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26 Feb 2020
14:54:47@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <plusonedev> I think so
14:55:48@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> Sorry to tell you but since it has been wiped a couple of times since it has been stared I don't think there are many web pages to visit right now
14:56:26@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> Everyone is waiting for the next release (Fleming) of the network that should be imminent...
14:57:28@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> ... There have been many changes lately to the underlying data structures.... That's Why it will be a bit tricky right now to get something up and running I assume...
14:58:32@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <plusonedev> Oh... I did not know. Im new with safe net. Just tried to test if it works.
14:59:34@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> Absolutely understandable - there will be compatible releases of the browser with the shared vault out there but I didn't find it in the safenetforum.org right now..
15:01:08@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <plusonedev> Thanks
15:01:38@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> If you post in the forum there will for sure be people able to point you to the right versions and help you to get it up and running :)
15:02:09@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> It's a larger audience there than here and the maidsafe devs themselves are active in the forum too - so it's a bit a tricky time to get started
15:02:51@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <plusonedev> Sounds good :)
15:02:53@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> But either you find the right tools or you need to wait for the next official release which will come with comfortable installers and explanations and websites that won't be wiped that often ;)
15:06:04@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <plusonedev> It weird to hear about site wiping during new release. Seems safe network not so stable.
15:16:37@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> Oh - it's not during or before new release
15:17:41@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> The shared vault is a test and development environment that is meant to be wiped regularly
15:18:11@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> And yes the safe network is still in an alpha phase - not stable at all as of now
15:18:54@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> (not stable as 'launched' - it has many moving parts and there is a lot of testing and development/optimization going on..)
15:19:28@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <plusonedev> Seems I understand now.
15:23:47@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <plusonedev> Well, thank you for clarifying. Will wait for new release :)
23:56:14@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <DiscipleOfKEK> hi guys
23:56:28@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <DiscipleOfKEK> i have not followed maidsafe in some years, what is going on these days?
27 Feb 2020
00:17:27@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <BtcXingTao> Waiting patiently for a fresh test network
00:17:51@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <BtcXingTao> The actual usability of it is pretty decent so far though
00:18:02@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <BtcXingTao> So when its ready it feels like it will be ready 😂
00:28:50@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <DiscipleOfKEK> good to hear
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07:00:43@ggxjf:matrix.orgggxjfwhat is [tg] ?
13:39:02@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> [tg] is the prefix for telegram users in this channel
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17:58:55@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <riddim> https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-february-27-2020/31191

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