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22 Sep 2023
@_discord_159731808068435968:t2bot.io_haakon The intention is so users can share storage for images. E.g. so every user on a server does not have to pull each their own.. 22:01:47
23 Sep 2023
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@vivithecanine:matrix.orgvivithecanine so I've managed to get a quadlet working on fedora on a machine user, how can I restart the service while editing the .container file? It seems to get cached after the first run on each boot 05:37:12
@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Remco> After editing the file, you need to reload the systemd daemon 07:18:34
@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Remco> Just like when putting it in place the first time 07:18:44
@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Remco> The quadlet systemd generator that creates the actual service files from the .container file only runs once 07:19:33
@vivithecanine:matrix.orgvivithecaninethat doesn't seem to be adequate07:51:31
@vivithecanine:matrix.orgvivithecaninethough I abandoned this since I was struggling with selinux and chose to run the application without using podman07:52:25
@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Remco> You then restart the service as normal with systemctl 07:52:35
@vivithecanine:matrix.orgvivithecaninethat didn't reflect the changes when running rootless07:52:47
@vivithecanine:matrix.orgvivithecanineonly rebooting would work07:52:58
@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Remco> A systemd restart and a systemctl restart on the container should work. Haven't seen that fail 07:57:48
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@_discord_159731808068435968:t2bot.io_haakon using version 4.6.2 09:53:04
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@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Exa> Hello, what are good alternatives to running podman commands directly for creating podman resources (pods, containers...)? I currently use shell scripts containing podman commands and systemd units for starting/stopping containers. afaik podman-compose is too focused on docker-compose compatibility and I don't want to care about docker/moby things, podman only matters to me. Thoughts? 18:18:13
@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Remco> podman-compose actually supports the compose specification, which is slightly not docker I guess? 18:21:19
@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Remco> In any case, you probably want quadlet 18:21:33
@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Remco> Quadlet are files that are parsed by a systemd generator getting you unit files for managing containers 18:22:07
@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Exa> Remco: thank you, I'll check what the syntax allows exactly, but it seems to be what I'm looking for (I'll just have to get podman 4.4+ as unfortunately debian stable has 4.3) 18:28:18
@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Remco> Yeah, you'll have to get podman from unstable in that case 18:28:42
@podman-relay:fedora.imPodman Relay Remco> On the other side if you currently have a script, you can use it to create the unit files 18:29:31
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24 Sep 2023
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@imbev:matrix.orgimbevI've been looking into migrating my container config from podman-compose to quadlet, however I have a question regarding version control.02:21:46
@imbev:matrix.orgimbevWhat is the best practice for using git with quadlet files?02:22:02
@imbev:matrix.orgimbevquadlet doesn't pickup unit files under ~/.config/containers/systemd/exampledir02:23:58
@imbev:matrix.orgimbevIs there a way to add a quadlet search dir?02:24:26
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