:25:26@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgBut I agree with luca that hogs will not work
00:26:05@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgI would queen walk, bust first wall with wallbreakers, use rage on queen, then jump the next wall with full army
00:27:14@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgI love the image you made but not sure about hogs. I may even use giants in place of the golem. And try to get everything in middle compartment
00:27:27@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgSingle infernos kill golems or heroes
9 Dec 2018
22:07:13@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgWar plan for war number 10
22:10:21@cosmic12:matrix.org@cosmic12:matrix.orglooks good
10 Dec 2018
01:01:43@jetpath:matrix.orgjetpath https://www.clashofsouls.cc
Coc private sever watch the video till the end follow steps and enjoy!
16 Dec 2018
17:16:01@marsram:matrix.org@marsram:matrix.org Will this work? Blue dots are wizards, green dots are baby’s to help kill the royals
17:16:55@marsram:matrix.org@marsram:matrix.orgWhite circles are freeze
17:27:27@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgThat looks good but you will need to break wall with wall breakers right?
17:33:27@marsram:matrix.org@marsram:matrix.orgThat’s probably true, i was going to jump it
17:35:46@marsram:matrix.org@marsram:matrix.orgMaybe I won’t bring baby’s to make space for wb
19 Dec 2018
15:04:20@imroguex:matrix.orgimroguex Can anyone send me bowlers & a poison rn?
15:29:47@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgBowlers sent, when you attacking
18:20:59@imroguex:matrix.orgimroguexRight now
22 Dec 2018
01:22:07@marsram:matrix.org@marsram:matrix.org left the room.
23 Dec 2018
16:15:44@therealtarpon:matrix.org@therealtarpon:matrix.org left the room.
4 Jan 2019
02:11:14@cosmic12:matrix.org@cosmic12:matrix.org left the room.

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