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13 Jun 2018
15:51:39@impragma:matrix.orgPRAGMA (dont msg me, email support)Added the favicon
15:52:19@jeff199:matrix.orgjeff199 if want to change it do it
16:06:10@impragma:matrix.orgPRAGMA (dont msg me, email support)No its up 2 u fam
16:06:20@impragma:matrix.orgPRAGMA (dont msg me, email support)Anyways lads
16:06:27@impragma:matrix.orgPRAGMA (dont msg me, email support)Riot chat is gonna be ended, moving to the forum chat, easier, better
16:07:28@impragma:matrix.orgPRAGMA (dont msg me, email support)changed room power levels.
16:07:28@impragma:matrix.orgPRAGMA (dont msg me, email support) changed the room topic to "MOVED TO forum.snipr.gg" from "snipr.gg".
16:08:21@impragma:matrix.orgPRAGMA (dont msg me, email support)

MOVED TO THE SNIPR FORUM! - forum.snipr.gg

If your reading this really late, snipr.gg itself may be the forum. Im undecided at this time.

16:08:29@impragma:matrix.orgPRAGMA (dont msg me, email support)(the forum has a chat)
18:50:32@poey77:matrix.orgpoey582 changed their display name from poey77 to poey582.
21:51:53@dashlt:matrix.org@dashlt:matrix.org left the room.
14 Jun 2018
00:13:38@jeronimous:matrix.orgjeronimous joined the room.
00:16:37@jeronimous:matrix.orgjeronimous set their display name to jeronimous.
08:38:21@cragier:matrix.org@cragier:matrix.org joined the room.
18:07:35@kayahito:matrix.org@kayahito:matrix.org joined the room.
15 Jun 2018
04:37:53@welsh-droo:matrix.orgwelsh-droo joined the room.
04:38:34@welsh-droo:matrix.orgwelsh-droo set their display name to welsh-droo.
11:01:26@kahmeleone:matrix.org@kahmeleone:matrix.org joined the room.
15:32:18@impragma:matrix.orgPRAGMA (dont msg me, email support)(Please leave this once you joined the forum)
18:17:38@silveredu:matrix.org@silveredu:matrix.org joined the room.
17 Jun 2018
03:18:48@urughai:matrix.orgurughai joined the room.
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18 Jun 2018
17:26:21@unitemplario8:matrix.orgunitemplario8 joined the room.
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19 Jun 2018
17:54:36@aresd:matrix.orgaresd joined the room.
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