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28 Sep 2020
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@kazaii:matrix.orgKazaiiThis is the second time I've updated and it's made my system unusable. Lenovo X260. I click a youtube vid and my CPU goes 100% on all cores 21:29:02
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@kazaii:matrix.orgKazaiiMy KDE multi monitor setup is also broken21:29:12
@kazaii:matrix.orgKazaiiIt all started since I installed 5.821:29:35
@kazaii:matrix.orgKazaiiThird rollback I've done. I can't find references to anyone else experiencing this. Monitor issue started in last kde update. 21:36:13
@vagabondazulien:exp.farmVagabondI've experienced some monitor issues; also using KDE. Easiest way to describe it is that the wallpaper for my one monitor (of 1440p resolution) is swapped with the wallpaper of my second monitor (of 1080p resolution). Unplugging the 1080p monitor, plugging it back in, then doing the same with the 1440p monitor seems to resolve that issue.21:44:52
@this.is.reid:matrix.orgthis.is.reidHave you reported it?21:46:16
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In reply to @anon3000:midov.pl
i would like to take a moment to point out that gnome's packages do the same thing. it's pretty suck either way.
Oh really? Well I guess I just don't like KDE then.
@jaafaralm:privacytools.ioJaafarThe DE, not all of their software.22:03:35
@jaafaralm:privacytools.ioJaafarKdenlive and Krita are pretty cool.22:03:45
@jaafaralm:privacytools.ioJaafar* Kdenlive and Krita are pretty cool.22:04:11
@anon3000:midov.planon3000krita IS cool, but i don't think it's a kde package22:18:17
Developer(s) Krita Foundation, KDE
@this.is.reid:matrix.orgthis.is.reidKrita is very much KDE, although it's given a degree of independence from the rest of KDE, mostly to have its own release schedule untied to the KDE Applications suite22:20:57
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@anon3000:midov.planon3000wow i had no idea, that's neat? it seemed like a completely independent software from any DE22:36:11
In reply to @this.is.reid:matrix.org
Have you reported it?
I have not
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29 Sep 2020
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