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26 Nov 2022
@another|:libera.chatanother|2) make sure the socket is active14:32:33
@another|:libera.chatanother|3) localpath:containerpath14:39:53
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@_discord_1046020069618090065:t2bot.ionobodyman I'm on Ubuntu, and I find it a bit weird that I have to sudo systemctl enable --now podman.socket. Isn't Podman supposed to be rootless? 17:26:03
@pedja:libera.chatpedja have to? that's optional, for docker compose support afaik 17:27:13
@_discord_1046020069618090065:t2bot.ionobodyman Is that so? So then systemctl --user should work just as fine, then? 17:27:41
@_discord_1046020069618090065:t2bot.ionobodyman What's the recommended way to use podman? Create a new user, then start the socket there? Then what about the containers, will they run under that same user or what? 17:29:24
@pedja:libera.chatpedjamight want to look at docs for rootless setup. depending on the distribution, there are a few steps involved17:32:27
@pedja:libera.chatpedja and 'man podman-system-service' for socket/api stuff 17:33:13
@pedja:libera.chatpedjaand podman.io for blog posts/docs on various aspects of running podman(rootfull, rootless etc)17:34:37
@pedja:libera.chatpedja(root/root, root/user, user/root, user/user host/container combinations)17:36:17
@johnny:libera.chatjohnny you don't have to setup any service do you? 17:38:32
@johnny:libera.chatjohnnyexcept for docker-compose that is17:38:53
@pedja:libera.chatpedjaafaik, yes17:39:01
@johnny:libera.chatjohnnyalso, podman is optionally rootless , not required to be17:39:03
@pedja:libera.chatpedja it's a supported use-case, yeah 17:39:21
@johnny:libera.chatjohnnyi did enable that service for docker-compose myself17:39:22
@johnny:libera.chatjohnny so when i wanna podman image scp though, it wants SUDO_USER to be set, but what's the thing that's requiring SUDO_USER ? which of the stack? 17:40:07
@johnny:libera.chatjohnny i get why it's necessary, but i just don't know where it's coming from :) 17:40:48
@Remco:libera.chatRemcopodman can have two sockets, one for rootful and one for rootless17:40:51
@Remco:libera.chatRemco That's `systemctl status podman.service podman.socket` vs `systemctl --user status podman.service podman.socket` 17:41:33
@pedja:libera.chatpedjajohnny, my uneducated guess is, if one(?) of the sides is rootful storage, it requires sudo to do it?17:44:39
@pedja:libera.chatpedja don't see it mentioned in the man page, thou, so 17:46:18
@johnny:libera.chatjohnny podman service and podman socket aren't both needed are they? 17:50:19
@johnny:libera.chatjohnnypretty sure the socket is just needed if you want socket activation17:50:22
@pedja:libera.chatpedjapodman socket activates the service as needed17:51:07
@johnny:libera.chatjohnny oh i read an enable that wasn't there :) 17:51:34

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