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26 Jan 2022
@lsm5:lsm5.ems.hostlsm5 jhonce: i patched the makefile to have install targets independent of build targets 22:19:18
@lsm5:lsm5.ems.hostlsm5so I guess you'll need to run make docs before installing it22:19:34
@lsm5:lsm5.ems.hostlsm5but if that's not the issue, please send me logs22:20:02
@jhonce:libera.chatjhonce lsm5: I'll try that and let you know 22:20:28
@lsm5:lsm5.ems.hostlsm5 jhonce: https://github.com/containers/podman/commit/e4636ebdc84ca28cf378873435cc9a27c81756f8 22:23:56
@jhonce:libera.chatjhonce lsm5: Just caught me and the podman-py by surprise. Since the targets are all PHONY, make cannot skip unneeded steps 22:26:53
@bhundven:libera.chatbhundven joined the room.22:28:19
@bhundven:libera.chatbhundvenon macos, registries.conf should go in `~/.config/containers/registries.conf`, right?22:28:20
@bhundven:libera.chatbhundven(installed with homebrew)22:28:33
@_discord_924500865803505755:t2bot.iovenkarri#2551 how do i put multiple commands in entrypoint? 22:30:38
@_discord_924500865803505755:t2bot.iovenkarri#2551 i am looking for something like this:
podman run --entrypoint "/sbin/init && /path/to/my/script.sh"
@jhonce:libera.chatjhoncebhundven: Correct22:34:46
@bhundven:libera.chatbhundvenhrm, interesting, when I add an insecure registry to registries.conf, I still have to pass --tls-verify=false to push: http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client22:36:14
@bhundven:libera.chatbhundvenjhonce: gotcha22:42:22
@jhonce:libera.chatjhoncebhundven: The security guys may chime in here, but allow you clients to override registry logins is a hot topic :)22:42:35
@jhonce:libera.chatjhoncebhundven: Good luck, I need to step away. But will be back tomorrow22:43:46
@bhundven:libera.chatbhundven It's a temporary thing. I have to beat up the person who setup our nexus repo... 22:44:32
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@lsm5:lsm5.ems.hostlsm5 jhonce: ack, so all good now I hope/ 23:07:11
27 Jan 2022
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@dngray:polarbear.armydngrayhmm i still wasn't able to solve this https://clbin.com/MFGnr02:56:30

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