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5 Sep 2023
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8 Sep 2023
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21 Sep 2023
@telegram_656408935:tchncs.deKarthik (Telegram) https://forgejo.org/ 13:45:59
13 Oct 2023
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14 Oct 2023
@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram)Hello All Kubernetes Community Days Kerala is debuting in 3rd Feb 2024 I would appreciate if you can share with your friends or community groups who would be interested to be a part of the k8s community in the region Thanks Sharing a text format which you can use09:19:37
@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram) 📢🚀 Get Ready for an Unmissable Event! 🚀📢

🌟 Introducing the Inaugural Kubernetes Community Day (KCD) - Kerala Chapter! 🌟

📆 Date: February 3rd, 2024
🌆 Location: Kochi

Get ready to mark your calendars and join us for an event that will reshape the landscape of the tech community in Kerala!

🌐 Kubernetes Community Day Kerala is Here! 🌐

🌟 Why Attend? 🌟

Kubernetes Community Day is not just another conference; it's a dynamic, interactive gathering that's all about:

🌈 Learning: Dive deep into the world of Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies.
🤝 Networking: Connect with experts and enthusiasts in the field.
🤖 Staying Ahead: Stay updated with the latest trends in cloud-native tech.
🤗 Sharing & Collaborating: Share your ideas, experiences, and innovations with the community.

🔥 Don't Miss Out! 🔥

This is your golden opportunity to be part of a community that is shaping the future of cloud-native technology. Whether you're an expert or just starting out, KCD Kerala is the place to be.

📢 Call for Papers (CFP) Coming Soon! 📢

Have an exciting idea or topic to share with the community? Watch this space for our upcoming announcements on the Call for Papers (CFP).

Stay tuned, get ready, and let's make Kubernetes Community Day Kerala unforgettable! 🚀

To keep tabs, join the group

To register

#KCDKerala #KubernetesCommunity #CloudNativeTech #SaveTheDate
16 Oct 2023
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21 Oct 2023
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1 Nov 2023
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2 Nov 2023
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7 Nov 2023
@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram)image.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram)Call for Papers for KCD kerala05:14:54
10 Nov 2023
@telegram_7351948:tchncs.deShrimadhav U K (Telegram) changed their display name from shri<MAD>hav (Telegram) to Shrimadhav U K (Telegram).02:29:28
11 Nov 2023
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5 Dec 2023
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21 Dec 2023
@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram)image.jpeg
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@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram) Virtual Workshop Alert!

Join Safeer CM in this immersive hands-on session on container technology on 21/Dec, Thursday at 7:30PM IST.

Quick highlights:
Why containers? Why not VMs?
Which container tooling to choose out of many?
Security in container images!
Optimize image footprint using different techniques!

Register at tickets.kcdkerala.in
27 Dec 2023
@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram)image.jpeg
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@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram) As a part of Kubernetes Community Day Kerala 2024, we are going to organize our second Virtual Workshop 4C's of Kubernetes Security. Register for Virtual Workshop 2 @ http://tickets.kcdkerala.in 14:39:29
1 Jan 2024
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19 Jan 2024
@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram)419978317_122143466552063639_944790036585592840_n.jpg
Download 419978317_122143466552063639_944790036585592840_n.jpg
@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram)image.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram) As a precursor to the Kubernetes community Days, Kerala, we are organizing a workshop tomorrow at 10.00 AM. For registration visit, tickets.kcdkerala.in 05:34:53
22 Jan 2024
@telegram_656408935:tchncs.deKarthik (Telegram) Things I learned when I released a software https://youtu.be/rVl2EJFX6ls 11:23:51
18 Feb 2024
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@telegram_359110591:tchncs.deRanjith Rajaram (Telegram)Anyone going ? 👆👆👆02:40:50

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