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27 Jun 2020
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmann https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/06/26/kchr-j26.html 07:35:05
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@phlebas:matrix.org@phlebas:matrix.orgSorry, this room seems disingenuous so I’m out.19:41:25
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In reply to @jehaverlack:matrix.org
To be honest I'm hesitant to say to much here. I'm just another privileged white guy. I'm not living this pain. I consider myself an ally to BLM but am still trying to figure out how best to help. Right now I think that means mostly that I need to shut up and listen.
That's right
@trulyagoose:200acres.orgtrulyagooseRedacted or Malformed Event19:56:00
28 Jun 2020
In reply to @phlebas:matrix.org
Sorry, this room seems disingenuous so I’m out.
Um, troll?
@q:glowers.clubq‮Also not cool. RIP Ryan Dunn 🙏12:16:43
3 Jul 2020
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmann https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/07/03/linc-j03.html 21:08:57
@q:glowers.clubq‮Lol as if anyone calling for the statue to be taken down has ever picked up a book21:45:48
@q:glowers.clubq‮They don't care about facts. They see "statue of white man" and their racism takes over21:46:04
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmann https://www.wsws.org/en/special/feature/americas-revolutions.html 21:57:26
4 Jul 2020
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmannhttps://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/07/04/pers-j04.html14:16:29
@trulyagoose:200acres.orgtrulyagooseIs there any active mods? Can one please ban this "q" racist? I think his name is a reference to the Q, a MAGA Racist Trump Conspirary Theory.15:00:10
@trulyagoose:200acres.orgtrulyagooseAnd he is calling the BLM protestors "racist"15:01:46
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@q:glowers.clubq‮@trulyagoose, you are clearly not here in good faith, and that is why you were ignored15:51:48
5 Jul 2020
@agrianian-javelineer:200acres.orgAgrianian-JavelineerGoose is a known shill00:10:06
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@user_error:matrix.orguser_error Hello. I'm new to matrix/riot so if there are rules or pinned message other than the ones in the room topic I can't seem to find them. 02:45:41
@q:glowers.clubq‮No pinned messages in this room. Just the topic :)02:53:31
@q:glowers.clubq‮Pinning messages in general at this point is a labs feature that has to be enabled and is only on desktop/web, so most don't use it02:54:00
@q:glowers.clubq‮(Does RiotX have it?)02:54:14
@user_error:matrix.orguser_error I saw that app. Wasn't even sure if it was legit. 02:55:22
@user_error:matrix.orguser_errorI'm trying it now on the off chance it's more polished. The other one was overwhelming me.04:11:31
7 Jul 2020
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