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22 Sep 2019
09:07:26@chull.ku:matrix.org@chull.ku:matrix.org joined the room.
09:10:52@chull.ku:matrix.org@chull.ku:matrix.org left the room.
30 Sep 2019
07:23:07@rio.tim:matrix.orgRIOTIM joined the room.
18 Oct 2019
08:53:48@ana0n:matrix.org@ana0n:matrix.org joined the room.
08:55:02@ana0n:matrix.org@ana0n:matrix.org left the room.
18 Nov 2019
10:30:10@noxitysalt:matrix.org‮‭ joined the room.
19 Nov 2019
08:53:19@noxitysalt:matrix.org‮‭ changed their profile picture.
09:02:37@noxitysalt:matrix.org‮‭ changed their display name from Username to ‮.
09:47:56@noxitysalt:matrix.org‮‭ changed their display name from ‮ to ‮‭.
10:32:15@noxitysalt:matrix.org‮‭ changed their profile picture.
21 Nov 2019
07:32:10@parski:matrix.org@parski:matrix.org joined the room.
07:32:27@parski:matrix.org@parski:matrix.org left the room.
14 Dec 2019
15:29:36@thomas:converser.euthomas joined the room.
19:20:30@backtu:utwente.iobacktu joined the room.
16 Dec 2019
02:00:59@aemon:matrix.orgaemon joined the room.
17 Dec 2019
23:49:56@ismael:hispagatos.org@ismael:hispagatos.org joined the room.
19 Dec 2019
21:58:09@annemarie:matrixim.ccannemarie joined the room.
21:59:39@carlos:nerdsin.spacecarlos joined the room.
22:55:04@juan:potatofrom.spacejuan joined the room.
24 Dec 2019
14:23:09@friedrich:feneas.orgfriedrich joined the room.
25 Dec 2019
18:59:45@jurij:ru-matrix.orgjurij joined the room.
26 Dec 2019
00:59:56@gopal:diasp.ingopal joined the room.
14:59:36@annemarie:privacytools.ioannemarie joined the room.
30 Dec 2019
19:40:09@nora:tchncs.denora joined the room.
31 Dec 2019
01:45:54@boris:sibnsk.netboris joined the room.
4 Jan 2020
20:35:17@mohammad-1976:matrix.org@mohammad-1976:matrix.org joined the room.
20:36:42@mohammad-1976:matrix.org@mohammad-1976:matrix.org left the room.
6 Jan 2020
19:09:05@justus:matrix.allmende.iojustus joined the room.
10 Jan 2020
17:28:28@ismael:hispagatos.org@ismael:hispagatos.org left the room.
19 Jan 2020
00:23:41@hanna:hackerspaces.behanna joined the room.

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