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29 Sep 2022
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30 Sep 2022
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In reply to @fractal:matrix.org
DDoS? or MS-DOS?
I like free dos
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1 Oct 2022
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@deathrow:anonymousland.orgdeathrowDoes anyone know the location of the FUNK Project by PX4?15:00:11
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2 Oct 2022
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3 Oct 2022
@anonxnona:ue.nonanon.euanonxnonais a self-hosted openvpn considered darknet?01:49:35
@anonxnona:ue.nonanon.euanonxnonaI mean its on a VPS but I am hosting it by myself01:50:29
@fiveseven:matrix.orgDale Gribbleno10:07:32
@mark22k:tchncs.demark22kDepends on the definition of Darknet. Some people consider a LAN to be a darknet. Therefore yes and no. 17:17:13
4 Oct 2022
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@mm.tsuchi:matrix.orgm.tsuchi For me, Darknet is a net that is not accessible by usual ways (google, fakebook...).
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is graynet 😀 (someones know, others don't)
Gemini, Gopher are greennet 🙂 (no huge data to transfer)
Torrent is distributednet (lower the charge of servers despite of high traffic)
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5 Oct 2022
@ifiguero:matrix.orgifigueroI think you are confusing L7 application with L3 protocol 01:25:28
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6 Oct 2022
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