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28 Mar 2023
@_discord_133681474749595648:t2bot.ioDJXJD#7239 haha, fair enough 20:25:13
@_discord_133681474749595648:t2bot.ioDJXJD#7239 i gotta say, im looking forward to being rid of windows as well myself 20:25:21
@_discord_133681474749595648:t2bot.ioDJXJD#7239 and ya, thats what it was. sorry about forgetting about the bridge 😅 20:25:23
@Flash:libera.chatFlash I'm working on a new ubi9 system with podman 4.2 (woo hoo). Does anyone know the "best" way to test for the nvidia-container support to add all the switches they need? 21:04:12
@Flash:libera.chatFlash previously, I tested for the presence of `nvidia-docker` but that's really old 21:04:51
@_discord_252890515450626048:t2bot.ioassburgers#6171 could someone try this out? 21:05:19
@_discord_252890515450626048:t2bot.ioassburgers#6171 so I know if its just me 21:05:33
@admin_:libera.chatadmin_ joined the room.21:24:31
@millerthegorilla:libera.chatmillerthegorillaRedacted or Malformed Event21:25:56
@millerthegorilla:libera.chatmillerthegorilla hey, how to send in commands to a podman container started with ansible.  I have tried command and ansible-playbook -vvv shows correct command is issued, but expected output does not occur.   Command is podman run -i --rm quay.io/coreos/butane:release --pretty --strict < your_config.bu > transpiled_config.ign 21:30:26
@_discord_252890515450626048:t2bot.ioassburgers#6171 podman exec 21:30:58
@millerthegorilla:libera.chatmillerthegorilladoh.  that makes sense.  So, I start the container with containers.podman.podman_container and then use ansible podman exec module to run the command....21:31:56
@_discord_252890515450626048:t2bot.ioassburgers#6171 exactly 21:32:10
@millerthegorilla:libera.chatmillerthegorillacool.  thanks.21:32:20
@_discord_252890515450626048:t2bot.ioassburgers#6171 you are welcome buddy 21:32:29
* @sigmavirus24:libera.chatsigmavirus24 waves21:50:11
@sigmavirus24:libera.chatsigmavirus24 I've been trying to get some podman networking set-up to get paperless-ngx running (it requires redis and postgresql which I'm also running in podman). I'm trying to do this all rootless on my homeserver but the default pod network doesn't seem to work. Exposing the redis and postgres ports doesn't seem to work. And creating a macvlan network with a given subnet tied to the ethernet device doesn't 21:52:29
@sigmavirus24:libera.chatsigmavirus24 seem to work. I can put together a paste with greater detail, but I'm struggling to figure out what to try next and networking isn't my strongest suit 21:52:31
@Sabinno:libera.chatSabinnoWhy is it that when using the `userns` option of any kind, podman just freezes?23:18:22
@Sabinno:libera.chatSabinnoI get no console output, no exit code23:18:48
@Sabinno:libera.chatSabinnoIt just sits. Waits. Forever.23:18:52
@Sabinno:libera.chatSabinno Or at the very least I'm not willing to wait long enough to let it do what it wants. It seems to do some things, since the container I'm running does create folders, but nothing else 23:19:17
@Sabinno:libera.chatSabinno Yeah it's not just my config. Running this command verbatim: `podman run --userns=auto ubi9 ls -l` just freezes forever. 23:21:44
@Sabinno:libera.chatSabinno That shouldn't happen 23:21:50
@Sabinno:libera.chatSabinno It actually seems to freeze the entirety of podman on my user account. Now when I go into the Podman area in Cockpit, it's just blank and gives no info 23:23:29
@Sabinno:libera.chatSabinnoThis feels like a bug. Should I report it?23:23:40
@Sabinno:libera.chatSabinnoFor reference, CentOS Stream 9 with podman 4.4.123:23:50
@Sabinno:libera.chatSabinnoI just let it sit for a while - took like 20 minutes for a very simple container to start.23:48:43
@no-clip:matrix.orgNoclip Sabinno: Sounds like a bug to me. 23:50:24
29 Mar 2023
@Sabinno:libera.chatSabinno I'm also guessing not all containers can be made to work with userns settings 01:01:51

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