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10 May 2020
15:04:39@danielek88:matrix.orgdanielek changed their display name from danielek88 to danielek.
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11 May 2020
09:17:50@theasgard:matrix.orgImtiaz Ali joined the room.
13 May 2020
14:45:34@alexa_bliss:matrix.org@alexa_bliss:matrix.org joined the room.
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17 May 2020
17:28:46@anas.:matrix.org@anas.:matrix.org joined the room.
18:07:26@trq_thani:matrix.orgNashir Al hurr changed their display name from trq_thani to Nashir Al hurr.
18 May 2020
01:55:24@trq_thani:matrix.orgNashir Al hurr set a profile picture.
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20 May 2020
08:01:28@brokenbackbone:matrix.orgbrokenbackbone joined the room.
21 May 2020
14:44:25@ina_rooraye:matrix.orgina_rooraye joined the room.
19:14:37@theasgard:matrix.orgImtiaz Ali changed their display name from theasgard to Imtiaz Ali.
30 May 2020
05:14:27@shagen_nedis04:matrix.orgshagen_nedis04 joined the room.
3 Jun 2020
06:25:29@ansaralcham:matrix.organsaralcham joined the room.

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