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6 Jan 2024
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7 Jan 2024
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@_discord_825395471031861309:t2bot.iobernhard42 OCP CAD Viewer V2.1.1 is on the VS Code Marketplace:


- Fix Jupyter Console for non-workspace mode
- Enforce using latest ocp-tessellate 2.0.6

- Introduce a minimum version of build123d for backend.py to remove the Python dependency on buidl123d.
- Changed the state handling: instead of distributed .ocp_vscode files, there is now one central $HOME/.ocpvscode file.
- Experimental Jupyter console support: When starting an interacive session, the kernel connection file will be writte to $HOME/.ocpvscode.
This file will be used in the Viewer Manager under jupyter console to open the jupyter console as another client for the kernel
- Use a VS Code Terminal for the backend so that it is no black box any more
- Enforce using latest ocp-tessellate 2.0.5
- Streamline the vsix to be <1MB
@_discord_277205859635822593:t2bot.ioyeicor I updated from v2.0.13 to v2.1.1 and moved the .ocp_vscode file to $HOME/.ocpvscode, but I get the following error:

File ~/projects/3d/bike-stem-mount/venv/lib/python3.11/site-packages/ocp_vscode/comms.py:89, in get_port()
     87 """Get the port"""
     88 if not INIT_DONE:
---> 89     find_and_set_port()
     90     set_connection_file()
     91 return CMD_PORT

File ~/projects/3d/bike-stem-mount/venv/lib/python3.11/site-packages/ocp_vscode/comms.py:258, in find_and_set_port()
    256     print(f"Using predefined port {port} taken from environment variable OCP_PORT")
--> 225     if not port_check(int(p)):
    226         print(f"Found stale configuration for port {p}, deleting it.")
    227         update_state(int(p), None, None)

ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'port'
@_discord_277205859635822593:t2bot.ioyeicor It seems like an easy fix in comms.py (I commented some code that I don't know why it is there and was causing more issues):

     def find_port():
         port = None
-        current_path = Path.cwd()
+        # current_path = Path.cwd()
         states = get_state().items()
-        for p, state in states:
+        for _, p in states:
             if not port_check(int(p)):
                 print(f"Found stale configuration for port {p}, deleting it.")
                 update_state(int(p), None, None)
-            roots = state.get("roots", [])
-            for root in roots:
-                if current_path.is_relative_to(Path(root)):
-                    port = int(p)
-                    break
+            # roots = states.get("roots", [])
+            # for root in roots:
+            #     if current_path.is_relative_to(Path(root)):
+            #         port = int(p)
+            #         break
         if port is None:
-            ports = [port for port, _ in states if port_check(int(port))]
+            ports = [port for _, port in states if port_check(int(port))]
             if len(ports) == 1:
                 port = ports[0]
             elif len(ports) > 1:
@_discord_825395471031861309:t2bot.iobernhard42 you shouldn't move the old ocp_vscode to $HOME. They have a different format, hence it has a slightly different name 19:46:46
@_discord_825395471031861309:t2bot.iobernhard42 Best is to completely remove $HOME/.ocpvscode and start from scratch. With the next start OCP CAD Viewer will create it 19:47:58
@_discord_825395471031861309:t2bot.iobernhard42 Plus, try to,work with opening folders in VS Code and working on files below the root. This is more robust than opening single files, especially when you want to use multiple viewer windows 19:52:08
@_discord_277205859635822593:t2bot.ioyeicor That worked, thanks! 19:53:23
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8 Jan 2024
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9 Jan 2024
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@_discord_1037662259587063879:t2bot.iod_eepdreamer I have problems with the VS Code extension OCP CAD Viewer. I've switched to a different python environment, but OCP Cad Viewer seems to remember the old one somewhere and use it for the installation of the libraries. How can I fix it and point the extension to the new environment? 21:20:48
@_discord_1037662259587063879:t2bot.iod_eepdreamer I have set the new environment as the VS Code default interpreter, but that doesn't help. 21:22:08
@_discord_1037662259587063879:t2bot.iod_eepdreamer And there is no interpreter path in the new .ocpvscode file. 21:24:32
@_discord_515832171047550976:t2bot.iofelix.haeberle Do you see the Python entry in the footer / status bar? (The python environment is set by the python plugin not by ocp-vscode) 21:34:46
@_discord_515832171047550976:t2bot.iofelix.haeberle https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/python/environments 21:36:07
@_discord_1037662259587063879:t2bot.iod_eepdreamer Ahh..okay. That helped, somehow... I was searching in the OCP VS Code viewer all the time, now poking at the Python plugin helped, although I probably couldn't replicate what I've done. Thanks a lot for this super-quick help, the question pointed me in the right direction! 21:47:51
@_discord_1037662259587063879:t2bot.iod_eepdreamer It actually works now 🙂 21:48:10
10 Jan 2024
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11 Jan 2024
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12 Jan 2024
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13 Jan 2024
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24 Jan 2024
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6 Feb 2024
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