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17 Jan 2021
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [dc] <Wings> i love matrix. 10:21:06
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [dc] <Wings> is there a way to farm Safecoin yet? 10:26:23
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> Not yet 10:56:43
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [dc] <Wings> Ah okay. Cool, thanks 11:00:32
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18 Jan 2021
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19 Jan 2021
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@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Hyipearnigns_channel> Who's In charge Of Marketing for the project ? ( Youtube Section ) 15:49:06
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Neerajkashyapp> Dont know but they are waiting for safecoin after that they will promote in YouTube's and they will list to more exchanges 15:50:16
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Hyipearnigns_channel> i mean , an admin can reply me . 15:50:40
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <HODLhands> Lulz 16:02:36
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <HODLhands> Safecoin yield farming 16:03:12
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Neerajkashyapp> How farming? 16:16:46
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Neerajkashyapp> Step by step 16:16:49
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> Send me PM 21:26:26
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Hyipearnigns_channel> check pm sir 21:37:31
20 Jan 2021
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <mohamed7med> Hello , We are A crypto Enthusiastic team and we are looking to have A business/Partnership( Marketing ) With $MAID, can I pm you ? 00:19:23
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network BridgeRedacted or Malformed Event00:20:01
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> Send me PM 00:20:48
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <HODLhands> wen? 01:25:10
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> we still don't know 01:27:47
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge[tg] <HODLhands> yeah,i get that but wen?02:24:29
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <HODLhands> * yeah,i get that but wen? 02:24:42
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> This is not known. There are things in this universe that cannot be determined because there is information that cannot be known in advance. We don't even know for sure if the network can exist 02:46:41
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> But we are likely to see a test network by the end of the month. We will probably see a beta by the end of the year. This is my guess at the moment, ask me again in 3 months, I will be able to give you an updated forecast 02:48:23
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <findway99> I dont understand, we run a local test with github code. It works well. So, I dont agree with that it is not exist. 03:12:01
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <findway99> It is really weird. There is code on github. And it is open to anyone. 03:12:46
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> Yes, the network works locally. What still doesn't work 100% is when the network is made up of nodes connecting to each other over the Internet 03:14:27

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