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8 Aug 2022
@diegokelme:matrix.orgDiego Kelme changed their profile picture.03:51:12
@tthe.deadd:matrix.orgJohn changed their profile picture.21:10:05
10 Aug 2022
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@zintao:matrix.org@zintao:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event00:50:23
@agorise:matrix.orgkenCode@Agorise; HiveCast, Hive-Tube, Hive-Press, PalmPay, BiTSy, C-IPFS, grapheneJ... banned @zintao:matrix.org@zintao:matrix.org (banned.).00:56:36
12 Aug 2022
@silverpill:poa.stsilverpill joined the room.16:50:08
16 Aug 2022
@renanweber2:matrix.orgRenan changed their display name from Renan to Renan #bolsonaro2022.23:58:44
17 Aug 2022
@renanweber2:matrix.orgRenan changed their display name from Renan #bolsonaro2022 to Renan.02:07:50
18 Aug 2022
@10-37:matrix.org10_|05 changed their display name from ten105 to ten105btc.02:43:11
20 Aug 2022
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24 Aug 2022
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@10-37:matrix.org10_|05 changed their display name from ten105btc to 10_|05.16:27:08
25 Aug 2022
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26 Aug 2022
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28 Aug 2022
@www.makermrscards.chat:matrix.orgwww.makermrscards.chat joined the room.03:15:58
29 Aug 2022
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30 Aug 2022
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2 Sep 2022
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3 Sep 2022
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8 Sep 2022
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13 Sep 2022
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20 Sep 2022
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21 Sep 2022
@estherbtc:matrix.orgestherbtc joined the room.12:34:30
22 Sep 2022
@spectie:matrix.orgspectie joined the room.21:53:15
25 Sep 2022
@cryptoseven:matrix.orgcryptoseven changed their display name from cryptoseven (away from matrix temporarily) to cryptoseven.14:44:01

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